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October 2017

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SBI CSS Template 3 Column Easy Blogs

EasyBlogs Box with Computer characitureGet a modern custom template that is mobile friendly with a responsive design. Learn how to make your won template for EasyBlogs. EB is a software that creates blog/websites with ease.

Check out all the cool designs you can accomplish with these css templates. These templates use bullet proof layouts that do not break under mobile device usage.

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets Yeah, I know. What does that mean. You can think of stylesheets as a layering of windows on a computer. But that name was already taken so they gave them a scientific name. Style sheets control the look and feel and layout of a website.

Stylesheets came about as a better way for the Internet browsers to display infomation. CSS stylesheets are ideal for mobile responsiveness. Control tags tell the content how to react to the device it is displayed on. Learn more about mobile responsive designs...

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Best Website Designer Award For Best Website Tools

Best Website Designer Award
HI all, Best Website Tools does it again. Everybody loves their home town. I certainly love mine, even though the power goes out more often than it should. This year my home town Hazel Park, Michigan selected my business as the "Best of 2017 Website Designer."

Each year the awards comittee selects businesses they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their category.

This year the Hazel Park Awards Program selected Best Website Tools again. BWT missed out last year. But has received this award 3 out of the last 4 years.

Hazel Park Best Website Designer of 2017 Award

Computer cartoom with mouseSo, Tim what's your secret? How'd you get selected so often? Okay truth be known, there only about 5 competitors for this award. BWT continuously updates the website, we add new tools often.

BWT updates the design often. We're gearing up to move to a secure server. That means every page, form, image and link is being checked for security. Meanwhile we improved the look and feel of the layout. I guess they noticed.

Home Based Website Design Business Start-Up Tools and Documents

Website design business graphic
You decided to start a website design business but need to know what all is involved. You will need certain legal documents for proposals, contracts, storyboards and schedules.

Wouldn't you agree knowing what a client needs before they ask is better than trying to figure it out as you go along? Start Your Own Website Design Business gives you everything you need from stting up your office, to getting work, to webmaster resources to getting paid.

The author goes into in depth detail in the 178 page ebook. Package includes the ebook, MS Word and .txt documents you can use in your business, bonus ebook for potential clients. Learn how to...

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