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SBI Blog Launch Platform

Why call it a Blog Launch Platform? Glad you asked. There are several reasons that I could tell you and lots of arguements to call it something else. But if you look at each word individually it make sense.

Launch your blogs into space

  • SBI - Site Build It. The website host and build platform
  • Blog - short for Easy Blogs is a website/blog building platform.
  • Launch - In this case it means something a kin to sending a rocket into space. The power of Easy Blogs allows you to create unlimited webpages and as many as 100 rss feeds. To call it a just single blog maker would not do it justice. More like a blog launcher would be closer to it's capability.
  • Platform - a place to launch blogs, websites or rockets from.

The combination of Easy Blogs with Site Build It! makes an SBI blog launch platform with near limitless capabilities. Imagine this, you have one domain name and 100 blogs. It's doable but not recommended. Try this one on for size, you have one website and several mini-website/blogs. One for each section of your content focused website.

Let's not stop there, imagine this, you have one domain name Site Build It! website and several mini-websites all with a different look and feel. That's right by creating separate blog/mini-websites you can use a different template to each one (if you like).

Don't stop now imagine what you can do with 100 rss feeds on each of your websites. Easy Blogs creates a separate rss feed for each blog. They all can be blasted into space with SBI. That can add up to a whole lot of exposure! Which you would be hard pressed to match with any other system.

The beauty of Easy Blogs is the content management system (CMS). It's built right in. With 'Upload Your Own Html' module at SBI you have to duplicate the CMS on your computer. With EB you can create a CMS system that holds all your files in one place.

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: SBI Rss Tutorials : SBI Blog Launch Platform is the tool you need to create multiple blogs, build websites and launch your rss feeds to the world wide web.

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