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How to Set Ignition Timing on A Reedjet Motor 2023-04-03

Learn how to set the ignition timing on a Parilla Reedjet 2 stroke go-kart racing motor. Before we show you the nuts and bolts it is important to understand the why. In this case it is for the videographer to learn the gear used in making the video. It's new.

This is a process where we create, color correct and edit original video content. The subject matter is not as important as the quality of the production. The intent was to practice the methods of the video making process, not really teaching how to set the ignition timing.

Ignition Timing Reedjet

That said, if you didn't know, we are avid go-kart racers here at TeamKoen Racing. Been doing it for over 30 years. So, one way to have longevity in a sport is to do all the work yourself, including building race motors.

The final step (in my motor building process) is to set the ignition timing. It is important to get this right as it will change the performance of the motor. Set the timing too early and you don't get all the horsepower out of it. Set the timing too late and it will cause detonation in the combustion chamber. Which usually results in burning a hole in the piston.

And, what does this have to do with BWT Videos? It means we are still good at creating and color correcting video. We also learn about resolution of final cut. Turns out the more you play with it the more it loses resolution.

While the original video is UltraHD (3840x2160) and looks absolutely sharp as a tack. The first render by DaVinci came out at 1.29gb. The render for YouTube (1920x1080) or FullHD came out at 850mb. Smaller but still a large file size. The YT compressed version (1920x1080) or SD, the one you are seeing, is compressed down to 40.4mb. And with each step the resolution went down.

Website tip for this post is: YouTube will compress the detail right out of your video. And try to wear camera friendly clothing. Get more tips like this one at...

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Animated Spokesperson Videos Added to BWT Videos 2023-04-13

AI avatars are a wonderful alternative for your next video production. We can speak and translate in over 60 languages, or create multi-language versions. We can upload a real human voice over, and lip sync to it. We combine AI with a human or animated avatar to produce an animated spokesperson video. Which can then be edited in our editing suite.

Animated Spokesperson Videos

I have been producing, editing and distributing videos for many, many years. I have a formal education in video production and an electronics background. I have a lot of experience producing videos, a state of the art editing suite and a huge library of avatars and voices. I love making videos and pride myself on the service, the low cost and the fast turnaround. Contact me today to get started. Or send me a question and get a quick reply.

Are you looking for a spokesperson for your video project? Have you considered an artificial intelligence powered avatar? With this technology you can forget about paying for actors, renting a sound studio or doing it yourself. With an avatar powered by artificial intelligence you get the fastest results. Simply send me your script. Or we can write one for you.

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Spokesperson Chat An Animated Spokesperson Video 2023-04-28

Spokesperson chat is an animated video featuring artificial intelligence avatars and voice overs with some live human spokesperson. A video by BWT Videos demonstrates how to make an explainer video using 2d animation, motion graphics, live action, human and animated spokespersons. Great for elearning, corporate videos and marketing videos.

Spokesperson Chat by BWT Videos

Okay, okay ya got me. This blatant self promotion is intentional. The video is representative of what BWT Videos can do with its animated avatar collection. I made this video specifically for a particular fiverr gig. Called "Dynamic Animated Spokesperson Video."

It was not getting enough attention so I decided to change the video. I wanted to show some of my editing skills. You know, manipulating artificial intelligence to provide an engaging and pleasant user experience (I hope).

Website tips for this post are:

  • Keep your content Fresh. Constant improvement is the name of the game. If you want to stay up to date with the universe.
  • Don't accept mediocrity As you improve getting faster doesn't mean cutting corners. Do everything as well as you can before releasing your work.
  • Don't overthink your objective. You don't need to waste time fine tuning every little thing. Concentrate on getting the point across.
  • Do, take your time. Deadlines are fine, if you get to set them. Meanwhile try to control when scheduling is convenient for yourself.
  • This video took 5 days to make because it turned into a lot of production. It was fun doing this project because I used most of my video creations skills. From script writing to storyboarding to set creation to video shooting to color correcting to editing was all a good time. Interested in learning more about animated spokespersons? Follow this link to learn more...

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