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HumanPal Spokesperson Videos 2023-10-02

Thomas Formal Spokesperson
The combined features of swift turnaround times, low costs, and captivating video storytelling make an animated spokesperson a fantastic asset to any small business. It lets you tap into the power of sophisticated technology in an easily manageable way, elevating your marketing efforts.

Learn how a HumanPal spokesperson video can boost your video marketing effectiveness to new heights. See why an engaging and insightful spokesperson can deliver your brand's messages with emotion and clarity.

In summary, the future of small businesses lies in harnessing the power of technology. An animated spokesperson video provides a promising and exhilarating avenue. Utilize the robust technology of HumanPal avatars for a dynamic, engaging, and effective marketing experience.

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Computer Problems How to Solve Them 2023-10-05

Computer getting sickWhat you should do if you have computer problems. The following article is about how I solved a computer meltdown.

You sit down at your computer to get in a day's work. All your equipment powers up just fine then suddenly the power goes out and your equipment shuts down. This isn't supposed to happen because you have a backup power supply, but it didn't kick in.

A few days later your computer gets extremely slow and is getting slower by the minute. Uh oh you think, time for maintainence. Here are 10 tips you can do to solve your computer problems before it crashes.

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Transformative Artificial Intelligence On Solo Build It 2023-10-07

Shelly TAI Logo
Shelly - SBI Mascot
TAI (Transformative Artificial Intelligence, I think) is a generative artificial intelligence application designed to build webpages. What TAI really does is create textual AI generated articles that can be used as material for building a webpage, or blog post, or social media or email or... information from the web.

Based on ChatGPT or rather OpenAI.com's artificial intelligence engine. TAI goes a bit further than simply interfacing with ChatGPT, it is a digital content creation tool that integrates into Solo Build It.

The main feature is Prompt Build It, or PBI a 7 step process that builds the perfect prompt for a "Generative Artificial Intelligence" engine (ChatGPT).

This much anticipated tool from Solo Build It! truly is a game changer. It is predicted to increase content creation speed by a factor of 400%. With this tool a content creator can now do research, write and refine information from the Internet all in one tool.

Solo Build It Action GuideTAI has 4 main sections, they are:

  1. The TAI Guide - a tutorial on how to get the most out of the app.
  2. Prompt Build It - or PBI walks you through creating the perfect AI prompt for the content creation engine. This is a 7 step fill in the blank questionaire that guides you through everything you need to write the perfect webpage building prompt.
  3. Boxchain - the actual webpage creation tool that assembles the content from the information you plugged into PBI. The outcome of this process is limited to about 6000 words (I think). But you can refine, polish and regenerate the content right in the tool. Create complete detailed articles about any topic you can think of. Just add you, and you can create fast, detailed, accurate and expert content.
  4. Freestyle - use this for any other ordinary AI tasks. Designed for shorter questions or inquiries. Like most other API ChatGPT applications it is a portal to OpanAI.com's ChatGPT. Only with integration right into SBI's Block Builder 2 website builder.

Learn more about all the tools SBI offers. Highly recommended by BWT. We have used this product for the last 17 years. BWT is always looking for a better tools for website building. We have searched but still think Solo Build It offers the best website builder out there. Click below to learn more...

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Finding success online requires no one else but you and SBI. 2023-10-08

Computer cartoon spewing out moneyFinding online success in any business just got a whole lot easier with Solo Build It! (SBI). Traditional business marketing techniques are too expensive. With Solo Build It you can operate an online business and not spend an arm and a leg, or have to hire a bunch of costly experts. With SBI you can do it all by yoursel at one low cost.

In modern business old school methods just don't have enough impact for success. With SBI and your personal input you can drive your online business to great success. All the tools and all the knowledge are at your fingertips.

Generative AI changed the world last november when ChatGPT was released. Upgrades to the world wide web knowledge base was put on the fingertips of everyone with a computer. SBI's latest upgrade includes it's own ChatGPT interface called TAI.

TIA is a generative artificial intelligence large language model based application programming interface (API), errrr, umm, an online AI digital tool. It interfaces ChatGPT with SBI to build AI generated webpages. With TAI and SBI you can control your business world.

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Halloween Costume A Family Experience 2023-10-11

Computer cartoon spewing out money
I had an idea I wanted to run through an AI content generator like ChatGPT-4. I thought about writing an article around the keyword "Halloween Costume." And came up with an idea about a 10 year old schoolboy who wants to convince his parents to make him a Halloween costume. Thats it the whole idea. I used "TAI" a new tool to generate the resulting article.

Sounds easy right? It wasn't. If I hadn't of used Prompt Build It in TAI, I would still be trying to figure out the story. Not being a 10 year old schoolboy or the parent of one I pretty much wouldn't know what I was talking about. However, AI to the rescue. I instructed it to write the article from the viewpoint of a parent of a 10 year old. I wrote a AI prompt to asking ChatGPT to write a 700 word article and tell a story.

The following article is the result of a carefully worded prompt sent to ChatGPT 4 and built in Block Builder 2 by Solo Build It. Notably this whole project took only about 3 hours to go from idea to content publishing.

I also need to give credit to Dall-E the AI image generator for creating the images on the page. Take a look...

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DaVinci Resolve top 10 Best Parctises 2023-10-24

DaVinci Resolve top 10 best practises by Tim Koen is the result of the question "what is the best training on DaVinci Resolve 18 is there?"

And so the search began. I Googled the question and found a list of articles about the "Top 10 best DaVinci Resolve 18 Training." They all agreed that the training that comes with it is the best available. Mostly because it is free and because they are the creators of the software.

I decided to summarizes the top 10 best practises that I got from the training, and are good to know. So, if you're a video editor or wanna be DaVinci Resolve 18 user. Watch this video and see if you agree with me...

With this video we used a "glitchy" style of editing. Meaning a bunch of little editing errors, glitches and irritating jump cuts. Did we include these on purpose or, is it unrefined psuedo art? You decide, meanwhile.

Check out these really cool animated spokesperson videos. See if one is right for you...

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