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Cool Tools 2 Build a Website 2017-12-01

This business needs listing treatment now.
In today's world your website needs to cater to mobile as well as desktop users. You need to accomadate and design for the mobile user as well as the large monitor users. Your layout and functionality make a difference in how your website is perceived.

Cool tools can help. Graphics and space usage are so much more important because mobile users are all thumbs and fingers. With poorly layed out pages you lose visitors because they don't like the way your website looks and feels.

Cool Tools 2 is a collection of software and tutorials to add functionality to your website. Make your website and business look and feel great. Build trust and confidence in your visitors.

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SBI EasyBlog Templates Selection For SBI Rss Tutorial 2017-12-02

EasyBlogs box coverSBI EasyBlog templates to can match your SBI website. Do you have a website nad a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Examples are included to show how well these two systems integrate.

Use this custom template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

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Cool Tools 3 for Your Website Design And Build 2017-12-05

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool Tools 3 add pizzazz to your website. A collection of actionable tools that enhance the performance of your website or online business.

When you add credibility to your website, you earn a sense of trust with your customers. Cool tools are a way to engage users to take action.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Once a user is clicking away they are more likely to purchase something from your website. Check it out.

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Cool Tools 4 Building A Website And Online Business 2017-12-07

Cool tools 4 building trust and confidence.

Cool tools 4 is a collection of action tools that you can use to boost your audience participation with.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Visitors instantly get the feeling that you know what your doing by way of giving them actions to perform.

First impressions can determine whether a visitor will purchase from you or not. If they feel comfortable and you give them something to do your chance of making a sale or connection goes way up. Check it out.

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My Work at Home Solution A Home Based Online Business Tutorial 2017-12-09

My work at home solution
Work at home solution is a tutorial teaching you how to select and start a home based business. No job is safe when you work for someone else. If you rely on going to work everyday then having your own successful business is the only guarantee you have against getting fired.

It doesn't matter who you are if you have valuable skills you should be your own boss. Otherwise your employment is in the hands of your boss. With your own business you are the boss.

Do you need a Work at home solution?

The following article is one home based entrepreneurs story. Learn how Tim made his own business, brand and successful online business. He describes the steps he took to attain his perfect work at home solution.

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Work at Home Mom Masters Course Start Your Own Online Business Tutorial. Learn how to start your own business. 2017-12-10

computer saying work from home mom
Are you a stay at home mom? Even if you aren't this tutorial will help you understand the benefits of working from home.

No technical knowledge or prior experience is necessary. You too can build a real, long-term home based business on the Net.

There is no other place that you would rather be than at home with your kids. But, you would also like to contribute financially to the family. WAHM Masters Course presents case studies, organization tips and how to guides.

They have taken the time to tell you everything, from reviewing all your options and organizing properly. They progress all the way to the final desired outcome. Get the nitty-gritty of how to actually build a substantial income online. WAHM-MC well explained case studies with illustrations. Yours free from Best Website Tips Blog.

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Options Settings In Easy Blogs How To Change Basic, Advanced, Template and RSS settings. 2017-12-11

EasyBlogs software and tutorial
Options settings from TUTORIAL II : Setting Up Your News Blog, you were shown how to set up certain options including setting up your EasyBlog:

To see the detailed explanations for these option panels, please revisit your SBI-RSS-Tutorial and go to TUTORIAL II : Setting Up Your News Blog.

  • Basic Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Custom Variables
  • Choose Template
  • RSS Options.
  • Publishing Options
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EasyBlogs Template System Tutorial 2017-12-12

EasyBlogs Template System Tutorial
The EasyBlogs Template System tutorial breaksdown the template editor detailing each area and section.

EasyBlogs is an ideal blog/website builder. It can create several pagetypes and an .xml file for feeding RSS. RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a network of blog, news and social media aggregators. By creating (1) .xml file you can potentially reach millions of people.

Understanding how the EasyBlogs Template System works gives you the power of creation. Convert your knowledge into a powerful news feed that can potentially reach millions of readers.

Refer to this tutorial when designing and building your EasyBlog. You will understand how to create your own template.

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Holiday Special Get 33% Off Solo Build It 2017-12-13

SBI Holiday Special
Merry Christmas everyone Best Website Tips is proud to announce a 33% discount on Solo Build It online business tools. From Dec. 13, 2017 to Dec. 29. With a holdover until Jan. 5, 2018.

Regularly $299/year is now just $199/year. That is $100 OFF. SBI Holiday Special. Solo Build It is a comprehensive online business building suite of tools. And makes a great gift. Give the opportunity of financial freedom, or keep it.

