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Article Writing Directory Submission and Search Engine Optimization 2008-05-03

Article writing - speeds up the submission processArticle writing for the "how to" genre. First present a problem and then provide the solution. A good article solves a problem by example and offers tips and techniques to follow to reach the solution. The problem is having 45000+ competitors and out ranking them in the search engines.

The solution is a well optimized webpage that provides a solution to a problem and is marketed properly. Mini-course teaches how to do article writing for directory and search engine submission. Read Full Article

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WAHM - Work At Home Mom! 2008-05-09

Work At Home Mom Masters ecourse.Are you a work at home Mom or Dad? Are you working at home already? Or are you wondering if it’s the right way to go in the near future? Are you considering becoming a Work At Home Mom (WAHM)?

Take this important tip from us: Based on our experiences of working at home for years, juggling childcare, domestic stuff, kids’ schedules, our partners’ needs and our own, we all agree that in order to do it successfully, without cracking up, you need just one thing organization. Get organized, and you can conquer the world, or at least stay happily on top of your own little corner of it.

Are you still not sure how it would work for you? We brainstormed some ideas with other work at home moms and pulled together these additional tips to inspire you:
Tip # 1 Set up your work space at home.
Tip # 2 Make work time.
Tip # 3 Secure support from those close to you.
Tip # 4 Manage childcare while working.
Tip # 5 Take domestic shortcuts to free up valuable time.

Throughout the WAHM-IT! Guide, you’ll find quotes from real Site Build It!-owning WAHMs! These nuggets of wisdom and inspiration come from one of the Site Build It! Forums (a friendly gathering place for the SBI! (Site Build It!) community) and the thread about WAHMs that led to this Guide’s creation.

Like us, you’ve probably come across lots of get-rich-quick schemes on the Web, promising you fantastic earnings for little effort. We want to reassure you, that is not what we are about.

In this Guide, we share with you the underlying principles that ensure sites like ours have the potential to succeed. Follow those principles, and you won’t go wrong. However, you will have to supply the thinking power and the motivation. It takes work, and time, but the journey is extremely worthwhile. And the beauty of it is, it can fit perfectly into your life as a WAHM.

These tips and more are in the WAHM masters course.

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RV Boondocking the good life - blog tips. 2008-05-12

Like to get some help with EasyBlogs for SBI - contact us.My friend asked me to take a look at his blog and help him update it. This template is the result. I thought why not show everybody what can be done with an EasyBlog. And I need to test it to see if it works right. The look and feel didn't match the main website. Certain tags make the webpage look and feel the way it is.

The EasyBlog templates for Site-Build-It websites are designed to work with the SBI templates. When the SBI template gets modified the EasyBlog template should to be modified to, so that it matches. Such things as color, width and position of components all go into the look and feel. This isn't as easy as it sounds. One really needs to know their html to do it.

Yes this is Tool Time the blog for Best Website Tools. The Logo RV-Boondocking-The-Good-Life is my friends website. A comprehensive website about RVing, camping and traveling. This way cool website has great photography to boot. I espcially like the voice and mood used, real down home talkin'.

How's your EasyBlog? Need help or tips with it? Feel free to contact us.

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