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Graphics Empire A Collection Of Digital Artwork For Digital Marketers 2020-11-07

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.Graphics Empire graphic art collection for digital marketers, webmasters and video creators. Spice up your digital marketing with graphic artwork. Make a lasting impression with badges, boxes, bullets, buttons, icons and skins in your webpages, advertisements, social media and blog posts.

Download Graphics Empire Here

Marketing not working? Website looking bland? Competitors outperforming your advertising campaigns? Want to have more fun? And spend less money?

Answer yes to any of these questions and you may need some help from graphic art. Or maybe you pay for a professional digital marketing company. If so, you might be interested in a Do-It-Yourself solution. Checkout this overview video of what's inside Graphics Empige Digital Art Collection...

Who Could Benefit From Graphics Empire

  • Graphic Artists
  • Webmasters
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Players
  • Video Creators
  • Media Influencers
  • Advertisers
  • Digital Marketers
  • HTML & CSS3 Coders

Decorate your website, campaign or advertisement within minutes. You get high quality images developed by professional designers. Royalty free images can be used anywhere, on websites, in videos or on social media. No photoshop or design skills required just copy and paste and your all set.

Learn more...click button below.

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Graphics Empire Added To Website Tools Store 2020-11-08

Including visual clues in your marketing increases user awareness by appealing to their artistic nature. When you excite someone with visual clues you can persuade them to perform your desired response, i.e. get the click, make a sale, sign up for your service.

Arrow pointing rightArrow pointing right

Graphics Empire

The gift that keeps on giving....artwork! Some things come and go like a fad but art delivers over and over again. This collection was first published many years ago. And in all that time this is one art collection I draw from time and time again. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. And I got a million of them, right here in Graphics Empire...

Graphics Empire digital artwork for digital marketers is now available in the website tools store..

Download here

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Toon Video Maker Premium Video Creation App Now Available. 2020-11-13

Toon Video Maker box
Toon Video Maker is a laugh a minute. Toon style videos are huge these days. Why? Because of the cost factor being so low. No need to pay for actors, voice-overs, sound stages, location permits, editing suites or anything else associated with the video creation process.

It is all about digital artwork and animation. With Toon Video Maker you can satisfy all your video creating needs in one app. The sky is the limit with this one. Check out what Paul Ponna has to say about Toon Video Maker.

Toon Video Maker App Explained

Get Toon Video MakerYes, I own this app myself. I gave it a try and could not stop smiling. The coolness factor for this app is over the top. You get high quality digital artwork combined with animated characters and video editing software. With these tools you can create almost any kind of video (except for live on camera action).

At first I thought this app was too hard to use to be of much good. But I soon realized how quickly you can figure it out. Then I watched the tutorials that come with it and learned to stretch the limits of the app. Which are pretty far. You can create quite an amazing amount of content with this app. But a little patience is required as scene building is a time consuming process.

I'm sure the creator attempted to keep the code and processing time down. So to that effect the controls are somewhat rudimentary. The down side of that is less complexity to the app. The up side is fast response and a smooth user experience. Once you understand how to use the app you will see how easy it is. Learn more...click button below.

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How To Use Leads Gorilla Ultimate Lead Generation App 2020-11-14

Computer pointing up Step 1 This is a cloud based app. That means you have to sign up for a membership. Once logged in you simply type in your keyword and a location. (works worldwide) Select Google or Facebook leads. Click on "Search" and the engine goes to work. In about 10-60 seconds Leads Gorilla returns a list of leads with all the data.

Step 2 is to create a campaign of those local businesses that could use your services or product. Connect your email account to send emails or direct messages. You can use any contact method you like, email, text or phone. Or use one of the many professionally written email swipes.

Step 3 manage your leads in the "Manage Leads" module. generate reports for SEO, GMB and Facebook. The reports create a professional details report of your lead's online attribute. Which you can use with your marketing services or product awareness campaigns.

Leads Gorilla ultimate lead generation tool

Complete video training is included. Learn how to maximize your efforts and reduce time it takes to complete tasks. Most modules contain tips and techniques to guide you while you work. The user training is extensive with over an hours worth of video explaining how the app works.

You learn about local businesses online presence and what it means. Find Google stats and business pages if they have one or don't. Learn how to contact local businesses with your product or service offer.

Access Leads Gorilla

Lead Generation SoftwareRisk free 30 day money back guarantee Right now you can get Leads Gorilla for...

$297  $197  $97  $67
Just $47.00!

Click here to order
Accepted Credit Cards
Use code "'bwt10off' for a 10% discount..

Leads Gorilla ranks each business and gives you a score. You also get all their business information such as Google MyBusiness page, Facebook page, business name, address and email address. Generate and dowload professional PDF reports which you can use to help clients improve their online presence.

Leads Gorilla Dashboard

Learn how to use this information to build a series of reports. Generate in depth reports for SEO, GMB and Facebook. We'll teach you a 3 step approach to closing new clients.

Google My Business ScoreLearn how to leverage Google MyBusiness (GMB) to boost lead generation for your business. Find claimed and umclaimed GMB pages with the 'GMB Status' module.

Create email marketing campaigns with proven templates. Create and manage your own email lists. Campaign dashboard organizes your email campaigns. Includes dozens of email templates for many business services you can offer. These are available for many different niches. Ideal for these types of businesses...

  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Roofers
  • Legal Firms
  • Health Care
  • Coffee Shops
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Heating And Cooling
  • Local Businesses
  • Gyms
  • Hair Salons
  • Plumbers
  • Pet Care
  • Local Brands
  • Many More

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Video Dashboard - Social Media Video Marketing App 2020-11-17

Video Dashboard logoVideo Dashboard - a social media video creation app is AWESOME. Use it to create, edit, render and publish to over 11 social media channels all in one unified app. Dashboard style app features social media trending engine. See whats trending right now and post a video to multiple social media channels in minutes. Check it out...

