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A Birthday Card For Dave 2020-10-01

Hi all, I have been working with a new tool called Infinitunes, and thought I would update a video I made for my friend Dave's birthday. It was a silent video with captions added. But with Infinitunes I was able to add a background music track to it. Check out this video birthday card.

Smartphone listening to headphones.Infinitunes is a brand new best website tool that allows video creators to add a background music track to any video. I won't have it available until after Oct. 12, 2020. By then I'll have it mastered and present it to you. Just in case you would like to add it to your arsenal of video tools.

So far I am fairly impressed with this product. Infinitunes is an app that generates background music tracks on the fly. I got the unlimited version so I can't tell you how many tracks it can create because there may be no end to it. Note: the limited version is limited to 500 tracks but is a lot cheaper to purchase.

I did notice a couple of drawbacks to it. First the music tracks don't always match the chosen selections. Meaning you can choose moods, emotions and genres but they are not always a good match. You have to play with it to get what you want. Second you can include original audio with your video but it mixes the tracks as opposed to adding a new track. However this is easily worked around if you plan well. BWT will have this cool tool available in the near future so stay tuned for that. Here is what the Infinitunes console looks like...

Infinitunes console

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Happy National Body Language Day 2020-10-02

Charles Darwin wrote his observations in his book The Expression Of Emotion In Man and Animals. He noticed both people and animals use body language to communicate.

People use body language to communicate expressions, emotions, desires and feelings. A smile, a shrug or a hand motion we understand each other on a personal level. The advent of the Internet allowed everyone to expand their communications to a worldwide audience. Now we can use emojis, icons, images and videos to express ourselves.

Many new and exciting tools have emerged to communicate on the Internet. We now have powerful personal computers capable of artificial intelligence, animation and graphic art creation. One tool that stands out! is DOODLE VIDEOS! Doodle Videos combines artificial intelligense with graphic art, text to speech and video creation all in one place. Get Access TODAY! Only at Best Website Tools! Click The link below!

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Introducing BWT Video Agency The go To Experts 2020-10-06

Well its about time!!! BWT tends to promote the best website tools for online business. While we are experts at video creation, marketing and various methods of video enhancement. Now we are extending these services to the online marketing crowd. Check out this doodle video we made.

Are you looking to grow your business? Today video marketing is the most cost effective way to accomplish that. Especially with the advent of artificial intelligence, 3d animation and text to speech auto translations. You can literally speak to everyone in their own language. But you have to have the right tools and expert guidance. Thats where BWT Videos (our Video Services division) can help.

BWT Videos (Tim Koen) has been collecting and perfecting video tools since 1976. When Tim started his video career. With a college education in Film, Tv And Radio Production Tim is an expert. Contact him to discuss your video marketing goals...

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Camtasia Voyager Certificate Achieved...Bragadosio alert! 2020-10-10

Hi all, Tim Koen here just a note to let everyone know I got a "Certificate of Completion" in "Camtasia 2020 Voyager" class by TechSmith Academy, today. That ain't easy folks. It's not all the homework or the perserverance that are hard. It is having all the right tools and motivations to succeed, that is hard. You need a fast strong computer, a lot of time and it helps to have motivation.

So, I took the time to master every course in the curriculum and passed with flying colors. Got this certificate to prove it.

Camtasia Voyager Certificate Of Completion

With all this new knowledge I decided to update an old favorite of mine. Here it is...

For this cut I added some spooky background music I created with "Infinitunes." Then I boosted the compression of the bg music to make it more present. I added a couple of titles to give more information about the content. Most importantly I developed an animated endscreen and converted that into a template for reuse elsewhere. And to add some consistancy in my portfolio.

I hope you enjoyed "Neighborhood Monsters." It was created completely from images gathered with the selfie stick at the end of the flick. Also all editing was done in Camtasia 2020. Next I am going to shoot some live videos. Stay tuned...

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Progrressive App Builder And Ideal Weight Calculator 2020-10-19

I was overweight. But I got help and started to follow my own advice. I learned all about what it took to lose a lot of weight and get healthy. I was 50 pounds overweight and now I'm not. I started to practice healthy dieting and exercising. I kept track of my progress and checked off milestones as I went.

One tool I developed along the way is the "Ideal Weight Calculator." (IWC for short.) IWC started as a promotional tool to sell Herbalife products. IWC calculates what a person should weigh based on current weight, height, gender and frame size.

Originally IWC was a website app. It was embedded in another web page and could only be reached through a single website. Later IWC was converted into a stand alone web app. Then IWC was again converted into a mobile app. But mobile apps are expensive to maintain. So IWC was converted back into a web app.

