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HumanPal Episode #4 - Animating A Human Spokesperson Explained 2022-12-03

HumanPal episode #4 is an explainer video. In it you learn how we animate a HumanPal spokesperson. HumanPals are great for spokesperson videos, because they can say anything and speak many languages.

You can either upload a voice over file or write a text script. Either way a HumanPal is a low cost alternative to high end studio productions. Take a look at this video and decide for yourself...

HumanPal Edpisode #4 Animating A Human Spokesperson

Website tips for this post are:

  • HumanPals are animated spokespersons that can speak many languages.
  • Greenscreen backgrounds are easily removed with Camtasia "remove a color" tool.
  • BWT Videos and Tim Koen specialize in animated human spokesperson videos.

Are you thinking about a video project? Consider BWT Videos, video editing service. We are experts at animated human spokesperson videos. Which can be used for various video types. Great for explainer, marketing, educational and corporate education videos. See what we can do on the next page...

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Intro Outro Expert Video Creation App 2022-12-06

Intro Outro Expert Video AppGrab potential customers with a stunning video intro. And give them a call to action in the outro. If you don't have an eye-catching intro your video might not get played through till the end. Which is where your call to action usually is.

What you want are stunning intros and outros to get your message across. Now you can do that with Intro Outro Expert video creation app. See what I mean in the video below. Check out these Intro Outro Expert examples...

Intro Outro Expert A Video Creation App

  • Customizable video templates
  • Professional high quality productions
  • Stop Chasing expensive designers and video creators
  • Online cloud based app speeds up data storage and rendering.
  • Low one-time fee for unlimited video creations.

Easy to use cloud based app has everything you need to get started today. All the technology is cloud based. So, you don't have to worry about data storage or computer rendering time. Simply add your logo and tagline and give it a name. Wait a few minutes then download your completed video intro or outro. User manual video tutorial included.

Who Can Use Intros And Outros?

Freelance Video Designer And Creators
Video Agency For Local Businesses
ECommerce Store Owners
YouTube Channel Developers
Social Media Marketers
Website Owner/Designers

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The Rest Of Your Life - 2 for 1 Sale 2022-12-15

Solo Build It! Holiday Special
Solo Build It! Buy One, Get One FREE sale is on. From now until Dec. 27, 2022. Now is the time to get a 2 for 1 subscription to the rest of your life. Once you get this you'll never want to stop. Solo Build It is for solo entrepreneurs who want to build an online business. Now you can get one for yourself and give one to a friend or family member for Christmas.

This could be the most important decision of your life. Solo Build It! or SBI for short really can change your life. SBI could lead to financial security, a passionate adventure and communal activities. You don't get that easily though, you have to work at it. Trust me, if you do it right, all those things could happen.

Are you looking to give the gift that keeps on giving? A financial future? Be your own boss with Solo Build It. The all in one online business building platform.

Here is what you get In Solo Build It!

  • Research your niche
  • Includes tools like BrainStorm It! an Internet research tool. Explore different business ideas to determine the right website for you.
  • Organize your work
  • You get tools to collect data about real supply, value demand, keyword selection, page naming and data is fast and accurate. Use this info to update, improve and create new web-pages.
  • Domain name and hosting
  • Fast, reliable hosting and domain name registration. Plus guides, tutorials and SBI tools to select the perfect domain name. Get your site verified and listed on the search engines.
  • Design and build a website
  • Build your site with a drag and drop interactive website development editor. Intuitive and easy to use, start immediately. Select from dozens of modern website templates or make your own.
  • Engaging your visitors
  • Site blogging, form building and user input features gets your visitors engaged. Includes content creation tools to make your site user interactive. Let your visitors interact with you.
  • Getting customers
  • E-zine publishing, email marketing and ecommerce ready. Build an email list and promote your business and engage them with special offers, discounts or free service.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Tools that keep your content search engine friendly. Automatic search engine pinging lets them know when you update your website. Get analyzing tools that tell what the search engines want.
  • Website metrics
  • Search engine metrics keeps you up to date on website performance. Includes page ranking, keyword raking, daily, monthly and yearly performace reports. Connect to Google Analytics as well.
  • Business marketing
  • Learn how to use the search engines, social media and other marketing techniques. We show you all the tools, tricks and techniques you need to get website traffic.
  • World class support
  • Need help? Our support team is here for you 365 days a year. Get one on one help for whatever issues you have. World class forums of SBIers share their knowledge for free.
  • Website security
  • Get a secure website that the search engine will love. All the worlds business policies have been addressed for you. No need to worry about GDPR, GST, FAT or the FTC rules, we have you covered.
  • 2 For 1 BOGO
  • Limited time offer. buy one now and give away the other one, if you want. Or have 2 website domains. Or convert your other site into 6 months free. Holiday Special BOGO.

