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Trained social media managers.
SMD for expert social online presence management. Learn about social presnce from Google Maps to FaceBook to Pinterest to Twitter to all the business listings.

Our professionally trained managers know how to handle the every day tasks that need to be done. Like checking your inboxes and replying to, or deleting unnecessary messages. Following people on Twitter and answering friend requests on Facebook. Responding to LinkedIn messages and more.

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Leave Management System Can Help Your Company Grow Here's How -

A Leave management system can help your company grow in many ways. It helps you to keep track of your employees' leave (time) and also allows you to monitor their absence from work. With an effective leave management system, you can easily keep an eye on the working hours of your staff as well as the time they spend outside the office. As such, your company can have better control over its resources and can be an effective leader in the market.

Office workers cheering

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Helps You Save Time and Money

An effective leave management system will automatically generate reports based on the data you entered, saving your precious time. It also ensures that the information stored about the employees' leaves is accurate and reliable.

These systems are also stored securely so that no unauthorized person has access to it. When you have to manually enter the details of each leave, there is always a chance of errors being made. If this happens, then it may take longer than expected to rectify them. A perfect leave management software saves both time and money for your company. Continue reading to find out how...

Guest post by Regi Publico

Slack Project Management Application Software Explained -

Slack project management software

Photo by: Mikhail Nilov

Slack project management has taken the lead in offering business communication, especially as a lot of industries are adopting remote or flexible working arrangements. By functioning as an online office where members can chat, collaborate, and transfer files between each other. Its power and versatility have allowed businesses to function almost as efficiently, even while being confined to cyberspace.

Recording more than 12 million daily users is enough to show that this platform has what it takes to keep your business up and running. To better appreciate its capabilities, here's how you can use Slack project management software.

Allow communication between teams

The primary purpose of Slack is to create a platform for communicating. Your entire organization can be recreated within an entire workspace, which itself is composed of multiple channels each channel corresponding to what you might visualize as a chat room. This way, you can create an entire communication system on a single platform.

Online Presence What Does It Mean For Your Business -

Business is booming
Online presence can make or break your business. Getting all the right information listed in all the right places is important. With out great business listing management you could lose customers or worse not grow your business.

Did you know local search engine business listings are used 2 to 5 times more often than a website search to find a business? That means while having a great website is important, having it listed in all the local search engines is more important.

Having a strong online presence means having a strong local search engine listing, social media and reputation management. What if you could do that all in one tool? Wouldn't that save you a lot of time and aggravation?

Learn about how you can manage you business listings, manage your reputation and grow your business.

Social Media Services -

Smartphone holding social media icons
Social media services include set-up, management and monitoring of your social media accounts. Enhance your online business presence with up to date profiles, posts and status updates.

Are you too busy to spend the time it takes to create and build a social media network? Getting new customers is the best way to grow your business. Social media is an easy way to do that.

Services include creating or updating social media channels and social listing websites like Google Maps and Yelp. We monitor your reviews to maintain a positive attitude about your business.

Social Media Packages -

Social media packages box cover
Social Media Packages range from beginner to Gold monthly services. We got you covered. Every aspect of social media management is available. Includes free starter articles to multi-channel monthly maintainence programs.

We evaluate your current internet presence, create or update all your profiles and pages. Recommendations are based on completeness of your profiles. SMD searches the web to locate and evaluate all your business listings and reports your presence.

Grow your business with social media. Try Social Media Packages today.

SMD Client Info Request -

Client information form to establish communications with SMD. Just a few questions to get started on your social media management program.

Social Media Detroit Business Management System -

Trained social media managers.
Social media is so important to your business it can literally make or break your online presence. Social Media Detroit comes to Best Website Tools.

As part of the business upgrade BWT is absorbing Social Media Detroit. SMD manages your social media presence from Google Business to FaceBook to Yelp and all your channels and business listings. SMD searches the web for all your channels and user imput. Then we can manage your reviews and comments.

Does your business need an online presence? No time to manage all your social media. Let SMD help. Our professional management system can help. We know how to turn around a poor showing and get your business listed in all the social media search sites.

As part of the business upgrade social media maangement is being updated. We understand that most businesses are found on mobile devices. We specialize in connecting your business through mobile, website and social channels.

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