About Progressive App Builder

Progressive App Builder
With a little help from Progressive App Builder Ideal Weight Calculator is now a Progressive web app.(PWA) Which means it can be added to a smartphone or any mobile device like a native app. It can also send out push notifications like a mobile app.

IWC is a great tool for keeping yourself aware of how far from ideal your weight is. Even though I reched my ideal weight after losing 50 pounds, I still check with IWC occasionally to keep my weight down.

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Video Builder + Doodle Videos + Camtasia = This 2020-10-20

When I was a design engineer I knew I needed to have many tools in my arsenal to impress folks I wanted to work with. I went about building up a collection of symbols, icons, menus and application programs to assist in designing great machines. Nowadays I continue to amass digital tools that help in building successful online businesses.

Not all tools are created equal as some excel in one area while other tools excel in other areas. Building a great machine often requires you have an array of special tools to acomplish the task. Online marketing has many of the same pitfals, in that great marketing is not achieved with one tool, but many. For this video I used 3 different video creation tools, Video Builder, Doodle Videos and TechSmith's Camtasia Studio @reg. Check out this promo for one of my favorite video creation tools,

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Infinitunes Background Music Generator Cloud Based App 2020-10-22

Video Creation AppAre you looking for the perfect background music for your video creations? If so look no further. We have THE solution for you. Infinitunes is the culmination of years of technological advancements. With this tool you can create virtually and type of original background music score. Here's why this is important. We all know that sound makes the video better.

First there were silent movies, then came the talkies and what followed was called the sound revolution. In the beginning silent movies were sometimes accompanied by an orchestra. Audio recording machines changed the film and video business forever. Music accompanyment moved from the theater to the sound stage. All through this progression background music accompanyment was a must for every successful film.

Smartphone singing and dancingThe digital age brought about the invention of the music synthesizer. And with it came the digital recorder. These two inventions brought about a new era in film and video making. Now a single person can create all the sound needed for what used to take an orchestra of musicians to do. But still the problem of cost exists. Paying for an orchestra or a digital sound studio is prohibitive for the average video producer.

Infinitunes solves all these problems with an all in one low cost app. Infinitunes is a well thought out comprehensive background music generator for the average video producer. Now anyone can get that perfect background music acconpanyment without paying for the orchestra.

What if you could simply select a mood, genre or theme for your video's background music and get the perfect original sound track? Wouldn't that be awesome? Now you can with Infinitunes. Heres how it works...

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Infinitunes Soundtrack Maker Added To The Video App Store 2020-10-26

Infinitunes Background Music Generator
Infinitunes background music and soundtrack generator now available in The Video App Store. Are you in search of the perfect soundtrack for your videos? If so we have you covered. This best website tool fills a much needed area of marketing strategy. And that is background music generation. We all know that the soundtrack can make or break a film or video. A really good soundtrack can make the difference in your video's presentation. A bad or weak soundtrack can destroy your video's impact.

Enter Infinitunes cloud based app. With this tool you can generate a background music soundtrack that exactly matches your video. Simply select your genre, mood and activity. When you hit the "play" button your soundtrack is generated. If you like it, click the "save" button. If not hit the recycle icon and Infinitunes will generate a new track.

Easily generate copy-right free, royalty-free, original music tracks for your videos. Infinitunes is a cloud based software application that creates music tracks and marries them to your video(s). Get access to this app today and improve your audio visual presence by tomorrow. Check it out...

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Best Website Tools YouTube Channel Teaser 2020-10-30

Hi all, don't know if its just me or if YouTube introduced a new feature and that is the channel introductory video. Probably just me ignoring an obvious marketing tip that I missed. Anyways, it occurred to me that this is something I might be good at. I had to think about making a YT channel teaser video. And then, BINGO here is something that I can understand. Which is YouTube channel optimization. I spent all day finding out what's new at YouTube and maximizing my content organization. Here is the video teaser I made for Best Website Tools" YouTube channel...

How I Made BWT YouTube Channel Teaser Video

BWT Videos YouTube Channel

BWT Videos YouTube Channel
As with any project planning, the first thing you do is define the desired outcome. Which in this case a video short that gets people interested in scrolling through the channel and watching a few videos. So that became the theme, and the shot list as well. We want to show a scroll through the channel, the selection of a video to play and then screen some clips. We want to promote Best Website Tools as well, so we add a call to action endscreen.

For you to do this you will need to assemble your tools first. For this project we select TechSmith Snagit's 'scrolling screencapture' tool and exported that to TechSmith's Camtasia Studio for editing. I chose 2 video clips that showed different aspects of online business. We then added a closing screen with a call to action. Simple, short and sweet.

Thirdly you create, collect and edit the items you need to finish the project. After all the content is imported into Camtasia we edit it together. Well you get the idea, right? Visit BWT YouTube channel to learn more...

BWT YouTube Channel

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