Video Dashboard Demonstration

Video Dashboard features And Benefits

  • Video Dashboard is the ONLY All in One Dashboard To Research, Create and Publish To 11 Top Social Media Platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, YouTube and more.
  • Social Trending engine allows you to Identify and monetize popular trends when they happen!
  • Build unlimited platform specific videos that attract attention & gets you more customers.
  • Schedule and syndicate your stunning videos to all platforms from ONE unified app.
  • Automatically Grow your business without paid ads using powerful cloud based technologies.
  • Drive unlimited free traffic, leads and sales to your business from social media.
  • Get Video Dashboard today at Best Website Tools.

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Video Dashboard - Unified Social Media Video Creation App 2020-11-19

Video Dashboard - a social media video creation app with social trends search engine. Use it to search, create, edit, render and publish to over 11 social media channels all in one unified app. Featuring state of the art social media optimized video templates. See whats trending right now and post a video to multiple social media channels in minutes. Check it out...
Video Dashboard logo

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Affiliate Marketing From A-Z How To Do Tutorial 2020-11-22

Affiliate Marketing Pamphlet
Here's a tough one. What is the best affiliate marketing program? IMO the best affiliate program is YOUR OWN!. However even if you do have a great product to sell you still need to learn how to promote it properly. And just how do you do that? Because doing that right is the most important aspect of online business.

Those and other questions are answered in this great tutorial by Solo Build It. Called "Affiliate Marketing From A-Z." This free online eCourse is where you learn all about how to do affiliate marketing the right way. You will learn about the top 10 most effective strategies for success.

Inside Free Affiliate Maketing From A-Z Tutorial

  • How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews
  • Blogging, Writing Content For Impact.
  • Affiliate Product Comparisons
  • "How-To" Affiliate Product Tutorials
  • Affiliate Product Email Marketing
  • Automated eCourses As A Marketing Tool
  • The Role Of Podcasts
  • Promoting On Social Media
  • YouTube's Role In Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Use Webinars

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Doodle Videos Animated Video App Now In The Video App Store 2020-11-24

Doodle Videos is the latest video creation app to become available in the Video App Store. We don't promote every video app that comes along because so many are just re-iterations of the same ole stuff. But every once in a while a tool comes along that is worth the money (and time) to investigate.

Doodle Videos is such an app. Unlike other video creation apps this one is unique in that it is a scene builder as well as a template editor. That means you get to be the director and control how your video is created and assembled. Comes with thousands of characters, icons, images and backgrounds and many features. Create whiteboard, blackboard and glassboard animated videos. Check out this sample video I made.

Doodle Videos Animation Video Creation App

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Happy Thanksgiving From Best Website Tools 2020-11-26

Compurer with turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Best-Website-Tools.com

Dear Santa for Christmas this year I would like a vaccine for the coronavirus. I also want to see my friends, relatives and family. But I am not going to because of the pandemic. I want to thank you for all the excellent work being done by the health care community to help keep us safe.

Happy thanks giving from Best Website Tools everyone. I hope your safe at home with your loved ones.
Timothy Koen

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Solo Build It! Best Online Business Building Tools On Sale 2020-11-27

Solo Build It Snowman banner
Get your home based or online business going in the right direction from step one. With Solo Build It! (SBI) you have all the tools and support you will ever need to build a successful online business. Proven business builder guides you through every aspect of online business building from A-Z.

Learn how to research, design and build the perfect website. Don't JUST build a website, build a future. Building an online business takes a lot of work, time and motivation. With SBI all you need to bring is motivation. SBI does the rest. Check out this video to see what SBI can do...

SBI Features Detailed

Important! SBI cost is reduced $100 USD due to coronavirus pandemic. We don't make any money on this special deal. But we can't afford to do this forever. Hurry up and get in on this special deal.

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Best Website Tools Profile For Video Services 2020-11-30

We'll fix it in postWell, its about time, Tim. Time to put together a profile and and go look for some work. I would like to bid on projects and put together this profile summary to post to job sites like Freelancer, Fiverr and UpWorks.

Tim started his career as an electronics engineer in the broadcasting industry, quickly climbing the ladder to become Senior Film Colorist and Sr. Video Engineer. Being in Detroit, when the economy turned bad, becoming an Electrical Design Engineer in the automotive industry was a no-brainer decision.

Tim spent most of his career doing design engineering with project management on the side. Visual deliverables were a specialty of Tim's, as the end product. Be it a film, video, drawing package or engineering data Tim was always to go to guy. Because he produced the deliverables in a timely fashion, every time.

Tim recently decided to return to the video creation field. Where he built a high tech video editing suite and learned to master some new tools. Now he specializes in A.I. animated characters, whiteboard, doodle style, explainer and marketing videos. He can do screen capture and screen motion video capture with high resolution and edited content. If you are looking for a video service that can get it done, Then Tim is your guy and he is looking for work.

Skills: video editing, video production, animation, A.I text to speech, art direction, graphic design plus electrical engineering.
Tools I own: Camtasia 2020, Snagit 2021, Adobe After Effects, VideoRobot, Doodle Maker, Adobe Photoshop, Infinitunes, Video App Suite, Audacity and more.
Operating system: Windows 10, 32g RAM, 4.7gHz processor, 2Tb hard drive, pro HD monitors.
Equipment: Dell G5 Gaming computer, 4k video camera, digital editing suite, audio porta-booth, pro microphones, studio backdrop kit, tripod and lighting kit.

See my portfolio on YouTube. Here's a sample of a whitboard video I made. Check it out...

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