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Whiteboard Video Gig Now Live On Fiverr 2021-10-04

New whiteboard video service launched at BWT Videos. I'm starting to move some of my business operations over to the Fiverr platform. Specifically video creation marketing. BWT Videos introduces our 3rd 'gig on the freelance platform Fiverr. Here is a sample of the work we do...

BWT Video Services Whiteboard

Whiteboard video service now available on Fiverr. We are beginning to really appreciate Fiverr for the service they provide. I wonderfully well thought out online freelancer service. If you have a digital service you can provide then Fiverr is a good place to sell your talents.

Of course that is debateble. Like most social media type services it has its flaws.But Fiverr has many more benefits like you can sell stuff. Fiverr takesa 20% cut from the service fees but hey, that's reasonable compared to other platforms (Google, Apple).

The only real drawback to Fiverr is oversaturation. A lot of people participate making competition tough. On the other hand a smart entrepreneur can find a smaller niche and more easily get projects to work on.

The real trick to succeeding at Fiverr is to have your own product and market it properly. BWT Videos began using Fiverr to do our video creation services. Check out our latest Gig...

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Whiteboard Videos For Explainer, Corporate And Video Marketing 2021-10-07

How to improve video productionCurious about whiteboard videos? Whiteboards are a style of video that shows static images, symbols or icons being drawn onto a canvas. Sometimes accompanied by narration. Whiteboards flow through a sequence of scenes in a storylike fashion. Can be used for corporate, explainer and marketing. Similar to whiteboard are blackboard, glassboard and greenscreen videos.

At BWT Videos we go a step further. We have a over 200k clips, icons, images, symbols and characters. We specialize in animated video production. Check out our video creation service...

BWT Videos Whiteboard Service

Whiteboarder Box Cover
Whiteboard videos creation can be a very intense process, if you don't have the right tools. There are a lot of apps and tools one can get to make whiteboard videos.The right tools are important. We have tools.

How to get animated whiteboard videos. Contact BWT Videos with your concept, business, product, service or brand and we create a video for you. If you have a script or storyboard, great, we will need that. If not, we work with you to make one. Learn more....

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Shoe Insoles Relieve Pain Promo 2021-10-15

Do you suffer from foot or back pain? Did you know shoe insoles may help relieve your pain. Sometmes back pain can be the result of poor foot support. Shoe insoles add support and cradle your foot. Worn inside the shoe as insoles this memory foam based product can help. Watch this video...

Shoe Insoles Promo By BWT Videos

Nancy 3d AvatarSome quick notes about this video. Originally it began as a customer sales video for an Amazon product. Since we never received permission to show that video with URLs, logo, product shots and tagline we remade it without the customer's branding.

I tell you this to preserve the integrity of my customer relationship. Having integrity is the most important part of a customer relationship. We offered to promote the video on our channels even encouraged the customer to let us do so. But, in the end s/he simply stopped responding to my requests.

That doesn't mean we can't use a similar video with repurposing. For this new video BWT Videos added our own branding and logo. Instead of promoting 'shoe insoles' it promotes our video creation service. Are you looking for a promo video for your product or service. Why not contact BWT Videos for a free consultation...

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New Animated Avatar Spokesperson Jordan 2021-10-20

Welcome Jordan to the 3d animated avatar spokesperson family. Jordan was born in October this year. She arrived as a nice looking smart girl. And smart she is. Jordan can speak and translate into over 26 languages. BWT Videos put her right to work in a new Fiverr Gig video...

Jordan In Fiverr Gig Video

Jordan 3d Avatar
HI all Jordan here. Well, it is great to be alive. I know, I know I am just a digital animation. But hey, I can still have imagination and intelligence. I just need someone to do the thinking for me. Just tell me what you want me to say. I can speak and translate into over 26 languages and accents.

Right now you can hire me to be your video presenter at "Animated Spokesperson Video" Fiverr gig. I will show you how it works on the next page. Meanwhile a little bit about me.

My name is Jordan. I am a 3d animated avatar. I can be any girl from anywhere with some customization. I am wearing a skirt, blouse and coat that can be any color you want. I can wear glasses or not. I think I look really smart with the glasses. And a little saucy without them.

My specialty is video presenter just like everyone else in the 3d Animated Avatar spokesperson family. We are all artificially intelligent. That means our words are computer generated or uploaded, lip-synced and matched to our gestures.

I can have Artificial Intelligence or human generated voice over. I can present in wide shot, medium close up or even extreme close up. I can be placed over any backgroound including greenscreen. I can be perfectly keyed into any existing video. I just need your imagination to get to work. Please hire me to be your 3d presenter. See me and all my friends here...

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Animation Presentation An After Effects Compilation 2021-10-22

BWT Videoes presents Animaion Presentation a collection of animations built in Adobe After Effects, an animation video production tool. BWT Videos has been learning how to use After Effects. We put together this little clip collection just to see what we could do...

Animation Presentation For BWT Videos

Turns out creating animations is hard work. But we love doing it anyways. Took a month and a half to assemble this film short. Meanwhile we learned a lot about After Effects. We combined many tools to make this video. It shows examples from Camtasia, Avatar Builder, Doodle Videos and After Effects. I guess the easy part was the final edit. See what BWT Videos can do on the next page...

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