SBI really, really is the best gift ever. Consider this. BWT has been using SBI for 10 years. I lost my job in 2007 and started my business a month later with SBI. Now I work from home and am my own boss, thanks to SBI.

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Website Conversion Secrets Boost Your Click Through Rate 2017-12-15

Website conversion secrets boxcover
With Website Conversion Secrets YOU Can Increase Your Profits by 100%, 200% even more than 1287% without working any harder? Let me show you how.

Give me 7 minutes and I will reveal the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site.

Learn about which website tips and tricks can change website visitors into paying customers. Find out what works and what to avoid doing. Turn your website into a powerhouse.

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MLM Secrets to Success Mini E-course 2017-12-17

Multi-Level Marketing Secrets Mini-ecourse
MLM Secrets to success a collection of tools and ebooks. Learn all about what it really takes to succeed at multi-level marketing.

MLM Secrets to Success mini e-course takes you through the steps necessary to succeed in multi-level marketing. Learn what the professionals are doing and why. Find out how to set up an MLM, build your downline fast and create multiple streams of income.

Traditional methods for multi-level marketing are just to hard to do. You spend 80% of your time locating and chasing leads. And you have to keep doing it over and over again just to keep a strong downline. Wouldn't it be a lot better to have an automated process that did all that for you?

MLM Secrets to Success shows you how to have people coming to you instead of you chasing them all the time.

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SBI Boxstyles Templates For EasyBlogs 2017-12-18

EasyBlogs box coverSBI boxstyles templates for EasyBlogs draw a 'box' around the content sections. A graphic background allows the templates to The main content box is set to width="100%. It will expand and collapse to fit any screen.

They feature an 'Archive' menu list all the dates that entries are amde. I use monthly divisions for dating. So each month I have a new page and a reason to update every page. You can easily use your own background graphic if you don't like the supplied image.

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Build Html Form Tutorial 2017-12-19

Build HTML Form Tutorial
Build Html Form is a comprehensive study of HTML coding. This 11 chapter ebook includes tips on layout, design, menus, styles and more.

You get detailed information for building websites with HTML. You learn about creating HTML forms, lists and tables.

You learn about comments, frames, images and meta tags. Find out where and when to use these features.

Get started coding your own website with this ebook tutorial.

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SBI Graphic Template 2 For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs 2017-12-20

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI graphic template 2 - select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your blog. These templates are modified from the original EasyBlog template.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Question man template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

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Categories Template Codes Set Up Categories Links In The EasyBlogs Template Menu 2017-12-21

EasyBlogs Box
categories template codes tutorial teaches you how to add a list of categories to your EasyBlogs navigation menu.

EasyBlogs categories are the coolest thing. In a 3 tier navigation menu category pages are tier 2. When you create a categoy in EB you can make a teaser describing what is in the category. The main 'category' page compiles all the category page teasers

In EB when you create a blog entry or article teaser you can select a category for them to reside in. When the blog or article teaser rolls off the bottom of the main blog page it is still in the category page that you selected.

Another great advantage of EasyBlogs categories is the automatic navigation. You don't have to manually fill in your category pages, it is done for you, when you click the 'generate pages' button. Check out how to add categories to your EasyBlog.

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SBI Affiliate Program 5 Pillar Club by SiteSell 2017-12-22

5P Affiliate Program
SBI Affiliate Program is one of the oldest and most respected in the world. Earn high commissions selling a great long lasting website building system.

SBI or Site Build It has longevity. BWT has been using it for over 10 years. Each year my affiliate manager receives a commission. You can to. We use SBI because of the all the tools all in one place business building platform.

Why is SBI the best affiliate program ever you may wonder? You can earn very nice recurring commisions on a great product. The included marketing material is world class. A whole division of the parent company supports this affiliate program.

You don't even have to own SBI to promote it. But I recommend that you get a copy for yourself. As with any product, "the more you know about it, the better you can promote it. Check it out.

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Ebook Writing Tools, Tips and Techniques 2017-12-24

eBook Marketing Revealed - A marketing wizards top secret files revealedEbook writing can boost your sales. Learn how the pros do it in this ebook. Learn about key aspects of designing an ebook. Get information on creating a killer website to promote your ebook.

You get tips, tools and techniques for marketing and distributing your ebook. Learn how to set up your own affiliate program.

Do you know something about anything? Turn your knowledge into a revenue stream. Why not learn how to do ebook writing and cash in on your knowledge. Get...

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