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Learn How To Buy And Sell Digital Services 2021-11-01

Need a digital service done? Have a service you would like to get work for? Consider a freelance opportunity. If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. You can buy and sell services on a safe and secure platform that has worldwide reach. Benefits include working on your own schedule, getting the price you want and worldwide coverage. Fiverr is the place to be for digital services. Here is how it works...

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr Learn Digital Marketing Courses
Fiverr is a job posting platform for freelance digital marketers. You can buy and sell digital services such as video editing, graphic art, logo design, social media management, data collection, web and app development, and more. You name the job and Fiverr will have a professional freelancer to work with.

Digital marketing covers a wide range of online marketing methods using Internet and mobile technology. The service is free and easy to use. Simply sign up, accept the Terms of Service and fill in the widget. Your offer is then posted to a search engine where it can be found.

Whether you are a buyer or seller you can get results quickly. The only hard part about Fiverr is deciding on who is the best fit for your project. Fortunately there are a lot of tutorials to help you understand how digital marketing works. Get started here...

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Greenscreen Spokesperson Animated Avatar Videos 2021-11-03

Are you looking for a greenscreen spokesperson video for your project.

We can create high quality greenscreen spokesperson videos. With a greenscreen background you can overlay a spokesperson video to your existing media. High definition pure green video background is perfect for keying into explainer, tutorial, commercial, ecommerce or corporate videos.

3d animated avatars make for perfect video spokespersons. With artificial intelligence you can say just about anything in just about any language. You can submit a script in English and have it translated to over 30 other languages. How cool is that?

Check out how sophisticated we can be in the following video. It features several avatars conversing. All filmed over a greenscreen background and keyed into a new composition. Take a look...

Spokesperson Greenscreen Promo

Animated greenscreen spokespersons present their stories with authority and pleasantness. Their gestures enhance the action and can be synced to your words. The actor can be centered, or on the right or left side.

The video comes in 1920x1080p format. They can be created in wide shot (head-to-toe), or medium close up (thigh to head shot). Avatars can be scaled up or down pretty far and still have good resolution.

Greenscreen videos are low cost, starting at $20 for a 15 second video. Longer video lengths include 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. Custom longer length videos require a production schedule and custom offer. Learn more about creating greenscreen spokesperson videos here...

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YouTube Video Channel Teaser For BWT Videos 2021-11-07

Did you know YouTube can analyze a video and understand what it is about without a human to view it? With this information YT can show you videos based on what you are watching. For the video marketer this means you can search engine optimize your Video. See how we did it in this YouTube Channel Teaser...

BWT Videos YouTube Channel Teaser


Search engine optimizing for a video is the same as any web property. With the exception of sound or voice, which is also analyzed. And like a webpage all the same rules apply.

Rule 1. Keywords are important. You want to sprinkle your keywords throughout the video. Preferably in the first couple of sentences and at the end.
Rule 2. Title and description should contain your primary keywords. Mostly short, snappy titles and descriptions work best. I mean who wants to be reading when they can just watch a video. However YouTube analyzes what you write to understand what your video about.
Rule 3. Quality makes a difference. Low budget is not the same as low quality. YouTube doesn't care how much a video costs to make. It does care about the quality. I mean people only want to see high quality videos.
Rule 4. The video must be engaging. YouTube does note how long a video is played. The longer people watch a video the better it performs in the search ranking. The more engaging a video is the longer people will view it.

The best feature of using YouTube is that, it is free. You can subscribe to a pro version but the ordinary person doesn't normally need the extra horsepower in the pro version. You just need to agree to and follow YouTube's Terms of Use.

There are other platforms you can pay for that limit advertising on your videos. But they usually require annual or monthly fees. When you stop paying your video is no longer shown. As long as you follow YouTube's Terms of Use your videos can be online forever. So next time you want to get a video made consider these 4 rules.

Knowing all this BWT Videos' YouTube Channel Teaser has been optimized for keywords, content and quality. Hope you liked it. See more videos like this one...

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Super Hero Animation With Sound Effects 2021-11-15

If space is silent then how come we hear strange noises? Because we associate sound with what we see. Our brains will imply sound when there isn't any. In video animation sound can be added to emphasize motion. See how we did it in this short animation...

Animated Super Hero Promo

Animated super hero was drawn in Adobe After Effects. We used the "pen" tool to create a bunch of shapes and arranged them to look like a super hero. Then we grouped them all together in one pre-composition.

A pre-composition is like a subroutine in computer programming. In fact that is exactly what is going on. Computers don't actually save all the little colored shapes. What happens is the computer creates a database that contains all the information needed to display the shapes. Then that information is manipulated to create the animation.

To create computer generated animation we aren't actually creating separate images for each frame. We are changing the data used to display the images. Each frame is generated at a specific interval of time or video frame.

However it is the manipulation of data that does all the animating. When an animation is ready for prime time the database is compiled or rendered and a video file is generated. That video file can then be further edited if needed.

In this video we added sound effects and text after the animation was rendered. Then another database was generated and a new video was rendered. This new video is a compilation of pre-compositions and sound bites arranged to display an optical illusion. Learn more about video animation at....

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Computer Manimation 2021-11-21

Computer animation requires a good sense of timing. Different pieces and parts should work together. The following animation for example has many separate animated parts. Take a look...

Computer Man Animation

For this video we used Adobe After Effects and Camtasia Studio to create it. The computer character animation was done by adding and animating puppet pins to the moving parts. We changed location of the puppet pins over time to create the animation.

We used masks to isolated the various body parts. And we used shapes behind the moving parts to fill in the area vacated by the animated character parts. Then we removed the background and replaced it with a clip from our library.

BWT videos is an animation production house located in southeast Michigan. Our video service features a huge library of character animations. See if animated characters are right for your next video project...

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Computer Manimation Revisited 2021-11-23

Computer Manimation is great. We decided to turn it into an Intro. For those that don't know an "Intro" is a short title page used to introduce another video. Typically intros contain a title and information about the following presentation. Here is one we made for BWT Videos...

BWT Videos Splash Intro

What's cool about this video is it is now a template that can be used for future video intros. The main animation is all collected and grouped, and the text layers are separate entities. With this technique we can easily substitute the text for something else.

BWT Videos has dozens of intros in our library but this one is special. We animated our very own mascot. It took a few days to do the animation. Cause we kept adding more and more elements to it. Hope you enjoyed it.

BWT videos is an animation production house located in southeast Michigan. Our video service features a huge library of character animations. See if animated videos are right for your business...

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Grandma's House - Fiverr Freelancer Finder Factory 2021-11-28

Are you a business owner, webmaster or Internet marketer? Ever get confused by how much there is to learn about promoting your brand? I have. And when that happens I start searching for solutions. And off to the web I go surfing and searching. Usually spending hours trying to resolve some problem, that someone else has already solved.

If, I find what I am looking for my search is over. If not, on I go, over the hill and through the woods to grandma's house. Metaphorically speaking of course. Getting the right solution is grandma's house. Over the hill and through the woods is the process of searching, finding and selecting the right answer.

Enter Fiverr, the freelancer platform. Fiverr has their own search engine full of experts for any kind of digital service. Simply type in your keyword and click search. You are shown a list of experts that already know how to solve your problem.

For todays website tips for business owners, webmasters, Internet marketers and anyone looking for help with their digital problems Fiverr is a great place to look. You can hire a professional or just see what they do to solve problems.

Recommended by Best Website Tools... to find any kind of digital service solution. Give it a try...

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