SBI Holiday Special Buy One Get One Free.
click here to start

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Website Development For The Do-It-For-Me Crowd 2022-12-17

Looking for the right website designer? You can do it yourself with Solo Build It. Or, find the perfect web designer to do it for you. Assuming you have already fleshed out your idea, it is time to consult an expert to get it done.

While we promote Solo Build It for the "Do-It-Yourselfers." We recommend a freelance professional for the "Do-It-For-Me" crowd. And the best place for that is fiverr.com. Why fiverr?

Fiverr.com is 2 things. First it is a business platform for freelance professionals. And, second fiverr.com is a search engine. And search engines can be used to find the perfect solution for a specific problem.

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Santa recites "Twas The Night Before Christmas" 2022-12-18

"Twas The Night Before Christmas" is all the introduction this video needs...

A Christmas Poem

by: Clement Clarke Moore

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it is full of cheer and joy. It seems like 2022 was a long year. But, not as long as 2021 seemed. Sure glad life is getting back to normal. This year I have plans to be with friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time.

In Michigan we want a white Christmas and a Maze and Blue new year. Go Blue. Okay for the non-college footbal fans. Maze and Blue are the colors of the University of Michigan's footbal team. The team is called "The Michigan Wolverines." Which is also the state animal.

This year the Wolverine's have a perfect 13-0 record going into the college football post season championship. The top four teams will compete for the national championship. This year Michigan is ranked #2 and has a good shot at winning it all.

As always, stay safe and if you are travelling, please include extra warm clothes, in case you get stuck out on the road. It is expecting to be a very cold Christmas here. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving - Solo Build It! 2022-12-19

Solo Build It BOGO Free Christmas Special Is On

My absolute favorite Best Website Tools are on sale for the Christmas Season. Buy One Get One Free by SBI is the best gift you can ever give (and keep). There is no better time than right now to change the way you earn money. Create your own online business software and tutorials.

Solo Build It is the BEST EVER online business builder. Well at least since 2003. Originally released as Site Build It, SBI has evolved into the only online business builder that can almost guarantee success, (in online business building).

For a limited time you can get one for yourself and give the other one to a friend as a gift. What better gift can you give but the opportunity to work from home, create a business and earn additional income?

SBI Header Logo Demonstration

Not sure if SBI is right for you? An online business can change your life, It did mine! Here is a list of what can be done with Solo Build It!

    Who Can Use SBI? Everyone

  • Travel, accommodation and food service business owners who need an online presence
  • Those who have lost their jobs, or want to work from home
  • People who want to join "the great resignation" but need an alternate income
  • Parents who need to supplement income to stay at home more
  • Caregivers who need to work from home around their caring duties
  • Teachers looking for ways to connect with students online
  • Retirees with life experiences that could help people
  • Entrepreneurs who want to operate online but can't afford developing costs
  • Do-It-Yourself Crafts And Services
  • Anyone with a computer

What's Inside SBI! Here's What You Get

Computer tools mascot
Solo Build It as the name suggests is designed for solopreneurs or individuals that want to do it themselves. SBI is a suite of online business building tools, tutorials and website creation tools. You get everything you need to create and operate a website based business. And do it at home.

The image below is just a glimpse of the scope of tools inside SBI. But don't worry a complete set of training tutorials, help and support come with SBI. There is also a huge community of experts willing to share their knowledge. You literally can't go wrong with this 2 For 1 package deal. Learn How to build 2 online businesses for the price of one. Check it out...

Online Buainess Builder SBI!

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Publish your #Shorts to YouTube 2022-12-22

Have you checked out YouTube's new "Shorts" category? It is a new category designed to compete with TikTok. To get on this search engine your video needs to be 3 things.

1. Video length must be under 60 seconds. Could be several 10 and 15 second videos strung together. Or a 15 second ad. Or a 30 second tutorial.
2. Vertical or square. 1080px by 1920px will render as a Full HD video. And, 1080px square will also play. The videos are shown in a smartphone format so 9wx16h completely fills the screen.
3. You can add the tag #Shorts in the title and description. Which lets YouTube know your video is intended to be a short.

Youtube shorts are ideal for the content creator who wants to publish quickly. Great for that quick marketing tidbit or trending event. Contact us to learn more about making a video short for your business, brand, product or service.

Are you looking to get your #shorts published? I mean get a video made in the YouTube #shorts format? (Not that other connotation.) At BWT Videos we templatized the formatting. We put all the elements together in way YouTube likes to get them. Can also be used on other platforms.

BWT Videos can quickly make high quality, low cost video shorts. As you can see from the examples above we know what we're doing when it comes to the structure and flow of a short video. The rules are different for this type of video creation. Aspect ratios and location are more restricted.

Fortunately, I'm a professional draftsman as well as a video creator. And we have a huge library of media elements to create with. We can do animation, motion graphics, special effects, audio post and more. So, contact us today for a free consultation. We know how to get our #shorts on. I mean make YouTube #Shorts style videos

Just looking to get a video made? Give BWT Videos a try. Get free consultations on the next page...

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