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Get Website Tips Our Monthly Newsletter 2019-03-02

Get Website Tips NewsletterWebsite Tips Newsletter sign-up. Get important information about news, tips, special events, discounts and more. This monthly email features the latest tools, tips, tricks, tips and articles you may be interested in.

Get Website Tips delevered to your email. When you sign up you get notified about new tools, discounts and special events. We are always looking for the best information to design, build or publish mobile apps, website creation and of course best website tool. It is simple just enter your name and email address. We will send you a confirmation email just to make sure your really want the newsletter.

Affiliate Masters Course

The Affiliate Masters ebook
185KB - Windows and Mac Os

Bonus #1 yours free with your sign up confirmation. This ebook features in depth information on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Includes Do's and Dont's for the beginner or advanced marketer.

Bonus #2 - Free Chat Bot for a limited time get a chat bot for your newsletter sign up page. You get a generic chat bot where we insert you newsletter title and URL to your sign up page.

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ChatterPal Affordable Chat-bot Software 2019-03-04

ChatterPal AI driven chat bot
Hi all, BWT recently got into the ChatterPal launch special. I'm excited about this new software. Finally an affordable chat bot technology. This one is a one-time installation fee based website tool. Others that we looked at cost as much as $300/mo. Yikes that is way too much for the average small business. So...

Introducing ChatterPal a unigue chat-bot software that features introductory scripts for several popular niches. You can also upload audio files or record your own voice over as well. The software comes with life like animated avatars in plain, animal, 3d or greenscreen versions. Ceate your own chat videos with voice over accompaniement. Customize the avatar or upload your own.

With this software you can project a human presence 24/7 without having to monitor your website constanly. The automated response messages can be preprogrammed to generate a conversation. Create a multi- branched question and answer based conversations. The modern voice over technology sound is very clear and life like.

Collect data from the users such as; name, email, location and telephone. A powerful feature can be used for marketing your brand. This is certainly one of the coolest website tools we've come across in a while. The possibilities seem endless with what can be accomplished with a tool like this. Sign up new members, or newsletter sign-up, or announce a pre-launch and collect emails. Check it out.

We have an app for that
Cloud based storage keeps your ChatterPal files so you don't have to use your own bandwidth. Once finished creating your chat you have 2 options. 1). copy and paste the embed code into your site. Or 2). copy and paste a text link. With the embed code you can set it up to appear on your site already opened or minimized. With the text link you can send users to a new page with just the chat-bot on it.

Over 50 premium voices and avatars to choose from. Utilizes the latest-greatest text to speech engine. Use these voices to create videos in other languages. Automatic language translation means you can create a chat in your language and translate it to the user's native language automatically. Voice automatically lip syncs with the avatar to give a life like appearance to the chat.

ChatterPal chat-bot service will offer pre-made and custom chat-bots. Pre-made chat-bots cover most niches with professioonal scripts designed specifically for your niche. Custom chat-bots require interaction with us. Pre-made chats are expected to sell for $100USD. Custom chat-bots are expected to sell for $300USD with support at $14.95/mo. Custom Chat Bots expected to be a one time cost of $499.97.

Full support is offered through BWT. Early bird customers get their first chat-bot (pre-made or custom) for $50USD and lifetime hosting.

ChatterPal service pre-launch notice. This service is not currently ready for release. We are working on it, though. When ready you will be able to design your own chat bot, select an avatar and create your own unique chat-bot. Also available will be pre-written scripts for most of the main business niches. From Auto Repair to Restaurant to Professional and a lot more. Fill in the form to get notified by email when the launch will ocur.

We will send you an e-mail announcing our own pre-launch special. First you get a big discount. Second you get priority support. Third you get lifetime membership. Prices will go up after the service is fully launched. Get in early and save big...

Chat Bot Service Launch Notification

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PCI DSS Merchant Compliant Certificate 2019-03-19

PCI DSS Compiance certificate
Based on the information supplied "SecurityMetrics" has found this merchant to be compliant with the "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Validation" standards. And is awarded this certificate of Compliance.

Every website owner that uses a merchant account to do business on the Internet should have a certificate of PCI DSS compliance to help protect their customers during online transactions.

With PCI compliance a website owner reassures their visitors that this merchant follows the financial standards set forth by the Federal Banking Industry. See our certificate here...

I use Security Metrics to accomplish this task for me. It so so easy I do it every year.

