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Your First Sale In 72 Hours 5 Easy Steps to Home Based Business Success 2017-11-01

Computer cartoon saying your first saleMake Your First Sale in 72 hours in 5 easy steps

Getting started in the first 72 hours of a new business can be easy when done properly. Follow these 5 easy steps to start your online business in the right direction. This proven method has helped thousands reach their potential as new business owners. Results may vary with individual time allotted.

Home based business guide to getting started. Learn the 5 step process to making that first sale.

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Secure Protocol And The Beast That Is Best Website Tools 2017-11-05

Computer cartoon nurse
Secure protocol upgrade coming soon. BWT is going through this website preparing it for transfer to a secure server. That needs to be done before makng the switch to a secure server.

Google the giant search engine is urging all small business websites to be hosted on a secure server. At first Google was insisting this be done by Oct.1, 2017. Then the deadline got pushed back until April 1, 2018. At least that is what I heard.

Big deal you might be wondering. How does this affect me? Pretty positively actually. In the new Chrome browser (v62) A little security (padlock) icon appears in the address bar at the top of the page. If present the page you are on is secure. If not present a big red nastygram appears saying "This Site Not Secure."

While on a secure page your personal information is protected from outside hackers. You'll like this feature when filling in forms, interacting with an app or making online purchases.

Would you want to use a website that tells you up front it is not safe to use? I doubt it. Would you buy anything from a site that you know could be hacked. Again, not likely.

Computer cartoon nurseThis is not just a feel good move. With identity theft being so prevelent Google cannot afford to promote unsecure websites. They plan on devaluing unsecure websites in the future. For a webmaster that could spell doom or gloom. Doom if the site cannot be moved to a secure server. Gloom if the site can be moved but doesn't meet secure protocol.

That is why BWT is being rebuilt again. Recent updates include but are not limited to, page by page evaluation and cleaning, menu structure updates, blog post re-organization and template modernization.

For the technically inclined we are moving all scripts, images, pages and support files to https: browser protocol. Which includes all buy now buttons leading to our secure shopping cart.

Okay you got me. We are obviously promoting our webmastering skills in hopes that you will hire us or purchase one of our products or services.


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SBI Graphic Template 3 Designs For EasyBlogs 2017-11-06

Van Gogh WindmillSBI graphic template 3 for EasyBlogs. Features 6 popular 2 column designs. Each one is 2 column, 100% width with a theme behind it. Navigation is build in.
  1. Rose and Heart - 2 column with 100% width with left column at 200px. Black lettering on white background and small text size. Very pretty.
  2. Stop Sign - has an image in the top left column a light green background and black text.
  3. Windmill - features artwork by Van Gogh with a light grey background. Has a very artistic feel.
  4. WaterSurf - template feature an image of a wind surfer on the ocean on a medium grey background.
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Website Package Terms & Conditions 2017-11-07

Get a website package dealWebsite package terms and conditions. Learn what is included in a website business build. Includes research your market, create a complete website, all the tools you need, support and tutorials.

Find out about our website packages basic, advanced and ultimate. Includes world renown Solo Build It, best website host ever. You will be amazed with all the tools, tips, and support SBI offers.

Don't just build a website, build an online business. We show you how to grow your business as well as teach you how to update a website.

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Web Audio Plus Audio Made Easy Creates HTML Code For The Web 2017-11-09

Web Audio PlusWeb Audio Plus is a software that records voice and music files and codes the HTML file for website integration. Simply record your audio or select a music file, pick a button style then copy and paste the code into your webpage. Create your own podcasts, audio book, directions to your business or favorite song.

What if you could talk to your visitors? What would you tell them? WAP can kick start sales and overcome rejection barriers. Add sound to your website and watch sales skyrocket. Get...

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3d Ecover Creator Pro Graphic Generator of 3d Boxes, Books, eCovers, Pamphlets, CD's 2017-11-13

Ecover Creator BoxDo you want to create amazing 3d eCovers directly from your PC In under 3 minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can skyrocket your product sales by as much as 72%.

Quickly and easily create 14 different eCover styles on the fly. Ecovers include shadow and reflection effects. Import .psd, jpg, gif, bmp or .png images directly into the software.

Create amazing looking 3d eCovers with just a few mouse clicks. Save valuable time and money trying to learn other action scripts. Make your website look more professional and clean looking.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - The 5 Cs of Quality +1 How To Evaluate Images 2017-11-15

Picture quality formula
We have all heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. So when it comes to getting your message across images should always reinforce what you are saying, not the other way around. When the image speaks for itself your message is much clearer. If the image speaks to loud your message may be lost.

Use the 5 C's to evaluate an image or graphic to get a balanced picture. Great images have all the 'C' qualities going for them. Poor pictures can be corrected if you understand what is right and what is not right about it.

When composing your art work ask your self this question "does it pass the 5 C's?" If you answer no to any of them you can correct the error before you broadcast it. When you can answer yes to all the questions you know you have a well balanced picture and worth a thousand words.

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Net Writing Masters Course Learn How To Write For The Net 2017-11-17

Writing for the net masters course.Writing effectively for the net (i.e., the kind that generates income) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish. There is nothing complicated or magical about it. And you don't need an English degree or literary genius to do it.

You just need to follow the right process, the correct steps. And that requires you to make the critical offline-to-online business mind shift from "location, location, location" to...Information, Information, Information!

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Update Best Website Tools 2017-11-17

Mobile responsive website designsHi all just a quick note about the state of business at Best Website Tools. We are currently going through the website page by page and making updates.

