June 2010

SiteSell On Twitter

SiteSell on Twitter is latest move by this innovative company. I always thought that companies should encourage their employess to use Twitter. It just makes so much sense to use your workforce to help spread the word. SiteSell has seen the light and joined the Twitter community.

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What a great idea to give your employees something fun to do (when they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing). We all know that employess have moments of unproductivity for what ever reason. And what do they do when their brains are searching for that little bit of relaxation, they wander.

Many times that wandering urge takes the form of Internet browsing. A little bit of Internet browsing can satisfy the urge to relax and help them to refocus. SiteSell encourages their employees to satisfy this urge by tweeing on Twitter.

Many companies restrict Internet use to their employees and with good reason. The thinking is, that not allowing employees Internet access will keep them focused on their work. Of course this doesn't work because the employee will just find other ways to let out their wandering urge. E.g. water cooler chatting, smoke breaks and snacking.

Follow SiteSell on Twitter

Why not give your employees ways to use that down time productively and get some milage promoting the company? Twitter is a great way to do that. With twitter you can interact with customers, collegues and interesting tweople.

While I'm not saying companies should allow Internet access across the board. I am saying SiteSell has a great idea. Get the employees involved in a community (Twitter) that they can interact with, without going to the smoking lounge, the cafeteria or cyberspace.

The key benefits to this approach are

  • Employees can take a short break without feeling guilty.
  • Your company receives exposure to millions of potential customers.
  • Employess can interact with each other without leaving their desk.
  • Your company gets free advertising from insiders in the know.

Check out SiteSell on Twitter to get ideas for your company.

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