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Camtasia Voyager Certification Awarded To Tim Koen 2022-11-05

Camtasia Voyager certification completed by BWT Videos. (That's me, Tim Koen). The voyager level certification teaches you the advanced features in Camtasia Studio 2022. It covers a bunch of features and benefits of this video editing platform. The video below gives an over view of the course material and demonstrates some of those features...

Camtasia Voyager Certification

In this video we demonstrated the power of Camtasia and it's interactivity capabilities. There are some caveats to interactivity in Camtasia. And they are; you must use either use the included smart player and host the video yourself. Or, you have to host the video on screencast.com. Which is TechSmith's own video hosting platform. With interactivity you can create quizzes, surveys and interactive links.

Interactivity is great for educational videos where you can grade the answers to your quizzes and get emailed the results if you want. Are you looking to create an interactive video? Try BWT Videos...

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Video Editing Camtasia 2022 For Fiverr YouTube And Screencast 2022-11-10

Hi all, Tim here.BWT Videos is AMAZING. Don't you wish everyone would just get along. When I interact with someone or a company I always refer to them as "my friends at..." In this case I have friends at Fiverr, YouTube, and Screencast. All video hosting platforms.

Each of my friends have rules and regulations about using their video hosting services. And they all want you to design your videos accordingly. But, each friend has different features that the others don't. So doing something for one friend isn't necessarily going to be good for other friends.

Getting around this dilemma can be accomplished by making each friend a special video, just for them. So, I created a special video just for my friends at fiverr.com. But, am using my friends at YouTube to host it. I'll tell you why later. For now you can watch this video...

Video Editing Camtasia 2022 For Fiverr

What is the difference between fiverr.com, YouTube and Screencast.com? Answer: Interactivity. Screencast has it but YouTube and fiverr don't. And for good reasons. Which are:
  1. TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia and Screencast, offer a unified video editing (Camtasia) and hosting system (Screencast.com). Which allows for video designers to create interactive videos. Interactive videos are videos you can click on.
  2. YouTube, owned by Google, is a search engine. YouTube wants you to create videos that they can inject their advertisements into. Making them the only clickable option.
  3. fiverr.com is a freelance search engine platform. As such they have a review board that critiques videos before hosting them. Which means you have to tailor your video designs to their criteria, or risk having the video rejected.

Screencast offers interactivity in the form of clickable hotspots and quizzes. IF you host on Screencast or host it yourself with their video player. Interactivity by it's nature must be controlled. Too many bad actors and hackers can override the controls, and screw with your life, IF interactivity is allowed. Therefore the best solution for fiverr and YouTube (and many others) is to disable interactivity.

There are platforms that exist that do allow interactivity, but the above mentioned services offer a lot more than just that. Also of note is the cost of hosting. Each of my friends have their own payment options for their services. So that is also a consideration when choosing a service to host your videos.

Interactivity is great for instructional videos where you can use quizzes to ensure your audience gets the message. Then lead them with a clickable link. Are you looking to create an interactive video? Try BWT Videos...

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Leads Gorilla Pro Upgrade Lead Generation Tool Software 2022-11-11

Lead Generation SoftwareAre you looking for new clients for your busines? Leads Gorilla may be just the ticket. This online lead generation software finds businesses that are listed on Google and FaceBook.

For the small business owner that could be a life saver. Easily find and contact other local businesses that need your product or service. Leads Gorilla the ultimate lead generation tool.

Is your business struggling after the lockdown? This low cost tool could be the answer to your prayers. Works anywhere in the world.

Leads Gorilla ultimate lead generation tool

Simply type in your keyword and select a location, then click "Search." The software scours Google and FaceBook for businesses that match your keyword and returns a list of 40 local businesses at a time. With this information you can contact them with our unique system. Create email campaigns without having to hire anyone or pay a service to do it for you.

Features And Benefits Of Leads Gorilla Software

  • Find Local Businesses worldwide.
  • Searches On Google And FaceBook.
  • Generates up to 40 leads at a time.
  • Campaign Manager organizes your leads.
  • 3 step client closing system.
  • Generates SEO report for websites.
  • Generates Google MyBusiness reports.
  • Generates FaceBook Reports.
  • Citations Module manages all online listings.
  • Email templates for many niches.
  • Contact and manage client marketing.
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HumanPal Video Creation App Artificially Intelligent Human Avatars For Sale 2022-11-15

HumanPal Box
We highly recommend this app to people who want a boost to their video marketing. From Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar HumanPal is a well laid out app. This app has gotten a lot of thought, effort and commitment. Step by step configuration breaks down the video creation process into easy to understand steps.

