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Introducing amanda Casual Human Avatar and Spokesperson 2023-08-10

Say hello to Amanda Casual a human avatar and spokesperson. Amanda is a smart, trainable human spokesperson from Canada. She has been accused of, but is not, a job stealing, career wrecking, low life agent, from the cyberverse.

This video is a compilation os several video processing platforms used in conjunction to produce this video. First BWT Videos used Paul Ponna's "HumanBot" platform to produce the greenscreen avatar production. Which weirdly creates videos at at 23.97 frames per second. So we downloaded that into DaVinci Resolve 18.

DaVinci Resolve is a high end video editing platform that can play, convert and render at different frame rates. This is advantagous because we can render the video at 30 fps. Which we did because Camtasia Studio does a much better job of chromakeying than DaVinci Resolve. So we downloaded the 30 fps video for editing in Camtasia Studio.

Camtasia Studio is an exceptionally easy to use video editor compared to other platforms such as Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve or After Effects. Camtasia also includes more creative assets than most other video creation platforms. Which we used to create the motion background and titles with.

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Dog Days Summer Vacation 2023-08-15

"Dog Days Summer Vacation" is a vacation style video BWT Videos put together for the Koen Bros. Check it out...

Dog Days Summer Vacation

For this video we used two video creation sources including a Black Magic Design 4k Pocket Cinema Camera, and a Samsung pocket S9 smartphone. The intention here is to gather footage and learn the processes for creating vacation style videos.

Website tips for this post are
  • Hand help video cameras are tough to handle. Many shots hit the cutting room floor instead of making the cut. We discovered it is easier to animate still photos from a smartphone and than it is to capture a "motion shot" with a cinema camera. The cinema camera shots we did use were when the camera was mounted on a tripod.
  • To save hard drive space on your computer invest is a SD card reader. That way you can use your SD card as a source for video editing instead of transferring your video from camera to computer. We recommend the Sandisk "SD reader/writer" as you can use it to record on, as well as playback from.

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Key Features of An AI ChatBot Peronal Assistant 2023-08-16

I asked an AI chatbot (HumanBot) to tell me "what are the key features of a HumanBot?" And the following is the response it gave me.

Key features of a HumanBot include: 1. Natural language processing: HumanBots are designed to understand and interpret human languages, allowing them to engage in conversations with users in a more natural and meaningful way. 2. Contextual understanding: HumanBots have the ability to understand and remember context from previous interactions, enabling them to provide more personalized and relevant responses to users. 3. Emotional intelligence: HumanBots can detect and respond to emotions exhibited by users, allowing them to provide empathetic and supportive interactions. 4. Multi-channel capabilities: HumanBots can be deployed across various communication channels such as websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms, ensuring that users can engage with them through their preferred channels. 5. Integration with knowledge bases and databases: HumanBots are equipped with the ability to access and retrieve information from knowledge bases and databases, enabling them to provide accurate and up-to-date information to users. 6. Learning and adaptation: HumanBots can continuously learn from user interactions and improve their responses over time.

I couldn't have said it better myself. But I am sure if I tried I would come up with the same description...eventually.

This intelligent assistant leverages the power of deep learning algorithms to continuously improve its performance, providing you with a seamless and intuitive experience.

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Woodward Dream Cruise 2023 2023-08-22

Woodward Dream Cruise 2023 is a car show and party on the historic Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit. Famous for it's illegal drag racing and hot rodding in the 1950's and 60's. Muscle cars, antique car restorations and hot rods dominate the strip while beautiful people, and other kids and adults roam the sidewalks. This video is just a sample of all the excitement. Take a look...

Woodward Dream Cruise 2023

Woodward Deam Cruise At Pasteiners Hobby Shop on Woodward
If you are from Detroit and were around in the 1950's or 60's you may have been driving on Woodward Avenue during the heyday of street racing and hot rodding. I certainly remember one hot summer day when I was a kid, the State Fair (Woodward & 8 Mile Rd.) was open and Nascar held a stock car race there. That was around 1965, '66 or '67. Afterwards, and all night long, there were hot rods doing burnouts and illegal 1/4 mile drag races, with cops chasing them. "Dancing The Streets" was on the radio and there was a huge spontaneous party going on.

