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SBI Css Templates August 3, 2010 07:50

The new css templates have arrived at Site Build It. With 120 to choose from in 10 different categories there is something for every niche.

Sample of 120 new sbi css templates

Here at Best Website Tools we have converted these templates into Easy Blogs format. The marriage of these two technologies gives you ultimate control over your website. Imagine being able to create up to 200 mini-websites or blogs all under one domain name.

Now you can have complete control of your website through the use of style sheets and server side include files. Easily modify, add or create new or existing websites with Easy Blogs.

The new sbi css templates are simple yet sophisticated. Especially in combination with Easy Blogs. Now you get to have your style sheets and html templates in a platform that can modify every page on your website lickity split. No kidding.

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SBI Transition Templates - 3 Column Website Design August 21, 2010 09:06

The new 3 column css driven sbi transition templates not only improve your website's look and feel but can increase the time visitors spend on your site, page load speed and the amount of space on your website. Over 450 recently released template designs are now available.

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Improve the look and feel of your website. The new sbi transition templates are faster cleaner and bigger than ever before. Learn how transitioning to one of these templates can improve your traffic, page ranking and bottom line. Read Full Article

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