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Happy New Year With Best Website Tools 2022-01-02

Camtasia banner
For this year Best Website Tools received an affiliate marketing approval for TechSmith products (Camtasia & SnagIt). This is much appreciated as these are 2 of the most used website tools at BWT (that's me). BWT will be promoting these products because we think they are the best, most affordable, no hassle video creation tools available.

One of my favorite website tools is Camtasia by TechSmith a video screen recorder and editor with exceptional versatility. Originally released in about 1990 Camtasia is updated every year. Today's Camtasia has everything a small business marketer needs for video creation.

Camtasia Start Menu Edited In SnagIt

Camtasia Start Menu

Camtasia is proven to be a solid, well thought out video creation app. Also known as an "old stand by" Camtasia is very competitive with any of the more more costly video editing apps.

While other products can do more and may be way more sophisticated Camtasia has other benefits they don't. As a stand alone application I like Camtasia because you can use it offline. Camtasia doesn't require a super fast, high end computer, monthly fees or annual subscrition renewal.

Camtasia Timeline Edited In SnagIt

Camtasia Timeline Video Editor

Camtasia is easy to learn and use. It comes with tutorials and beginner exercises and customer support. A fantastic timeline video editor and visual editing console. You only need a little imagination to start creating your own video library. Recommended by BWT Videos. Get Started Today...

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Advertising On Fiverr Freelancer Platform 2022-01-04

Here at Best Website Tools we like to take advantage of all aspects of a monetization platform. In the instance of fiverr there are 3 things that can be done.

1. seller of services, 2. buyer of services and 3. digital marketing. As a freelance platform fiverr is taking advantage of it's users by offering several digital marketing opportunities. Fiverr benefits by having it's users do a large portion of it's marketing for free.

You can advertise your own service, promote the platform and afilliate market other peoples services. All of which can generate income. The widget you see below is the category BWT publishes some of it's services on. Take a look... it's free!

Animated Spokesperson Gigs On Fiverr

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Camtasia, Snagit Now Available In The Website Tools Store. 2022-01-08

Computer Sign Website TipsHi all, as I like to do with the best website tools I find I promote them in the Website Tools Store. These two gems are by Techsmith. Camtasia ® is a high end video creation application that offers video screen capture and video editing capabilities. Snagit ® is a graphic editor that does screen capture and graphic editing. Between the two applications you can create many types of video and graphic artwork. Take a look...

Camtasia, SnagIt by TechSmith

Camtasia Video Screen capture and edit software & tutorials.


Worlds # 1 video screen capture and editor. A favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. Easy to learn software and tutorials included.

SnagIt banner


Worlds #1 screen capture image and video software.

Highly sophisticated graphic editor software and tutorials included.

Techsmith education icon

Techsmith Education

Learn everything you need to know about Techsmith products. Professional presenter videos and tutorials teach everything from beginner to advanced video production and creating graphic art.

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Video Marketing Checklist To Optimize Performance 2022-01-19

HI all, ever wonder how the big video marketing influencers get such excellent performance with their videos? Well, it is a process. Simply making an engaging video is just part of it. Making it work for you is the hard part. Check out this checklist guide from my friends at breadnbeyond.com.
The Complete Video Marketing Checklist for 2022
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond

Learn how to Use This Checklist

Would you believe it if I told you there is a great tutorial that explains in detail the features and benefits of using a checklist like this one?

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Slack Project Management Application Software Explained 2022-01-20

Slack project management software
Photo by: Mikhail Nilov
Slack project management has taken the lead in offering business communication, especially as a lot of industries are adopting remote or flexible working arrangements. By functioning as an online office where members can chat, collaborate, and transfer files between each other. Its power and versatility have allowed businesses to function almost as efficiently, even while being confined to cyberspace.

Recording more than 12 million daily users is enough to show that this platform has what it takes to keep your business up and running. To better appreciate its capabilities, here's how you can use Slack project management software.

Allow communication between teams

The primary purpose of Slack is to create a platform for communicating. Your entire organization can be recreated within an entire workspace, which itself is composed of multiple channels each channel corresponding to what you might visualize as a chat room. This way, you can create an entire communication system on a single platform.

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Animated Spokesperson Videos For Video Marketing, Social, Educational, Corporate Branding 2022-01-23

An Animated spokesperson is great for a wide variety of business, brand, marketing, product, service or educational videos. At BWT Videos we mastered artificial intelligence to create a huge cast of animated video presenters. Choose an avatar from young, old, male, female or kid characters. Over 40 diifferent avatars available.

Who could benefit from animated spokesperson videos? All these people!

  • Video Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Afilliate Marketers
  • Teachers and Students
  • Social Media Users
  • Explainer Video Makers
  • Internet Advertisers
  • Communications Experts

Check out these really cool animated spokesperson videos. See if one is right for you...

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Tim's Qualifications As A Video Creation Engineer 2022-01-25

Tim's qualifications range from video tape technician to Sr. Film Colorist and everything in between. Tim's career has spanned several decades. His accomplishments are many but not important. What is important is Tim is always learning new things. Watch this video.

Tim's Qualifications Promo

BWT Video Services Logo

BWT Video Services is now open for business. Consultations are free and can be scheduled during regular business hours.

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I will create animated spokesperson video on fiverr 2022-01-27

Are you looking for a spokesperson for your business, brand, product or service, but can't afford the high cost? Well, you've come to the right place. At BWT Videos we specialize in 3d animated avatar spokesperson vdeos.

Great for explainer, marketing, product or service promotion. You get a high tech, low cost, animated spokesperson video through our new fiverr gig. Check out this video we made for it...

Animated Spokesperson Videos Now On Fiverr

BWT Videos has worked hard to bring you an amazing collection of life like animated avatars. These animated spokepersons can be used for many purposes. They professionally present your idea, product or service. Can be spoken or translated in over 60 different languages.

Albert thumbnail Alice thumbnail Amelia thumbnail Billy thumbnail Brianna thumbnail Carlos thumbnail

We've teamed up with fiverr to promote and organize this opportunity on a global platform. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace for digital products and services. This one is for animated spokesperson videos. Check it out...

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