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Alice Introduces Her Crazy Avatar Family A Video Animation 2022-02-03

Hi all, sometimes you just fell like goofing off. It occurred to me that my friend Alice wanted to get some more screen time. So she asked BWT Videos to put together a sample reel. Alice does the intro and outro. Watch this video to see how well she does...

Alice Introduces Her Crazy Avatar Family

Alice Avatar an animated spokesperson
Website tips for this video are as follows. We used a technique called device framing. There are only 2 video tracks plus an audio track. The top layer is Alice with a green screen background.

The bottom layer contains the supporting videos we edited in. The bottom layer is contained inside a device frame. Thats the computer monitor on the desk. It is how we create the monitor effect. Alice is layed on top of that track with the green screen background chroma keyed out.

We used Camtasia ® to do the video editing. We used a high end gaming computer with a ton of horsepower to compile and render the final cut. Chroma keying is the method of subtracting a specific color. In this case it is lime green or #00ff00 in hexidecial code.

Alice got her day in front of the camera and now thinks she is ready to star in your next video. Do you have something really smart to say, and want a kids approach? Send your script to Alice she can be contacted here...

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76.4% of WordPress Real Effort websites are Invisible. 2022-02-05

Have you heard all the raves about how good WordPress is? Did you believe it? The truth is over 75% of Real Effort (RE) WP built websites are invisible to the search engines.

A recent study was conducted that compared the success of traffic generation between Solo Build It! (SBI) websites compared to WordPress built websites. The conclusions are surprising considering how big WP is. Whereas, SBI has an educated approach to website building, WP does not.

SBI vs. WP Chart
image courtesy of Sitesell.com

It all started way back when another website building company (The "Competitor") decided to slander SBI with fake reviews that falsely claimed their website builder was better.

Then instructed all their affiliates to write similar propaganda to promote thier get rich quick scheme. The Nerve

The idea was to push their product up the search engine rankings by instructing their affiliates to write and publish fake "bad" reviews about SBI. And promote their get rich quick website builder scheme. And it worked! The competitor got rich. Also, seemingly overnight SBI's website building reputation was smeared and tanked.

Naturally that kind of black hat targeting requires a swift and effective response. It got personal for Ken Evoy (Founder of Solo Build It!). He didn't get mad, he didn't get even, he got smart. Here's what he did:

  1. Instruct his support team to do a scientific study comparing apples-to-apples the success rate of each companies website traffic building success. The study was to compare actual traffic results for 10,000 websites. Actual comparison data would reveal the truth behind the scam.
  2. Politely asked his own affiliates to write and publish real world reviews of the Solo Build It website building platform. Use their experience to write positive reviews about SBI. And they did. And it worked! Reputation restored.

We won't mention the name of the competitor here. It is over now. But SBI didn't stop there. SBI did comparison studies versus other competitive website builders. The results will shock you. Read full article...

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Leave Management System Can Help Your Company Grow Here's How 2022-02-11

A Leave management system can help your company grow in many ways. It helps you to keep track of your employees' leave (time) and also allows you to monitor their absence from work. With an effective leave management system, you can easily keep an eye on the working hours of your staff as well as the time they spend outside the office. As such, your company can have better control over its resources and can be an effective leader in the market.

Office workers cheering
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Helps You Save Time and Money

An effective leave management system will automatically generate reports based on the data you entered, saving your precious time. It also ensures that the information stored about the employees' leaves is accurate and reliable.

These systems are also stored securely so that no unauthorized person has access to it. When you have to manually enter the details of each leave, there is always a chance of errors being made. If this happens, then it may take longer than expected to rectify them. A perfect leave management software saves both time and money for your company. Continue reading to find out how...

Guest post by Regi Publico
Read Full Article

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You Will Get A 3d Animated Spokesperson Video On Upwork 2022-02-14

BWT Videos is proud to announce the release of our first "Upwork Project" video production offer on Sunday Feb. 12, 2022. Now its time to get the word out. The project is titled "You Will Get A 3d Animated Spokesperson Video With Unique 3d Avatar." Everything is explained inside. Check out this promo video...

Animated Spokesperson Videos Now On Upwork

So far, I like Upwork more than fiverr for looking for freelance work. Even though I just got started I can already see differences between the 2 platforms. Upwork seems to have more higher end competition than fiverr. Upwork has a better profile page but that's JMO.

The journey starts today. Since 2001 my career has been taking subcontractor positions. You know project oriented jobs that lasted 2 weeks to 2 years. So, setting up a freelance profile should be a no-brainer, right? But it isn't, it takes talent, skill and experience. Three traits I picked up working as a project engineer.

Here's my first project entry available on Upwork as a freelance video producer. Check it out...

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Sidewalk Closed By Order Of Sidewalk Police 2022-02-18

Once upon a time I went for a walk. Not knowing what I would see I thought to bring a camera. Here's is what happened to an ordinary pedestrian. Sort of... I made up some parts to disguise the guilty. Just kidding. This is a spoof I made while promoting a product. Enjoy the movie...

Sidewalk Closed - Fight Noise Pollution

Sidewalk Policeman
Best website tips for this video are, tell a story and make it memorable. Stories are the best conveyors of ideas. For this video I wanted to show how to combat noise pollution. And that is with noise cancelling earbuds.

I invented the sidewalk police to infer a problem that might be criminal, noise pollution. And then we show the solution, the ambient sound option on a smartphone. We end with a screencast of a website that offers noise cancelling earbuds for sale.

However the best website tips are the interactive link on the "Click Here To Order" button. That little trick means the video is not hosted on YouTube. YouTube doesn't allow interactive linking. But, Screencast.com does. One advantage Camtasia Studio ® has over its competitors is, clickable links in videos.

Get your noise cancelling earbuds here...

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Benefits Of Working From Home - Creature Comforts 2022-02-27

Hi all, been working on your home office lately? I have been working on mine. Got some new lighting and set it up on my desktop. Made this selfie video. And got to play with my video equipment. Practice makes perfect, right? This is my home based video editing suite. I made it all by myself. Take a look...

BWT Videos Video Editing Suite

On with the show. This is my first 4k video. I just wanted to see if I could do it. This is my first video shot and edited in 4k format. Believe it or not this short video took over 1gb of space to produce. Most of which I will erase, btw. I think I will stick to Full HD video production for now.

The website tips I have for you today are make your workspace fun and comfortable. This little video is just snapshots of my workspace but it represents a big picture achievement for me. It shows a level of work space creature comfort no employer has ever given me. Here is a list of benefits for creating your own home office workspace.

Benefits Of Working From Home Not At A Job

Work At Home

  • Make your own schedule, set your own times.
  • Charge your own price for your services.
  • Work with the equipment you want, not what the company has.
  • Get tax breaks from owning your own business.
  • You get the corner office.
  • You control your own work environment.
  • Go on vacation whenever you want.

Work A Job

  • Work hours are scheduled by someone else.
  • Pay is determined by your company not you.
  • Only work with the technology the company allows.
  • Pay all the taxes from your income the company can get.
  • You work where they tell you to.
  • You are subject to adverse working conditions.
  • Time off only if employer allows it.

If you want to get started working from home my suggestion is to create a nice working environment where you can focus. Put in some nice creature comforts so you enjoy the time spent. My corner office is in the basement, away from the TV, Stereo, Phone and other distractions. I cleared out a nice size space and put in lighting, a nice desk and modern computer equipment. I built the desk and installed the lighting myself. And had it all delivered to my door. Here is where to get furnature for your own home office...

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