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Proof that the SBI Blog Launch Platform gets results in Google fast? This blog launched on 28 May, 2009. The screenshot below was taken on 30 June 2009. In one month this blog has passed 1,249,999 other similar pages in the search engine Google.

SBI Rss Blog search engine results 30 Jun 2009

Here's how I did it:

There are several aspects that go into building a successful website/blog. Foremost among all of them is quality content. I can't stress that enough. Because without the content there can be no results. Site Build It or SBI stresses a concept called C-T-P-M for Content, Traffic, PreSell, and Monetize.

But great content don't mean squat without traffic. Without traffic there is no point in preselling anything. So that means you need a system that gets noticed, listed and indexed fast in the search engines. SBI Rss Blog Launch Platform can do just that. See more sbi rss proof in the SBI Rss Tutorial.

One way to encourage the search engines to get your blog indexed fast is to load the initial pages all at one time. In the case of this blog, it was planned and built up to 10 pages before any page was uploaded. By doing it this way you are able to develop the internal content management system to a point where all your pages are well connected. When the search engine spiders visit there is a healthy portion of food for them to eat up.

That is only half the battle to high search engine results with your blog. The other half lies in spreading the word about your new blog. SBI has this neat little tool called "XML It!" This tool updates your rss feed and notifies the world wide web of your new blog. Everytime you update your blog you can let the world know about it by submitting your rss feed through "XML It!" You should see (sbi rss proof) search engine results pretty quickly.

Don't settle for that though, do other things to launch your blog, like using Ping-O-Matic to ping the blog aggregators. Do this a few times until the aggregators know about your blog. After that the 'auto-discovery code' in the template will let them know about your updates.

These tips and techniques are sbi rss proof of results, and covered in the tutorial.

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