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Halloween Costume A Family Experience

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The following Halloween Costume article is an idea I presented to "TAI" the new artificial intelligence content creation module in Solo Build It. Okay, I admit I am somewhat unfamiliar with this method of content creation. Soooo! I wanted to learn as I use the new tools.

I borrowed an idea from my brother (halloween decorations) and ran it through Prompt Build It (PBI, another new tool in SBI). The resulting article is an example of "generative artificial intelligence" generated article, errr I mean, AI created content.

Halloween Costume Party

Wizard 2-450

It all began on a crisp October afternoon. The air smelled of school worksheets and freshly sharpened pencils when our 10-year-old schoolboy, let’s call him Billy, turned to us with an earnest plea in his eyes. "Mom, Dad, I need help making my costume for the Halloween costume party." At first, it sounded like just another school project, but we quickly learned there was much more to it.

Billy wanted to win the best costume award at the school's Costume Party. The intrigue? It wasn’t just about the little plastic trophy; it was about impressing the girls. Our little man had started to notice the girls in his class, and his real intention was to get to know some young ladies.

Raising argument number one, Billy chirped, "Imagine how great it would be if everyone at school was talking about how unique my Halloween costume is?" It was a smart move, playing on our parental pride. Our little 10-year-old was quickly turning into a master of kid psychology.

His second argument was that the 'making of the costume' could serve as quality family time. "We never have enough time together, right? Making the halloween costume could be our little project!" He said, emphasizing the word 'our.' What parent wouldn't swell with pride at a pitch like that?

Halloween signs-450x215

Time was short. It was already mid-October, and the party was just around the corner. If we were to help Billy make his Halloween costume, we had to act fast.

We considered buying one from the store, an easy way out, but remembered Billy’s strong point about uniqueness. Store bought would barely even register in a contest for the ‘most unique’. Plus, how could we reject a genuine appeal for family bonding time?

Creating A Wizard


Material, makeup, props—he needed it all. We needed to channel our inner Tim Taylor (Home Improvement star) and make it work, Halloween style. It was truly a DIY mission. Halloween costume making had suddenly become our ‘Project Runway.’

Materials were easy enough to get. We found creepy cloth, foam, fabric dye, and more at the local craft store. Makeup was a hurdle, but Granny came to the rescue with her box of stage makeup from her high school drama club days. Props were more of a challenge. Billy's idea of a perfect Halloween costume required a convincing theatrical prop.

It took some creativity, and a whole lot of spray paint, but we transformed an old broomstick from the garage into a mystical wizard’s staff.

Costume Making

Wizard costume table 450

From cutting and coloring to sewing and gluing, making the costume was a rigorous process. The dining table was strewn with cloth, markers, threads, sequins, and assorted craft glitters that would probably take until next Halloween to clean up.

Through all the frenzy, we realized something. Billy was right—the shared time was a true family experience. We laughed and argued, got frustrated, got creative! It was stressful, but in the most wonderful way. We were a family on a mission.

Slowly but surely, the Halloween costume took shape. An awe-inspiringly unique wizard costume was ready, complete with a crimson coat, a spellbook, and a staff that looked every bit as magical as Gandalf’s.

With matching anticipation and anxiety, we sent our little wizard off to the costume party, his cape trailing behind him.

He came home late that night, tired but hands full of treats and face flushed with happiness. He had won the best costume award, and he hadn't stopped telling everyone how his mom and dad had helped him make it.

Looking back at that October, we wouldn't trade those late-night costume-making sessions for anything else. We not only stitched together a Halloween costume but also created memories and perhaps, ignited sparks of creativity and gumption in our Billy.

Yes, it was about the Halloween costume, the costume party, making the costume, and winning the award, but it was also so much more. It was about our 10-year-old schoolboy stepping up, making convincing arguments, and pulling us into a shared adventure. It was funny at times, urgent at others, but throughout it was one happy ride with a happy ending.

Halloween Just Got Easier with Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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Solo Build It's latest website building tool is called TAI, or Transformative Artificial Intelligence, I think. TAI is a generative artificial intelligence content creation application, designed to build webpages. Errr, that is "AI Content Generator."

What TAI really does is create AI generated articles that can be used as material for building a webpage, or blog post, or social media, or email or, information from the web. Based on ChatGPT-4, or rather's latest artificial intelligence engine. TAI goes a bit further than simply interfacing with ChatGPT, it is a digital content creation tool that integrates into Solo Build It.

The main feature is Prompt Build It, or PBI, a 7 step process that builds the perfect prompt for a Generative Artificial Inteligence engine (ChatGPT). PBI walks you through creating the perfect AI prompt for the content creation engine. A fill in the blank questionaire that guides you through everything you need to write the perfect webpage building prompt.

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