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Tims Desktop2 A Video Production Tale 2023-03-06

DaVinci Resolve is the bomb! Here is an example of the capabilities of Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve. For this video we shot some raw video footage with the BMD 4k Pocket Cimema Camera. And was it ever raw. No contrast, low color saturation and little detail. BUT, and that's a big one. DaVinci Resolve has the flexibility to recover, color correct, and add to, raw video footage. Check it out...

Desktop2 by: Tim Koen

Website tips for this post are:

  • DaVinci Resolve is ideal for color grading raw video footage.
  • Blackmagic Design 4k Pocket Cinema Camera shoots raw video as well as color corrected video.
  • BWT Videos and Tim Koen are a video editing/color correcting machine.

Are you thinking about a video project? Consider BWT Videos, video editing service. We are experts at Camtasia 2022. And developing in DaVinci Resolve. Which can be used for various video types. Including, film style, explainer, marketing, educational and corporate or education videos. See what we can do on the next page...

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Life Before And After Retirement 2023-03-10

Hi all, well t is fast becoming that time. Time to retire that is. Actually I have been semi-retired for a while now. That said, I know how to answer the question "what are you going to do after you retire? That's easy for me cause I started planning for after retirement in 2006.

One day in '06 I lost my job and was suddenly unemployed, I decided to start an online business the next day. I became a Herbalife Distributor and began offering herbal nutrition solutions online. I built up my first website and enjoyed a small profit margin for about 10 years. Then Herbalife prohibited it's distributors from maintaining their own website. And insisted that all distributors must use the same copycat website that is built inhouse. Not my house, their house.

Of course paying to use someone else's website is a dumb idea. So, I started another online business. Okay long story short I got started when I saw a video like this next one...

Life After Retirement

I love Solo Build It. It is so practical and has such great value I really don't know where I would be without my SBI. Probably tucked away in someone else's company cubicle toiling over someone else's computer.

Think you might want to start planning for life after retirement? Check out Solo Build It and see if it is right for you...

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Davinci Resolve 18 Explored 2023-03-22

Now I know why video editors charge so much money. It's not because you need a high level of computer sophistication. And it's not because the equipment needed is so expensive. It's because it can take hours and hours of tedious work. And patience is a worthy value to have.

In this next video our intent was to learn the BlackMagic Design hardware and software. We created the live action footage and edited it in DaVinci Resolve 18 in this next hollywood blockbuster. At least that is how much effort it took to make. Check it out...

DaVinci Resolve 18 Explored

Slate for video production
BWT Videos presents an example of a lot of hard work. While this video might not look like anything special it really is to me. All the footage captured in this video required color matching, white balancing and scene matching just so it didn't look weird.

I can't say, yet, that I am any good at color correction, however I did remember the intricacies of doing color correction. Definitely a lot more technical aspects to worry about when working with DaVinci than in Camtasia. Which BWT Videos is an expert of. Learn more about video editing on the next page...

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Innovative and Creative Web Design Techniques: Breaking the Rules 2023-03-24

Creative web design is an important part of building a successful website. It can help make your website stand out from the competition and attract more visitors. But, with the copious amounts of web templates available today, many websites end up looking the same and can become forgettable! So, to break away from the crowd, web developers need to be innovative and creative when designing a website.

Breaking the rules is one way to get creative with your web design. This means that instead of applying tried and tested techniques, web designers should be open to experimenting and exploring new ideas! Continue reading to learn more about how to go against the norm and make your website stand out with creative web design...

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Site Designer Only At Solo Build It 2023-03-28

Welcome to Site Designer. Site Designer is a powerful website builder. It combines drag and drop technology with built in designer tools that make this a best website tool. A lot of features, a well thought out process and solid design application make Solo Build It ideal for the small business entrepreneur.

Site designer is part of Site Builder the website building platform offered by Solo Build It. This next video is an introduction of how Site Designer works. Check it out...

Site Designer By Solo Build IT

Website tips for this post are:

  • SBI's Site Designer is an interactive drag and drop website builder.
  • Click on the page elements to access their properties.
  • Solo Build It's Site Designer is easy to use.

Are you thinking about an online business builder, but don't want to source out the work or the cost? Consider Solo Build it. The only all in one online business builder. Great for all types of websites. For instance a travel site, or a recipe site, or hobby afficiondo website. See what you can do on the next page...

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