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Solar Ecclipse Animation By BWT Videos 2024-04-08

A phenominal celestial event occurrs on April 8 2024, a total solar ecclipse. This rare event is special because it can be seen with proper eye protection in only a localized area.

Einstien's theory of "General Relativity" can be observed during a total solar ecclipse. Where gravatational lensing of the sun warps starlight from stars that are behind it. Here is my animation of a solar ecclipse. What do you think?

Solar Ecclipse Animation

Solar Ecclipse is an animation creation by BWT Videos. Watch the moon pass in front of the sun. Animated in Camtasia Studio 2023.4.

This animation features a relatively new animation called "spotlight." With it you can vary the amount and location of a radial shadow mask. Which has the effect of the light fading from our sight, like the darkness of night. Can be used to highlight different areas of the screen. Or as a special effect, like in this video. Hope you liked it.

I thought about and researched the data for more information. And I was going the blab about how much I know about astronomy. But instead I'll just direct you to my source. Lost in Space.com...

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How to build an Upright Adirondack Chair 2024-04-11

Unboxing and assembly video showing how to assemble the C.R. Plastic Products C03 Upright Adirondack chair. As a former design engineer and draftsman I was disappointed in the quality of the provided instructions.

Poor or weak drafting skills in an assembly drawing is a pet peeve of mine. These ones were under detailed and incomplete in direction for assembly. I would have done a better job, myself. But, instead I made a video that others can study to get a better grasp on what it takes to assemble this outdoor backyard, front porch or patio Adirondack chair. Check it out...

C03 Upright Adirondack Chair Build

Website tips for this post are;

  1. In this video I used several styles of transitions. However most experts tell you, to only use 1 style of transition throughout your video. I disagree. Transitions can be dynamic, instill emotion, change a mood or indicate different times and places in the piece. Mixing transitions can be an effective way to set the mood or indicate location changes.
  2. Davinci Resolve comes with several special effects included. One is "noise reduction." With it, you can identify and remove frequencies that are noise.
  3. DaVinci Resolve Edit page

  4. Use DaVinci Resolve "color" page to color correct your footage. In this video I used natural light instead of lighting it. While I did use a UV filter, I still had various amounts of UV to deal with. To fix this I would match the RGB values with changes in gain and gamma, (mostly in the blue channel).

In this video I captured a lot of unwanted noises I was able to edit out using the "Fairlight" page. This page is specially designed to work with audio only. Having a dedicated page for audio allows for audio post instead of editing audio on a video editing page.

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Rainbow On Christmas Day 2024-04-13

Rainbow On Christmas Day occurred in the Smokey Mountains over Sugar Camp Circle outside Pigeon Forge, TN. The family and I got treated to a rainbow on Christmas morning. By 2pm. it was sunny and warm and kids went swimming. I could not resist grabbing a camera and capturing this special moment. Check it out...

Rainbow on Christmas Day

Website tips for this post are;

DaVinci Camera Raw Panel
In this video I used DaVinci Resolve 18 to edit and color correct the footage. With it I was able to adjust the exposure and contrast for different parts of the scene. I could have turned on auto-exposure but didn't.

Taking advantage of DaVinci Resolves non-linear color corretion capabilities I was able to pull more detail into the scene. In the sky portion of the shot I cranked down on the exposure and cranked up the contrast. I used a cross dissolve to extend the change over a second. Which is right where the camera pans from shadow to sky.

My tip is find a good colorist to grade your footage. It can mean the difference betwen getting the shot and blowing out the details. Do you need to get some footage color corrected? Contact me at...

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Video Express An AI Powered Video Generator Defies Imagination 2024-04-15

Video Express AI video generator is so good it defies imagintaion. Unique cutting edge features make this animation creation video app a must have. Unlock your creativity with this powerful AI driven app with tools not available in other apps. It's capabilities are truely remakable. Take a look for yourself.

Video Express Ai Banner

This well thought out AI animation creation machine is packed with features. You get:

Inside Video Express AI Video Creation App

  • Timelime editor up to 7 minutes
  • Library of royalty free Videos, Images and Music
  • Webcam, Voice and Screen recorders
  • Multiple input streams: Text, upload, images and voice
  • Text animations and effects
  • Watermark free videos
  • Chromakey and Background removal
  • AI Text to Sound Effects
  • Landscape and Vertical Full HD
  • Multiple stylistic genres
  • Fast, high speed rendering

So many features I can't possibly describe them all here. You'll just have to look for yourself. I can say the (deleted) guy selling this gem, should have asked for more money. He could have asked for much, much more. But, NO! Paul Ponna had to go and make it affordable. For now!

Video Express AI certainly deserves to be my top app of the year. I mean where else can you get top grade practically unlimited, AI video creation? You can't! But this one-time low cost deal won't last forever. Hurry up and get your subscription now...

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Deep Fake Vs. Real Fake Videos IMO 2024-04-25

Animated Avatar Natalie
Okay I just made up the term "Real Fake." And realized it is an oxymoron. Or a figure of speech that juxtaposes 2 contradictory terms to create a new meaning. The meaning of "real fake," at least to me is; a fake of a real person, (which is what HumanPals and HumanBots are for), and not an impersonation of a real person.

I got asked, the other day, if I could make "Deep Fake" videos. And immediately thought "Danger, Will Robinson!" Do I have a moral issue with making Deep Fake videos? Yup, probably. So, I replied "Sorry, my boss prohibits me from making that type of video."

Must admit I felt a little downtrodden over admitting that. Essentially because I make fake videos all the time. It is called animation. The difference is I use real fake personalities, as opposed to impersonating real people, or faking a real person. Which is what deep fakes videos do.

In animation you can animate real fake people to look just "real." With AI animation you could impersonate anyone.

Animated Avatar Tim
BUT, should you? Is it morally responsible to do that? NOpe, As a matter of fact many if not all AI animation tools insist that you agree to several terms of service prohibiting the creation of Deep Fake, impersonation or violent or sexual or political or mean videos.

However that leaves a lot you can do. You can teach how to do something, you can promote a product, offer a service, entertain friends or record a lifestyle. So much is possible.

Now you can use the same tools I do to create "Real Fake" videos. The best tools for AI animation creation are the ones that last, the ones that perform well and ones that have great customer support. These are my BWT Videos recommended tools...

AI Chatbot

HumanBot Boxsz
$199.00 Our Price $49.00

Human Avatar AI ChatBots

Video Express

Video Express Box
$179.00 Our Price $49.00

AI Video Builder

Avatar Builder

Avatar Builder
$97.00 Our Price $49.00

Animated Avatar Videos

Looking to build your own animation creation biz? Here's a few website tips for you.

HumanPal Box
  • Get a website, home office, powerful computer and Internet service.
  • Build or occupy an isolated desktop home office, say in a spare room or basement.
  • Connect to an audience on social media or world wide web.
  • Get some low cost animation tools and learn how to use them.
  • Take your time. Don't expect spectacular results too quickly. A good stew takes time to cook.
  • Create and share your animation creations with tools you can get from here...

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