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Video Editing Mockup For Camtasia Studio 2022-10-05

Video Editing Mockup is part of BWT Videos' Camtasia Studio 2022® certifictaion program. DO NOT CRITIQUE this video. Okay, fine, like I could stop you. I ask that you overlook certain aspects of the creation process because this video is a template based mockup. The new HumanPal video creation app and Camtasia Studio 2022 were used to create it. Have a look...

Video Editing Mockup - Camtasia Studio 2022

BWT Videos Spokesperson
First The video in video videos size and aspect ratios were not accessable properties. Meaning I could not resize them to fit properly. So, do not object that the fit is not perfect.

Second, please notice the subtitles. For the subtitles we used Camtasia 2022's "sync captions" option. Where by a speech to text engine is built into the software.

This is interesting because we started with a textual script and typed that into a text to speech engine to create the voice over. Then we used the voice over to generate the subtitles.

Thirdly, notice how well the human spokesperson lip synces the voice over. We used artificial intelligence app called HumanPal. The actor is a real human artificially lip-synced and animated using video post production techniques.

Website tips for this post are:

  • It is now possible to computer generate all aspects of video creation through artificial intelligence and computer animation.
  • BWT Videos has a strong grasp on the capabilities of Camtasia Studio 2022 and artificial intelligence generated video creation.

Are you interested in getting some video footage edited? Well you've come to the right place. BWT Videos is currently accepting clients through the fiverr.com platform...

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Camtasia Studio 2022 Explorer Certification Completed 2022-10-09

BWT Videos is proud to present our latest achievements.Tim Koen recently completed the "Explorer" level Camtasia 2022 course by TechSmith and Daniel Park. Daniel is a master craftsman who teaches this course. We wanted to show our apprciation by making this video...

Camtasia Studio 2022 Certification Mockup

Are you looking for someone to edit a video for you? Try BWT Video Services. We currently specialize in Camtasia 2022. Recently released Camtasia Studio now packs a huge library of assets. Every animators dream come true.

Contact Tim Koen on fiverr.com to get a free quote on your next video project. Tim has years of experience, a powerful editing suite and a 5 star rating. Get started today...

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Video Editing By BWT Videos 2022-10-17

Do you want some video editing done? BWT Videos uses Camtasia Studio 2022 on a very poerful computer network. Packed with features Camtasia Studio can make your video come to life. Take a look at what we did with this single image...

Camtasia Studio 2022 Certification

Wondering why you would want BWT Videos to do your video editing? I have 15 years experience as a video engineer, a mass communications education, high-end software and powerful equipment. I have created all types ofvideo productions including:

  • Animation
  • eLearning
  • Explainer
  • Feature Film
  • Greenscreen
  • Intro/Outro
  • Screen Capture
  • Slide Show
  • Tutorial
  • Typography
  • Video Conversion
  • Whiteboard

BWT-Videos specializes in low budget, high quality productions. We have extensive video editing capabilities, a video studio, an editing suite and fast turnaround. We can handle large file sizes. ceate content and manage projects.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and take the time to get it right the first time. Because we love making videos. For your benefit we have made it easy to get your next video made. Here are the packages we offer.

Video Editing In A Nutshell

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.

Basic- up to 2 minutes. Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for vacation slide shows and social sharing.
Standard- up to 5 minutes. Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for eLearning and YouTube.
Premium- up to 10 minutes Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for unboxing and product demos.
Custom- project based estimates for custom length or advanced editing. Contact me for details.

We work closely together with you to get the best possible video. Many options available. Click button below for a free consultation,..

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Video Editing Packages By BWT Videos 2022-10-26

HumanPal Episode 3 features the features of the HumanPal app. You have to see this to see what I mean. Have a look...

HumanPal Episode 3 - Screencast Animation

For this video we used to power of Camtasia 2022 to do the screen capture recording as well as all the video editing. Notice how realistic the human avatar looks. This technology continues to evolve. In this video we explore what can be done with the HumanPal app.

HumanPal promo videos are now available for those that might be interested in making a human avatar spokesperson video. Get in touch with us for a free consultation on the next page...

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HumanPal Review by BWT Videos 2022-10-27

HumanPal Review by BWT Videos. Animated human spokespersons video creation app. We gave this app a 5 star rating because the technology and resources needed to accomplish it are extremely high-end. That raises the degree of difficulty required to create a superior product. This app had some growing pains at first but has become very user friendly and keeps getting improved. See what we had to say about the recently re-released version of HumanPal...

HumanPal Review by BWT Videos

HumanPal Mark Formal.Coming soon to BWT Videos HumanPal for everyone. Soon to be available on BWT, HumanPal app is going public. If you haven't gotten this app yet... well, you could be missing out on the best ever human spokesperson app to date.

Right now BWT Videos is in the process of applying for an affiliate membership to this app. Sure if you buy it from us I will make a small commission. But, if you do I personally will help support you. For right now this is a closed affiliate program. By invite only.

Fortunately, BWT videos was invited to join. We will know pretty soon if the application is accepted. Until then we are going to offer HumanPal video creation as a service. We know how to integrate these human spokespersons into any video...

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HumanPal Animated Spokesperson App Online Video Creation Explained 2022-10-28

HumanPal animated spokesperson app is a human spokesperson online video animation app. This app brings down video production costs through spokesperson replacement software. Fire the studio, fire the talent agent, fire the lighting director and cancel that lunch order. Stop paying for expensive actors when you can do it with artificial intelligence. Simply write a script and make your own spokesperson videos with HumanPal. I did!...

Video Editing Mockup2 thumbnail Spokesperson Promo thumbnail HumanPal Episode 3 thumbnail

(Click on thumbnails to view)

BWT Videos Spokesperson
A great app now available at BWT Videos. We highly recommend this app to people who want a boost to their video marketing. From Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar HumanPal is a well laid out app. This app has gotten a lot of thought, effort and commitment. Step by step configuration breaks down the video creation process into easy to understand steps.

You can be creating your own human animated spokesperson videos, like those above, in no time. And, customer support is fast and responsive if you have any questions. Now you too can get this app for a low one-time price, right here...

HumanPal Group

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