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Plant ID And Report Now Live In SucculentID Mobile App 2018-12-01

Succulent Plant Report pageSucculentID Mobile App just got juicier. We added the "Plant ID & Report" service. Supplies personal reports from your pictures. Send us an image of your plant and we can identify it for you. This mobile app tries to identify the most common succulent plants world wide. However, with 10,000s of species that is impossible. So, we let you ask for a personal report. Where we identify the plant for you and you get our report.

But Wait, we can ID any picture of a succulent plant, Our "Certified Horticulturist " is an identification expert with over 20 years eperience. Our mobile app connects you with an expert. Your report includes care and instructions for feeding and watering of your plant.

Here's how it works: Snap a picture or select from your image library...fill in your name and email address...click submit. We receive the request, identify the plant and send you a report. The Plant report tells you about your plant and how to care for it. You learn about sun, soil, watering, pruning and propagation. We tell you how big and how old your plant can get.

First get the app. Then Locate "Plant ID And Report" button. Our horticulturist is on the clock so we got to pay her. Just $1.99. Information is priceless. Hint: she's really friendly and will gladly assist you. Here's how....

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Accordion Boxes Show - Hide Content Making Web Pages User Friendly And Fun To Use 2018-12-07

Smartphone banner Smartphone banner Are you a webmaster? Did you make a great website page? You're hoping for big results but it isn't happening. The problem is your page is too long and/or boring. Visitors lose interest quickly because it's hard to read. Accordion Boxes solve this problem. With a little code you can make your pages more interesting, organize your content better and please your visitors. Make users curious, give them a sense of control and fun. Check it out.

Accordion boxes can be used in many ways. Like this link you can use the software on any type of element, i.e. text, images, buttons, etc.
jQuery is a computer language utilizing javascript. It simplifies the programming so developers can control page layout better.
Accordion boxes are virtual panels that expand and collapse to show/hide content. Great for content management.
Computer cartoon with pointerGet creative with the presentation of your content.

Accordion boxes can be styled into many shapes and sizes, are mobile responsive and look good on all devices. Users can quickly scan topics for what they are interested in. Can be used for menus, libraries, tables of contents, catalogs and more. They can be styled as buttons, text links, header titles and icons or images. Learn how...

Made Easy Kit
Made Easy Kit includes software and tutorial ebook, javascript and CSS code files, source code chunks, examples with explanations, tips and tricks. Plus product support. No other package gives you this much all in one place.

Start making your webpages more user friendly with jQuery Accordion Boxes Made Easy Kit...

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Got A Website Business Idea? SBI Bogo Holiday Special Solo Build It Buy One Get One Free 2018-12-14

SBI BOGO holiday special
Got an idea for a website business? Got 2? Try SBI BOGO 2 for 1 holiday special. Having all the right tools for the right price is your best gift ever. Getting it right from the start makes the difference between success and failure. Here's how to turn your idea into a money making website.

Once a year special offer from Solo Build It. Get 2 for the price of one website builder subscriptions. This could be the best decision you ever made. When you love what you do and are your own boss with an opportunity to create financial freedom you have to check it out.

Share the wealth with a friend or loved one this holiday season. SBI is a money making business building system. You supply the idea and SBI supplies the means to get it in front of everyone in the world. Turn your idea into a mobile responsive website that works on all platforms. You can create your own or use one of SBI's templates. Keep one for yourself and give the other as a gift...

Features of SBI

  • Building an online business can lead to financial freedom. If you could replace your income and work from home would you do it? You can with Solo Build It
  • All the tools, support and instructions to be successful are included. By far the most complete collection of guides, community and step by step instructions available world wide.
  • SBI is the only proven system to deliver exceptional results when it comes to online buisness building.
  • Work from home and spend more time with your loved ones. Do something you love where you are the boss.

Why SBI and not Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress or anybody else?

Because of the support. SBI has the most informative Action Guide for building an online business. Couple that with the 24/7 support and community forums, you can ask and get answered any question about building your own online website business. The support group is made up of seasoned professionals and experienced volunteers with exceptional response time.

SBI has all the tools! No need to go anywhere else to get everything you need, unless you want to. You can design your layout, build your webpages, build forms, start a newletter, create image galleries, and so much more. To many featues to list here so we made this collage.

Online Buainess Builder SBI!

SBI BOGO Holiday Special Dec12 To Jan 3

Limited time offer on now. Buy one Solo Build It subscription and get one free. Only $299/yr is really unbeatable. You can pay that back in a short time. SBI shows you exactly how to build a website that makes money.

Prefer WordPress? Get SBI for WP only $149/yr. You get everything in SBI plus WP plugins. Get everything WP offers and super size it with SBI. SBI for WP BOGO now till Jan 3.

SBI is an excellent Christmas gift for your self and a loved one. Think about it you are getting a possiblilty for financial freedom. The opportunity to create a work from home job. Ideal for stay at home moms, retirees, young entrepreneurs and you.

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SBI Tools Build A Successful Online Website Business Get All The Tools You Will Ever Need 2018-12-18

Solo Build It
SBI tools are world class best of breed online business building suite.

Tools include software and tutorials you need to build an online business. You don't start with the learning to build a website. You learn what makes a website work. Then you learn how to do it correctly.

Most new websites fail because the webmaster didn't know about building a busines. When you understand what your visitors are looking for you can plan to attract them and give them what they want. Learn about SBI tools that gets traffic.

SBI Tools have everything you need from designing layouts to creating navigation menus to building traffic to monetization. This article goes over the features and advantages of building an online website business. We illustrate the major tool suites available in SBI. Learn more here...

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Merry Christmas From Best Website Tips 2018-12-23

Send Holiday Spirit
Send Holiday Spirit
Christmas Cards Splash
Christmas Cards Page 1
8 Greeting Cards
Christmas Cards Page 4a
Christmas Gift cards
Christmas Share
Christmas Cards3
Christmas Cards2
Christmas Cards5
Happy holidays everyone. May your wishes and dreams come true on Christmas morning. Did you remember everyone this year? No! Send an Amazon Gift card or electronic Christmas card with the "Christmas Cards" mobile app.

Includes 8 beautifully designed cards. Select one, fill in a message then select an email address. Read the included "User Manual." Simple instructions guide you through your first card creation.

Each time you make a greeting card a copy of it is listed on the countdown page. It shows a small icon of the cards and the date you sent it. Tapping on the icon will show the greeting card with the message on it. Allowing you see who is on your list of greeting cards sent.

Share the holiday cheer with an email or bluetooth or text message or Gmail (if you have it). Want to send someone special something special send an Amazon gift card. Let friends and family pick their own gift.

Available on Google Play and The Apple App Store. Click the link below...

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