The Woodward Dream Cruise today, is now an organized car show and weekend long party. It is in it's 28th year and gets more and more spectacular every year. It is a lot like the 50's and 60's except for the illegal drag racing with cop car chasing. There are still hot rods doing burnouts and partying all night long. You can even still hear "Dancing In The Streets" playing on the radio.

Are you looking to get a video made? Do you have footage from a special event you would like animated? Give BWT Videos a try. Get free consultations on the next page...

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Zapier Connects Apps: HumanBot To Google Sheets And Gmail 2023-08-27

Computer Zapped
Do you have a website tool that generates leads, makes appointments and is a chatbot? If so you know that this is a good way to generate leads for your business. Problem is you have to check in frequently and search around to see everything.

Now, wouldn't it be great if you could get a notification of new leads, every 15 minutes? You can with HumanBot integrated with Zapier.

Here is an example of a Google Sheet created with HumanBot then integrated with Zapier...

HumanBot leads spreadsheet

HumanBot Leads Connected To Google Sheets

A really cool feature of HumanBot is it's ability to connect and integrate with Zapier. If you don't know what Zapier is, it is an online platform (or Software As A Service) that can connect one app with another. Such as a chatbot with Google Sheets, or Gsheets to Gmail for example. Which is exactly what we did at BWT (Best Website Tips). We connected HumanBot with Gsheets and Gmail with Zapier to send us notifications of our chatbot activity.

Here are the steps needed to create a Google sheet that is automatically populatrd by information gathered from a HumanBot chatbot.

  1. Make sure the "Integrate with Zapier" option is checked when configuring HumanBot, which is an available app in Zapier.
  2. HumanBot leads spreadsheet

  3. Go to your Zapier account and create 2 new Zaps.
    • You need a Zap to collect the information recorded in the chat. Call this Zap "HumanBot to Gsheets" Then go to your Google sheets account and create a spreadsheet called "HumanBot leads." Label your columns with the fields you want to capture. You can collect information like "Name", "address", "phone number", "date", "time", "city", and more, even custom fields you can use in HumanBot.

      Connect HumanBot app to Zapier with this link...
      Invite HumanChat Integrate with Zapier (This link takes you to the invitation to integrate HumanBot with Zapier.) Detailed instructions included with purchase of a HumanBot.

      HumanBot leads spreadsheet

    • Create 2nd Zap called:"HumanBot Gsheets to Gmail." You will need a Gmail account for this part. The reason for this is to send a confirmation email or autoresponder to those people who entered their info in the chatbot. You can also "CC" your own email to get notifications of a new leads. Then you can scan the spreadsheet daily which typically updates every 15 minutes.

      Imagine the posibilities! You could send an automatic email autoresonder and a notofication to yourself. Set up an alert on your computer to advise you when a new lead comes in. You could respond to new leads within minutes of someone filling in your chatbot.

      HumanBot gmail

  4. Detailed instructions come with a HumanBot purchase from Best Website Tools. When you get a premium HumanBot from us we will help you set up the Zaps, Gsheet and integration. We will train you on the full extent of HumanBot's capabilities.

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IAME KA100 Unboxing Go-Kart Racing Motor 2023-08-31

The IAME KA100 go-kart racing motor is "THE" most popular motor in the world right now. We picked up one built by LAD Specialties. This video shows the unboxing of our motor. I say our because it was purchased jointly by TeamKoen racing. Take a look...

IAME KA100 Unboxing Go-Kart Racing Motor

Website tips for this post are:

  • Learn something every time. Everytime you repeat a process try to keep track of any lessons learned. Which you can use on your next effort.
  • Look for ways to improve your content. In this video you may (or may not, but I did) notice many shadows bouncing around and affecting light levels in various scenes. This could have been reduced with the use of "fill" lights. Had we have taken the time to introduce a couple of soft lights we would have avoided the "shadow effect."
  • Lighting is not very expensive, but makes a huge difference in the quality of video production. Don't skimp on lighting. I used to tell my film transfer clients "I can fix the way a scene looks, but I can't fix poor lighting."

Best Website Tools, LLC (BWT) is an affiliate marketer. If you purchase a product through our website we may earn a commission of the sale. BWT does not take any responsibility for content or performance of any affiliate products. See complete affiliate disclaimer here.

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