March 2011

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SBI Right Column Menus

A little while ago SBI right column menus were a hot topic. Site Build It! (SBI) recently released "Right Column Builder " as a new module for it's famous 'Site Central' all in one online business builder. The place where anyone can build their own website that works.

Also known as the new third column because it was something missing from traditional SBI websites. This new cool tool added another 235 pixels of width to about 40,000 top notch websites. AND opened up the door for all kinds of advancements in personal website building.

So I got to thinking that sooner than later this new space is going to revolutionize the way some small business owners do business. The 3rd column will be the new gateway to website navigation. Then it hit me WoW (Way of Working) this is very slick......yikes...... watch out for incoming ideas.

I got so excited the smile was on my face wore out my cheek muscles. :-) Then I started sorting out how to have the best right column menu with all the bells and whistles. I looked and looked ... and looked... for more information and thought.

Expletive deleted... I know how to do this!!

But it turns out I am just a bumpkin from the burbs. I have a plan, I have the information and I have the stuff. I just don't have the skills. Time to let everyone know what I've been doing.

: March 2011

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