You can be creating your own human animated spokesperson videos, like those above, in no time. And, customer support is fast and responsive if you have any questions. Now you too can get this app for a low one-time price, right here...

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Meet Janet Yoga - Fitness Instructor 2022-11-17

Hi all, I would like you to meet Janet Yoga. She is a real human avatar called a HumanPal. That is an animated person. Janet specializes in fitness instruction. We invited her into the BWT Videos studio for a quick screentest.

Janet is wonderfully suited as a fitness instruction spokesperson. She is young, in great shape, looks good and can speak many languages. Janet is also part of the "HumanPal" upgrade recently released by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar. Only available us few video creators that qualified.

With a HumanPal spokesperson small business marketing just got a lot less expensive. These human avatars are perfect for many types of video creations. We have used them for many videos including tutorials, YouTube Shorts, explainers and video marketing.

Also included in this upgrade is affiliate resale rights. Again only available to us few that qualified. Best Website Tools Home Of BWT Videos made the grade. Now we get to offer and support HumanPal. That means you can now own HumanPal Spokesperson Video Creation App.

Just looking to get a video made? Give BWT Videos a try. Get free consultations on the next page...

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Spokesperson Promo 112122 Video Mockup 2022-11-22

I wanted to make a story video to explain my business on fiverr.com. I came up across this video mockup with a sound stage and animated human avatar. I would love to take credit for the set design but, it's all fake. Every pixel is computer generated. Except for the actor, he is a real person. We just animated his avatar.

We input all the words into a human avatar video app (HumanPal) and this is what we got. Well, after we edited a little. Check it out...

Spokesperson Promo 112122

Website tips for this post are:

  1. Spokesperson videos can efficiently deliver information in a warm and friendly manner.
  2. Fantastic sets and human avatars can now be produced entirely in the computer.
  3. Tim Koen has 20 years experience in the video creation industry and is a Sr. video afficiondo.

Are you looking to develop a video? Simply drop me a message on the fiverr.com gig. And I will be glad to help. Contact me here...

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Camtasia Snagit TechSmith Cyber Monday Sale 2022-11-27

Desktop SoftwareDo you have an artist on your Christmas list? Why not give them the gift of creativity? Camtasia and Snagit by TechSmith are the perfect gifts, that keep on giving. These two apps are the industry leaders in screen capture software.

Imagine what you can do with that? You could make explainer videos, screen capture with text and animation. Use Snagit to capture scrolling screenshots and Camtasia to edit them together. Give the gift of creativity to that computer artist for Christmas. On Sale with a 25% discount on Cyber Monday and Tuesday, November 28 & 29, 2022.

Highly recommended by Best Website Tools. We started using them in 2018 and take advantage of the returning customer discount every year. This year we got the Camtasia Assets package as well. Check out these videos we made with Camtasia and Snagit...

Camtasia Certificate thumbnail Camtasia Animation thumbnail Camtasia Mockup thumbnail

Camtasia Video Screen capture and edit software & tutorials.

Worlds # 1 video screen capture and editor. A favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. Easy to learn software and tutorials included.

SnagIt banner

Worlds #1 screen capture image and video software.

Highly sophisticated graphic editor software and tutorials included.

Techsmith Assets

Get unlimited access to over 20 million assets for Camtasia. Customizable videos, templates, audio music and sound effects.

Get everything from templates to special effects. Download right to Camtasia or Snagit. Yours to keep forever.

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Cyber Monday Discount 25% Off Techsmith Products 2022-11-28

Video Editing Desktop SoftwareMy favorite website tools are Camtasia and Snagit by TechSmith. And now they are on sale for 25% off. Only today and tomorrow. Don't wait for Christmas, the price will go back up soon.

I really do love what I can do with them. So much so, I applied for and received an affiliate partnership to promote them. So yes, if you purchase through the link below I will earn a small commission.

You might wonder why I would spend so much time and effort on hoping to make a pittance of what my time is really worth? Just so you know, At BWT I try to only promote website tools I use and approve of.

By promoting tools like Camtasia, I can also support them. And that could mean future work for my video creation service. Which is what I am really hoping to accomplish.

But, if you are like me and have to do everything yourself. Then Camtasia is the best video creation tool to start out with. Sure, there are other more powerful video editors on the market but Camtasia is my favorite for it's simplicity yet sophisticated features. It has everythig one needs to be a successfull video creator. Check it out...

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