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It Is Amazon Prime Day. Get 50% off with this coupon code 2023-07-11

50% Off Discount
It's Amazon Prime Day. Are you the kind of shopper that puts off buying things because they are too expensive? That is exactly why "Prime Day" was invented. Word I heard is that Amazon makes very little profit from Prime Days.

The idea is to bait new customers and encourage existing members to buy at discounted prices. Use this coupon to get up to 50% discount at Amazon. Prime Day at Amazon is July 11&12. Don't hesitate you don't want to miss these deals.

Best Website Tools, LLC (BWT) is an affiliate marketer. If you purchase a product through our website we may earn a commission of the sale. BWT does not take any responsibility for content or performance of any affiliate products. See complete affiliate disclaimer here.

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Best Website Tools Store Being Remodeled Get Big Discounts Now 2023-07-13

Inside Best Website Tools Store

Amazon Associates program is changing. Like many of you out there in the cyberverse we use Amazon as an income stream. This cool affiliate program allows webmasters to earn small commissions on refering product purchases. Being an Amazon Associate also comes with responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is to maintain good quality marketing practices. Like removing old and obsolete code from a website. Ond wow do I have a lot of it to chase down. Pretty soon on July 25th Amazon's "Native Ads" will cease to function. Also "Banner Ads" are set to be depricated (stop working) on that day.

For BWT taht means a fair amount of work finding , updated or replacing a lot of code on this website. Below is a sample of the new layout in the "Amazon" section of Best Website Tools Store...

Cinema Video Cameras

Blackmagic cinema cameras are better than simple video cameras because they have professional features allowing you to create the same "look" as Hollywood feature films. The combination of high dynamic range, great low light performance and Blackmagic RAW gives you feature film images with precise skin tones and gorgeous organic colors.

Blackmagic Raw allows you to color correct, white balance and style any image with non-linear color correction. Which means camera settings can be changed after the video has been shot.

Bluetooth EarBuds

Computers And Accessories

Disc & SSD Solid State Drives

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

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How To Make A HumanBot A Snagit Video 2023-07-15

And for my next trick A Snagit Video. This short peice was designed to be a .pdf document that could be scrolled at the convenience of the user. Instead the software (Techsmith's Snagit) I made it with also creates videos. So I hit the record button, and this is what I got. I think I will stick with Camtasia for video creation.

How To Make A HumanBot Frames

HumanBots are a human spokesperson intertwined with generative AI powered chatbot that converses with you. Based on machine learning and generative AI, a human spokesperson based chatbot utilizing the ChatGPT platform

My intent was to capture the essence of a human chatbot creation and demonstrate the many options in a memorable way. Learn more about HumanBots here...

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Blue & Yellow Slingshot Crash Restoration 2023-07-22

What does go-kart racing have to do with Best Website Tips? You can use the content generated about go-karting to explain the tools used to create it. In this case I shot a timelapse video with a Blackmagic Design 4k Pocket Cinema Camera. I color corrected and white balanced the footage in Davinci Resolve 18, and edited it and produced it in Camtasia Studio 2023. Watch this video...

Crash Restoration Slingshot Video By Tim Koen

Website tips for this post are

  1. BMD4kPCC stands for Blackmagic Design 4k Pocket Cinema Camera. This camera retails around $1295 USD and is a remarkable piece of equipment. It has stunning dynamic range and many high quality features. It has a video codec called BMD Raw. Which is raw video that can be color corrected in the edit suite. Allowing for perfect scene matching. After the shoot camera setting adjustment. Also known as "non-linier color grading."
  2. Davinci Resolve 18 is a popular high end color correction software offered by Blackmagic Design. This hollywood grade color grading software is necessary to color grade BMD Raw footage.
  3. A person that color corrects raw video footage is called a "colorist." A really good colorist that can read and understand the video signals typically has electronics engineering training. Like me, Tim Koen

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Introducing Full Size HumanBots James And Amanda 2023-07-23

Say hello to James and Amanda family of HumanBots. These human avatars arrived in several iterations. As Casual, Formal, Scrubs and Medical. James and Amanda are the first full size Human Avatars released by Paul Ponna. Check out the video to see James Casual in action.

These AI powered avatars called HumanBots can be used as video and chatbot spokesperson. We combined an AI powered human avatar with video and chatbot technology plus artificial intelligence. The chatbot version is powered by the ChatGPT platform to understand queries, analyze context and respond in a conversational manner.

As a video spokesperson these new human Avatars can be a spokesperson for your video marketing, educational and corporate video productions. Costing much less than real people these spokespersons can speak and translate into about 60 languages. And always say exactly what you want them too.

New full size human avatars

Couple their language skills with ChatGPT and artificial intelligence and you have the complete spokesperson for you brand, business, product or service. Contact us at BWT Videos to learn more about our low cost human avatar production services...

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