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How to select A HumanBot/HumanPal Animated Spokesperson 2023-09-04

How to select a HumanBot/HumanPal. Start with looking at yourself. A HumanBot will be a representative for your business. That spokesperson can be as much like you, or not at all like you. Your spokesperson should represent the type of business you are in.

People who identify with your spokesperson are the people who will be influenced the most. Consider age and gender. For instance young people are more attractive, but less trustworthy than older spokespersons.

Your choice of HumanPal should be apparent, but if it is not, I recommend selecting a young female. Because they are perceived as more appealing than their male counterparts.

Next thing to consider after gender is ethnicity. We offer many types of spokespeople. If your audience is in a specific location select a spokesperson that is from that area. You have over 30 human avatars to choose from.

HumanBot Avatars
Thirdly you want to consider your audience. Ask your self what does your business offer that your audience will look for. For instance if you are in the medical, nutrition or health care industry a doctor or nurse avatar would be appropriate. If you are in sales a business woman or businessman would be best.

If you still have trouble deciding contact BWT Videos and ask for a recommendation. Click the image to see all of our HumanBots.

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BWT Video Services Updated 2023-09-06

BWT Video Services computer mascot
Introducing BWT Video Services

Are you ready to make your business shine with stunning video content? Look no further than BWT Video Services!

I love making videos and using all the tools & software. I specialize in custom video production, post production, editing and distribution services.

Video Services At A glance
Click Thumbnails to screen video

Our Expertise:

  • Professional video production
  • Expert color grading and color correction
  • Eye-catching animation
  • Audio post production
  • Stunning visual content creation
  • High-resolution video editing
  • Timely delivery
  • AI Powered spokesperson chatbots

Don't settle for mediocre videos when you can have exceptional ones! Let BWT Video Services bring your vision to life.

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Animated Spokesperson Videos Explored 2023-09-13

Animated spokesperson videos are a creative and engaging way to get a message out. Video marketing is a powerful tool for any brand or business. Great for a wide variety of marketing, product, service or educational videos.

BWT Videos we has large cast of animated avatars. Create a unique spokesperson and give them personality. Choose from young, old, male, female or kid. Avatars are customizable, savable and re-usable.

Our animated videos bring your ideas to life through captivating character animations and stunning motion graphics. Whether you need an explainer, a branding or a corporate video, we've got you covered! Check out this video.

Check out these really cool animated spokesperson videos. See if one is right for you...

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3d Avatars How To Choose A Spokesperson 2023-09-19

3d Avatars should be matched to the audience they are intended for. Try to visualize the people that you want to view your message or brand. Some of the avatars can be logo mapped to enhance brand awareness.

Consider such demographics as gender, age, education, fitness, ethnicity and location. Try to identify with the audience's persona. Then choose the best avatar. Make a note of their name so you can ask for it.

Many 3d Avatars have changable attribute options like, with or without beard, hair length, glasses, accessories and colors. Avatars are savable. Once we develop an avatar it can be saved and re-used again. You can devlop a personality and it will be unique, life like and all yours. You can create a personality or a whole cast of 3d avatars.

Sarah Casual Animated Spokesperson Animated Spokesperson Videos Animated Spokesperson Videos

See the complete 3d Avatars family on the next page. Learn how to choose which avatar is right for your brand, business, product, service or tutorial...

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Introducing Esther Scrubs HumanPal Spokesperson 2023-09-20

Say hello to Esther Scrubs a human avatar or HumanPal spokesperson. Esther is ready for all your medical, dental or health related spokesperson videos. She is an animated human avatar and is powered by atrificial intelligence.

Esther is the latest advancement in AI powered human spokesperson. Doesn't she look like she is as real as you are? That is because she is real. We add the intelligence and she narrates from a written script. Or we could upload a voice over for her to lip sync to. She can speak many languages with emotion.

Esther is the latest advancement in AI which includes dynamic gestures and emotions. She is full size and high definition. Give her a try for your next medical, dental or health related spokesperson video.

Are you looking to get a video made? Give BWT Videos a try...

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Introducing Kaoru Flight Attendant Spokesperson 2023-09-28

Kaoru Flight Attendant Spokesperson
Introducing Kaoru Flight Attendant animated spokesperson. She is one the latest HumanPal avatars recently released. We are real exited about this release because it includes new voices with emotions.

Text to speech technology has come a long way in recent years. The so-called emotions are mostly pitch, speed and tonal variations of a computer generated voice. But OMG do they ever add quality to the narration. Check out Naoru in this short video...

Kaoru Flight Attendant Spokesperson

In the above video Kaoru is speaking with emotion "Cheerful." In the vertical video Kaoru is speaking with emotion "Friendly." We are now able to manipulate speed, pitch and tonal range of the text-to-speech voices. Which in turn gives the video creator more flexibility. and the avatars more liveliness.

Website tips for this post are:
1. Text to speech computer generated voices now come with emotions. There are 17 different emotions ranging from sad to happy to frightened to cheerfull, and friendly, unfriendly, shouting and general.
2. New HumanPal animated avatars have recently been released. These new avatars come in various sizes and dynamics. Kaoru is one of the first industry specific avatars out side medical that is. We also see new avatars for "construction" and "scrubs" related industries.
3. Camtasia is easier and faster than Davinci Resolve for editing animated videos.

In the widescreen video "Kaoru Animated Spokesperson Intro" was edited in Davinci Resolve 18.5 and took over 4 hours to finish. While the vertical video "Kaoru Flight Attendant" was edited in Camtasia Studio 2023 only took 2 hours to complete and is 30 seconds longer.

Don't forget to like and subscribe to the video channel. Thanks for watching, and have a safe flight.

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