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BWT Videos Animation Creation Service 2022-04-01

BWT Videos is a small video production house located in southeastern Michigan. Owned and operated by Best Website Tools, LLC. We specialize in 3d animated spokesperson videos. Great for corporate, educational, explainer, marketing or tutorial videos. A small business by Tim Koen. That's me. Your Go To Guy for spokesperson animation creations.

Are you looking for a video production service? At BWT Videos we use many high end software applications including Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects, Doodle Maker, Avatar Builder and some exclusive artificial intelligence software applications. We have years of experience designing, creating and producing custom animated explainer videos. Check it out

Explainer Videos Explained

Explainer videos tell a story, describe a task or explain a process. Explainers can take many forms but basically all are animated videos. Explainer videos that use animation include. Continue reading to find out...

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How To Integrate SBI Transition Template For UYOH 2022-04-02

BWT File structure
One of my favorite things about Solo Build It (SBI) is the ability to upload your own HTML webpages. This is an advanced way for webmasters and website developers to create their own pages and get the advantages of hosting by SiteSell (owner of Solo Build It). But getting your HTML editor created pages to integrate seemlessly and match SBI's SiteDesigner template is tricky.

SBI does provide a transition template for us upload your own HTMLers. How thoughtful of them. First you create your website template on SBI in their online website builder call Block Builder 2 (BB2). Then you can download a transition template to your own computer.

Recently a friend in the community asked "why does my SBI transition template look wonky?" Then went on to explain that her efforts weren't working and was asking for help. I know exactly where she is coming from, so I offered to help.

It is all about how you integrate the transtition template into your own. You need to match the file structure and place your new files in the same directories as those on SBI. This is important for uploading and offline webpage creating. The way I build this website mimmicks the way Solo Build It's Block Builder 2 builds a website. Except I add my own bells and whistles to SBI. I made this screencapture to show how I set up my SBI transition template. Learn more about SBI...

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Teaching Kids Coding Can Help The Future Of The Workforce 2022-04-11

BWT File structure
As the world relies more on technology, coding can be a valuable skill to have. The digital revolution has brought about major changes in our lives and future generations can benefit from having skills that help them cope with these changes. As such, there are many benefits of teaching kids how to code at a young age.

Children who learn basic programming at an early age can achieve better opportunities later in life when they enter the workforce or college. Here are some of the reasons why learning to code can be beneficial for kids:

It teaches problem-solving

Learning how to code helps children develop critical thinking skills and analyze problems. This is essential as people need to think through different scenarios and work out solutions before taking action. For example, when trying to figure out what's wrong with a code, it's important to carefully analyze each part of it first.

This develops their logical reasoning skills which will help them solve any problem they encounter throughout their lifetime.

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Whats New at BWT Videos - Adobe Media Encoder 2022-04-14

BWT Videos recently made some additions to our reptoire of website tools. Notably Adobe Media Encoder has been added to After Effects. This tool has many features we are still exploring. But it is safe to say we like it. Check out this video to see some of what can be done. Then we'll point out some website tips you can use...

BWT Videos Animations

Did you notice the timecode stamped onto the end scenes? If you don't know what that is... timecode is a clock that goes frame by frame. There are 30 frames per second in video. Each frame can be identified easily by time code. This greatly enables editing of content. Timecode stamping is a feature of Adobe Media Encoder.

Adobe Media encoder is an audio / video processing program that can convert media files to other media types. E.g. converting an .AVI file to a .MP4 file. Or convert a MP4 file to a .WAV file. AME works with other Adobe products like After Effects, Premier Pro, Character Animator and Audition.

Adobe Media Encoder opens up opportunities of endeveor for BWT Videos. We probably won't be offering any file conversion services. But will have them available for future projects.

Adobe Media Encoder

Getting back to the video seen above. It is mostly a cutting room floor compilation of learning experiments as opposed to a script driven production. This video represents a cross over from .AVI to MP4 conversions. We used Adobe After Effects to compose some scenes and converted them to .MP4 for Camtasia Studio to compile the final video.

What does this mean for you? As part of our Animated Spokesperson video creation service it will allow us to work with just about any media type file. Including .AVI, MP3, .MP4, .MOV, .WAV, Full HD 1080p, 4k 2160p, and many more formats. We can incorporate more user supplied content in video creations. Contact BWT Videos for more information...

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Small Biz Videos Explained 2022-04-20

Small Biz Video for your business could be crucial to your success. Blah, blah, blah! We have all heard of the importance of video media for online business. So no need to explain it again. Just, watch the video...

Small Biz Video

How this video was made may surprise you. First we came up a script for our talent to perform. Then we chose the 2 actors (Keisha and Tim), and had them do a read over a greenscreen.

The voices are computer generated but could have been real human voices. We used a male and female characters with corresponding voices. Getting the timing right was a little tricky. We added a smidge of clip speed to one of the voices and the lengths matched up perfectly.

Your website tips for today is this. For a two person conversations in video, have your actors read through the complete script. Have them read the other part's lines as well as their own. That way you can decide which lines the actor recites in the editing suite. Learn more about how to make a small biz video...

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Freelance Video Services On Fiverr And Upwork 2022-04-28

BWT Video Services Banner
Are you looking to have a video created? But don't know where to start? All the steps of video creation are laid out for you in an easy to use interactive client oriented online application.

You negotiate what you are looking for before committing to any projects. And you can always cancel before payment if you are not satisfied.

Fiverr and Upwork platforms offer a safe, secure and organized online system for purchasing a video creation. All aspects of the service, business correspondance and transactions are handled on those platforms.

Video Services On Fiverr

Video Services On Upwork

When you order through Fiverr or Upwork all information is safe and secure. It is our policy to provide you with the best customer support possible. Want more information about BWT Videos? Click below!

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