SBI 2.0 Page Dominates

by Tim

SBI 2.0 Page Dominates Search Engines

SBI 2.0 Page Dominates Search Engines

My SBI 2.0 page dominates it's niche, and has really helped my website. As a successful weight loser, I know a lot about herbal nutrition and have helped many people lose weight.

So, I made this SBI 2.0 content page for my website, that I call Herbal Nutrition Questions. Where folks can ask questions and get answers.

At first the page was kind of weak, with only a few submissions and little traffic. Then one day I got this question about Herbalife and side effects. Well, much to my surprise, it turns out a lot of folks have a lot of questions on this subject.

When you make a submission in SBI 2.0, it makes a new page on your website. This page has a comments form on it that other folks can respond to. Then SBI 2.0 makes a comments page on your website.

Here comes the cool part, an SBI 2.0 page dominates in the search engines. They are optimized and submitted to the search engines automatically. All you have to do is moderate and approve them. How cool is that!!

Before long I was getting lots of questions and comments. And of coarse I get to answer these questions and comments. Before I knew it, I had my own little social network going.

Now, my SBI 2.0 page dominates the search engines. My page always comes up on the first page (usually #1) in Google for my title Herbalife and side effects.

Best of all is that I get to promote my products. By providing answers and herbal nutrition solutions to people's questions, I get to 'advise' without blatant advertising. Sweeeeet!!

Here's how my SBI 2.0 page dominates:

  • Niche marketing

  • Free content generation by your visitors

  • Social networking to targeted people

  • High search engine rankings

  • Way too much fun :-)

Yes folks, an SBI 2.0 page dominates all that.

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