Updates include new template, secure protocol settings, broken link removal, code cleaning and blog pounding. All these changes should add up to a more pleasant user experience.

Template update - While BWT has been using a mobile responsive layout since 2010 many earlier pages have to be converted. The current template has been in use since May 2017.

Secure protocol settings - First I can't say enough good things about my server and host SiteSell Inc. They figured how to do a one-click website transfer from non-secure to secure servers. I just have to push the button. That is when I'm ready.

Meanwhile BWT needs to be prepared for secure server compatibility. That means all incoming data must be from another secure server or the page will be considered non-secure. To avoid that incoming data is either being switched to a secure source or being removed

Google has urged that all business websites move to a secure server soon. After a grace period Google will begin de-ranking or even unlisting non-compliant websites from their search engine.

Yikes, that could be a disaster for you or me. However BWT has tools that check a website for security issues. BWT started with about 1400 security issues. After cleaning out the easy stuff that number has been reduced to about 250.

BWT is working through the remaining issues and is aiming for completion by the end of 2017.

Broken link removal - in the past BWT sponsored many tools, marketing strategies and other webmasters. Over the years many of these products (and people) have been removed from the Internet. That makes for a lot of broken links over time.

Broken links are merely annoying for users but for search engines they are a scourge. SEs frown on broken links to the point that web-pages and whole websites can be de-listed because of them.

BWT is testing all on page links to make sure they work properly. If they are broken, they're deleted.

Code cleaning - this website began in 2007 and has experienced many updates since. Including changes to the layout and coding techniques. Many early pages were built using old and I mean old technology.

Sometimes we can't believe the poor coding that was used, oh so long ago. Many pages need to be brought up to current standards or are being removed.

Blog pounding - during this period of reconstruction BWT is using EasyBlogs blogging software as our HTML editor. I love this tool. EB separates content and template editors. Which make for an excellent content management system and template organizer.

Since EasyBlogs is a blog generator BWT is adding most updates to this blog. Stay tuned... we're blog pounding, code cleaning, broken link removing and going secure. Enjoy!


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Right Column Menu - Build a Flyout Navigation Menu for Your Website Software and Tutorial 2017-11-18

Flyout Left Menu CoverRight Column Menu uses the Flyout Menu Left technology. Create a menu structure that fits well in a right column and expands to the left.

This well thought out system comes with everything you need to build your own menus. You get software and tutorials with examples and worksheets you need..

CSS driven menu system means fast action, clean operation and simple integration. Scalable and expandable design allows this system to be used many times on every page. Check it out.

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SBI Case Studies for Site Build It Online Business Websites 2017-11-20

Computer saying out the way coming through got a website here
Case studies by entrepreneurs who use Site Build It to build their online business. Meet several individual webmasters who have built successful websites.

Case studies are a proof of success. Testimonials by real people with great experience says more about a product than all the marketing in the world. See how all these happy entrepreneurs were able to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

This collection of testimonials are from all over of the world and all walks of life. Proof that Site Build It! Works.

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Custom Variables For EasyBlogs Add Custom Tags to Your Website or Blog Tutorial 2017-11-21

EasyBlogs box cover
Custom variables in EasyBlogs allows the webmaster to include custom tags in a website or webpage. This cool tool is great for inserting custom content. For instance AdSense advertisements or other partner advertisements.

EasyBlogs is a blog/website platform that can create up to 200 blogs and/or websites. Generate whole websites, mini-websites or blogs with this easy to use editor/compiler.

This tutorial teaches you all about inserting custom tags (AKA custom variables) into the Template Packager.

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SBI Black Friday Sale Get 33% Off Thru Cyber Monday 2017-11-23

SBI Blak Friday banner
It's back, the SBI Black Friday Sale that is. Get 33% off normal price for a short time. SBI or Solo Build It is a website business builder. All the marketing slogans in the world can't describe well enough just how powerful this tool is.

You are looking at a website built with SBI! As you can see sophisticated technology is built into the site. It demonstrates mobile responsiveness, layout changing capabilities and many cool attributes.

There are several reasons SBI is more powerful than any other website builder. Here are a few examples.

Solo Build It!

  • Gorgeous mobile ready designs.
  • Action Guide on How to Build a Business.
  • Research and Growth Tools.
  • Easy to use website builder.
  • Community of successful entrepreneurs.
  • More tools too many to list here.

SBI For WordPress

  • Comprehesive training tutorials
  • WordPress plugin
  • Research and Growth Tools.
  • Community of successful entrepreneurs.
  • More tools too many to list here.
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Appendix Navigate Your Computer Find EasyBlogs Files 2017-11-24

Computer saying I found it finally
Part 1: Appendix navigate - one of the most useful things you can learn is how to know what is on your computer and how to find a file or folder that you need.

Many people know that they can do a search for a file or folder using the search function of Windows, but not everyone understands how to actually navigate to the particular file or folder

Once you learn how to navigate around your computer, you will be able to, not only locate files and folders, but you will be able to create new folders for better organization as well as move files into the new folders created to organize the files on your computer.

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SBI Graphic Template 1 For Easy Blogs 2017-11-27

SBI Graphic template - select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your blog. These templates are modified from the original EasyBlog template.

Beer template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic in the template

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Cool Tools for Your Website And Online Business Building 2017-11-30

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool tools add pizzazz to any website. When your website visitor arrive they mostly just want information. They are immediately influenced by they way your website looks and works. If a visitor can't find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds they leave.

The way your website is presented makes a difference in whether a user trusts you enough to do business with you. Your job as a webmaster is ensure your website work properly. You can do this with the right tools. Checl out our collection of cool tools to build your website and online business.

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