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Complimentary Color Chart RGB To Hex Code Conversion 2022-03-02

Color Conversion Chart
Think You know your colors? Do you know which colors compliment each other? This chart is organized to help you find complimentary color combinations and their codes.

Do you know what machine language you should use in your graphic designing? Use this color chart to mix, match and compliment colors.

Sneaky website tips; Use a color picker tool to select the color you want for your own digital artwork. Sneak the code or RGB value and into your own artwork. We'll show you how in the next lesson...

Complimentary Colors Chart Sample

RGB 190-190-190
RGB 255-255-0
RGB 0-255-255
RGB 0-255-0

RGB 255-153-0
RGB 204-153-0
RGB 153-153-0
RGB 102-153-0
RGB 51-153-0
RGB 255-153-51
RGB 204-153-51
RGB 51-153-51
RGB 51-153-102
See more...

Complimentary color chart for webmasters and graphic designers. The best thing about using RGB (as opposed to hexcode) is the ability to show gradients. A problem arises when you want to choose a color but don't know its RGB or hexcode value. This chart shows a comparison of similar colors, their RGB values and corresponding hexcodes. Graphic artists can use this info to identify specific colors and and see complimentary colors.

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Is An Animated Spokesperson Right For Your Business? 2022-03-03

Avatar TimWondering if an animated spokesperson video is right for your business? Consider these facts.

  1. 82% of people online watch at least one video everyday. (Google).
  2. 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (Hubspot)
  3. 64% of consumers will purchase a product after watching a branded video on social media. (Tubular Insights)
  4. Videos get 300% more traffic and help to nuture leads (MarketingSherpa).

Did you know viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video compared to only 10% when reading a text? People identify with a spokespersons personality when making purchasing decisions. Animated spokespersons are identifiable and engaging.

3d animated avatars are customizable and savable. At BWT Videos we create a unique animated spokesperson for your brand or business. Which can be re-used in any video composition. We develop a special personality for each avatar and give them a name. These avatar spokespersons can be exclusive to you.

3d Animated Avatar Sample Reel

Animated spokesperson videos are the latest thing in low budget video marketing. You get a life like animated spokesperson that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to hire. You get fast turnaround and can control the words they speak. You can deliver your message in the most effective way... in a video.

BWT Videos is the place to craft your future spokesperson video. We work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion. Learn how to get yours on the next page...

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Whiteboarder Video App Now In The Video App Store 2022-03-10

Are you looking to create a video for your business, brand, product or service? But don't want to spend the time or money finding the right video creator? Whiteboarder video app is for you. It takes only minutes to make your own.

Take Your Viewer Through A Story In A Fun Exciting Way

  • World’s #1 Fully Cloud Based Whiteboard Video Creation Application.
  • Present An Explainer Video In An Educational But Captivating Way.
  • Without Photoshop. Without ANY Video Editing Skills.
  • Appeal To Your Audience’s Humorous Side With Cartoon Like Effects.
  • Create Designer Quality Professional Whiteboard Videos In Minutes.
  • Works Great On Both Mac And PC. Fully Mobile Responsive On Mobile.
  • Never Pay A Video Designer Again… Ever.
  • Can Be Used By Any Kind Of Business With Awesome Results.

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DeShawn Stars In Home Appraisal Promo 2022-03-12

Hi all, DeShawn here... are you looking for an animated spokesperson to hype your product or service? I am an animated spokesperson avatar created by BWT Videos. They were looking for a spokesperson to promote their home appraisal business. Here is the presentation I did for a local business. Check it out...

Home Appraisal Promo Starring DeShawn

Avatar DeShawn
DeShawn is very life like wouldn't you say? We achieve this illision by adding subtle motion to his size and position and a drop shadow. Then we applied a special effect called "Motion Blur." As the name implies a little electronic defocus is applied to moving parts. Which actually mimics real life.

These and other special effects are what sets BWT Videos apart from other character animators. We have lots of experience enhancing our characters look and effectiveness. DeShawn and other animated character actors are available for your next project. Learn more about 3d animated avatar video productions...

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BWT PCI DSS 2022 Compliance Notice 2022-03-22

Spend money safely at BWT, verified by securitymetrics.com on 21mar2022. Did you know the credit card industry is regulated by standards that verify safety and security of your credit card data? You would if you did business online and took credit card payments. BWT VIdeos put together this little explainer video to show what it means.For the online merchant getting a PCI DSS verified compliance certificate is very important. It means you are a legitimate business entity and can verify your data security. Watch this video...

BWT PCI DSS 2022 Explainer Video

Website tips for this post are. Make your videos interesting. This one needed a lot of special effects to make the subject interesting. To show your online business is compliant with those standards you need need to complete a survey and supply proof of purchase ability. The certificate is called a "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Validation" or PCI DSS for short.

Best Website Tools Store is proud to present our PCI DSS Compliance Certificate. Thank you for your patronage... Now in the infamous words of Kermit the Frog.... "Sell, sell, sell,,,

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Best Math Tools to Try in 2022 2022-03-24

In this blog post we will show you the best mathematical tools like inverse that you can use in your digital classroom. By using tools like inverse function calculator you can easily find the inverse of any function. The tools mentioned below are very useful for students & teachers to grab the attention of the students for better understanding of concepts. There are currently applications for students of all ages. Hopefully, these math tools for teachers will make your students love math more by teaching them how to do it in a fun way or to help them solve problems.

Byju's Inverse Function Calculator

The calculator by byju's is a digital inverse calculator by calculator-online.net that is available online for free. With this amazing math tool you can easily compute the inverse value of any function that you insert into it. Inverse function basically a function in which the function reverses another function. This process of inversing the function is called the anti function, which is expressed in the form of f(x) = y ? f- 1(y) = x.

Geometry Pad

Geometry pad provides the students a fun way of doing mathematics. By using the geometry pad students can easily understand how to do the geometric constructions, how to take measurements. You can use the compass and can do experiments using different geometric shapes. Dealing with the inverse functions is no doubt a tricky task. So, you can get the assistance of a reverse calculator for it. This inverse of a function calculator is the best way to solve the given inverse functions by showing the step by step procedure. Inverse of a Function Calculator by Calculator-Online.Net:

Find the inverse of a function calculator is another free to use online calculator. This online calculator is not best to display the results of the given reverse functions. But it is best for showing the step by step procedure for your given inverse functions. This feature helps you in understanding the steps of calculation for inverse functions. In addition to it, this free to use calculator also shows you the inverse graph and much more with the displaying of the inverse function.

Rocket Math

The owner of rocket math said the students get motivated these days with the success they get. This was the major reason behind the development of this amazing math tool. The thing which makes this tool different from others is its way of teaching the students while having fun activities. The rocket math tool features an online game and a worksheet program that can also be printed. The printouts for the sheet is a one minutes test for the students to check their ability to do the calculations of mathematics. If you are having issues in solving the inverse of the functions. Then, using the inverse calculator by calculator-online.net will be a treat for the students to solve inverse calculations. This free to use calculator shows the interesting calculation steps for inverse functions.

Fluid Matte

Fluidmath was one of the first companies to create this type of teaching and learning tool. This tool is designed to be used with Pen-Centric platforms such as tablets and whiteboards. Students and teachers can easily create, solve, graph, and animate their own handwritten math and physics problems. Teachers can create dynamic teaching materials for the classroom while students can understand math concepts. You can see Fluidmath as intelligent mathematical work.

This is a guest blog post by James Dani.

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