April 2019

3d Chat Bot Avatars with Lip Synced Text To Speech Voices

Business woman chat bot agent
Business man chat bot agent
A chat bot agent is important to project just the right image for your business Now you can have your very own avatar with lip synced text to speech voice. We have a collection of avartars that you can use for your chats.

You can use these chat bot agents to generate leads, set appointments, take oreders and connect with new customers. Introduce your business with this futuristic marketing tool. Grab attention the first moment a visitor lands on your website. Here are some examples.

3d & Logo Chat Bot Avatars

3d hat bot avatars set 1

These avatars can be used to help your users identify with your profession. For example you could pair 'Lisa' with anything healthy or fitness related like a weight loss, nutrition or yoga business. Try using 'Bruce' with a construction or blue collar business such as handyman, moving company or mechanic. Use 'Keisha' for businesses like financial planner, real estate or travel agent.

Logo avatars set 1

Logo avatars allow you to add your own logo to the avatar. Logos can be added to to the avatar's bag, shirt or hat. You can also have the logo appear next to the avatar if you wish,

Logo avatars set 2

These are just a few examples of our avatars. BWT has dozens of avatars to work with We just can't show them all here. We also have dozens of niche chats available.

Chat Bot Business Examples

Sign up for our early bird specials. Grand opening is just around the corner. Only those that sign up for our Chat bot service launch will get the discounts and bonuses. Sign up today. Last chance for early bird special (hint: $100 discount with free support.) Check it out.

Chat Bot Service Launch Notification

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SucculentID Mobile App Identify Your Plants

Succulent ID mobile app
SucculentID Mobile App is the life's work of certified horticulturist Jacki Cammidge, who got tired of answering the same questions over and over. This app is the culmination of years of love and care for succulent plants. Includes all the most popular species from around the world.

Find out what plants you have and learn how to care for them. Learn about sun, soil, water, planting, pruning, potting and propagating of your plants. Included in the 'Plant Care Handbook' are detailed tutorials. Get detailed information about species, clinical and common names and history of the plant.

Because there are literally thousands of species and varieties this succulentid mobile app describes the most common plants (over 75). Also included is a plant ID and Report function where you can snap a pic of your plant and have us ID it for you. Get a personal plant report for your succulent plant.

Update April 2019 - added 9 new plant profiles and 2 new categories (Android only). Improved quality of all images. Uploaded larger, clearer, sized to fit plant profile images for bigger screensizes. Included a lot more content and Amazon shopping. Get it today!!!

Cover pic 3
Assoerted succulents
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Chat Bot Agents Artificial Intelligence Conversational Marketing Tools

Super Jack chat bot agent
Julia chat bot agent
Chat bot agents use conversational marketing to engage users, generate leads and boost sales. Combine a talking 3d avatar or spokes person with artificial intelligence, text to speech and a chat box and you have a great website tool to grow your business. Think about it. If you could start a conversation with your visitors wouldn't it be easy to convince them that you have exactly what they are looking for.

Introducing "Chat Bot Agents" by BWT. This service allows you to put a chat bot and spokes person or 3d avatar on your website. Better than any other type of marketing a chat bot helps users identify with your business. Like Amazon Alexa this technology is smart and continues to get smarter. Now the average small business can out perform its competition with chat bot agents.

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate For BWT

A friend of mine recommended I sign up for a HubSpot Partner Certification. "It's free" he said. Just do a little bit of work and you can get certified. The benefits include important backlinks to your website and a little bit of expert authority will be implied. Well it is a lot more complicated than that. There is a lot to learn.

BWT took the certified HubSpot Agency Partner exam. The enrollment is free and allows business owners to participate in the agency partner program. You just have to complete the "Inbound Marketing Certification" exam to be able to add your profile to their list. And get the badge and certificate.

The Inbound Certification lessons program is listed at 2h 32m in length. However that is strictly the running time of the video lessons alone. The exam itself takes approximately 1h to complete. Not included in this estimate is the time it takes to take notes, review the study guide or get a cup of coffee. Realistically one should plan on spending about 6 to 8 hours for this certification.

After passing this exam you are able to create an agency profile in HubSpot. We at BWT could probably use some the HubSpot tools and services. However the beginning premium marketers package is $50/mo. Which is not in the budget, but is now on the list of possible solutions to consider.

Free Tools By HubSpot

Read our Reviews on HubSpot’s Agency Directory
HubSpot has several free and paid tools for sales, service and marketing agencies. Most tools and services cost a fair amount of money. Ranging from $50/mo up to $1200/mo. One tool that is free is a form generation tool. We used it to create the form below. For those that need a form creation tool this one has all the most important features. It has the form development tool, back office management, reports geneartion tools and it exports data to any email adress. Check it out. Use this form to inquire about our chat bot marketing services.

Chat Bots Category For Articles, Blogs, Tips & Tutorials About Conversational Marketing

Chat bots category pageNew category "Chat Bots" added to BWT. Learn all about chat bots in this category. This is where we collect articles, blog posts, tips, tools and tutorials for all things chat bots. Find out how conversational marketing, artificial intelligence, 3d amimation, lip sync and text to speech technologies are used to boost conversion rates, capture more leads and increase sales.

Lookig to learn about Chat Bots? In this category we will tell you all about leveraging these technologies for your business. We have over 200 pre-written scripts, voice overs and chats for business. You see it's all bout interacting with you users on a concersational level. Your chat bot agent can start a conversation with your user. This can lead to longer on page time, increased interaction and lower bounce rats.

BWT offers a new "Chat Bot Agent" service you can use to create a chat bot for your business. Check it out...

Chat Bot Data Retrieval Made Simple

Chat Bot data
Do you have a chat bot on your website? Do you want to download the data it collects and keep it for yourself? Here's how to download data from your chat bot agents. First you will need the customer support upgrade to the premier account.. A premier chat bot package includes data retrieval 24/7/365 among other features.

Because your privacy is important to us we must ask that your formally request this info. To do that you must be a registered member of BWT's premier chat service. Once your identity is verified we send you a link the your data. This link is on a secure server the prevents hacking, stealing or unautherized access. This is a human function and is reviewed before approved. Please allow us time to respond to your inquiry.

We simplified the data retrieval process to one click. You can get the data from any of your chat agents anytime in daily, weekly or monthly reports. Select from different time ranges, last 7 days, last month, last year, yesterday or today. The link updates automaically no need to generate multiple links.

Chat Bot Data Reports

Chat bots can ask for a users data including, name, address, phone number, location and date and time. This is considered general data and must follow GDPR regulation for the European Union. It is also smart to host the link on a secure server. This ensures the data is protected from hackers. Here's the form we ue to retreive data from out caht bot agents.

Chat Bot Data Request

Chat Bot Data Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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Note: To receive data you must own a chat bot from BWT and have the premier support upgrade. Sign up here

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