Okay, enough promotion time to get the facts. PCI DSS compliance every year is a pain. It costs money but is only required once a year. Now I'm ready for another year of online business. Are You?

Update Mar 2019 PCI compliance must be done each year to remain current. This year SecurityMetrics sent me a friendly reminder to update my status. Including a link to my secure account. Once there another friendly reminder advised me to update my 'compliance questionaire."

The 'Compliance questionaire' is a series of questions about how you handle credit cardholders information during online purchasing. The details of this questionaire reveal how you accept credit cards online. For instance BWT uses "mals-e.com" as our shopping cart. Known as a third party web host. By declaring this information publically BWT is now compliant with PCI DSS regulations for another year.

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Chat Bot Templates 2019-03-23

Super Jill Avatar
Chat bot templates for conversational marketing. Conversational chat bots are the latest marketing technique with the greatest potential since social media blossomed back in 2007. Artificial intelligence powers these bots. Conversations and chats are pre-programmed to fit the situation. Multiple templates available.

These smart chat bots can be programmed to fit your unique business and niche. Select from a template or contact BWT for a custom chat-bot. Many, many avatars and chats are available. (Too many to show here.) Custom chat-bots can carry on short or lengthy conversations designed specifically for your business or situation. Avatars introduce the chat and give a short description of the chat.

We are proud to offer a chat bot service for small, medium or large businesses. (Coming soon.) Chat Bot templates available at Best Website Tools include, but are not limited to.

Feel free to preview these chat bot templates. Contact us to arrange a custom demonstration for your business. Try the voice recorder module to leave a message.

Chat Bot Service Launch Notification

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Avatars And Spokes Persons For Chat Bots 2019-03-24

My how technology marches on. Once was avatars and spokes persons were very expensive commodities. With the advent of television getting specialized talent whether human or computer generated took a lot of effort, time and money.

What if there were a collection of existing avatars and spokes persons available and all you had to do was choose one. That is the concept behind converational marketing or chat-bot technology. With an avatar or spokes person you introduce your chat and provide the information related to the nature of your chat. Check out these sample avatars and spokes persons included with the BWT Chat Bot Service. (Coming soon).

Avatar Super JillAvatar ChefAvatar Man SuitAvatar Super JackAvatar Woman SuitAvatar 3d Man1
Life like avatars and spokes persons come with 75 fully lip synced voice overs. Also we have an additional 200 scripts to fit just about any business niche you can thin of. Following are more examples.

Chat Bot Business Niche Examples

These chat agents are 100% cloud based and work on any operating system Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorder, iOS and Android. They work on any device mobile, descktop, smartphone or tablet. Our exclusive live-link technology means you can add chat agents to any website. Use it on affiliate offers, Facebook, or a clients website.

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Chat Bot Agent With Artificial Intelligence To Engage In Conversational Marketing 2019-03-28

Did you know a chat bot agent on your website can boost lead conversions, sales and reduce bounce rate. What if you could do all that to your website or blog without spending big bucks on advertising? Now you can with our proprietary conversational marketing chat bot agents. Engage users more effectively than other marketing methods with this cutting edge technology.

More than just a cool website tool a chat bot utilizes the latest cutting edge technologies used by large high tech corporations. We are talking about artificial intelligence, text-to-speech engines and lip-sync to 3d animation. Combining these state of the art technologies used to be big world expensive. Think Google voice serach andAmazon Echo, Alexa, Apple, Samsung, even smart TV's use this technologies.

Introducing BWT Chat Bot Agents

Now you can get in on this amazing technology called 'Conversational Marketing.' Can be used to take online orders, create appointments, offer discounts, promote special events, positively engage visitors and a whole lot more. We can create a chat bot agent for your website, ecommerce store or blog.

BWT is proud to offer 100's of creative chats written by professional copywriters, including 3d animated avatars or live spokes person. Create your very own custom unique chat bot agent complete with built in artificial intelligense. We currently have chats for 100's of industries.

Chat bot agents can be used in so many ways the whole face of online marketing is going to change. It is estimated that by 2021 more than 50% of all online marketing is going to be of the conversational kind. Users can interact directly with artificial intelligence 24/7/365 any where in the world. How powerfull is that.

We are proud to be an early supplier of this great technology mix. For a limited time we are offering entry rate pricing. Once the launch is over higher prices will be offered. Get in now and enjoy our early bird launch notification.

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