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Holiday Cheers Best Car Ever 2023-01-05

Hi all, miss me? I went to Daytona International Speedway for the holidays. There is a big go-kart race at DIS every year from Dec. 28 to Dec 30. Every year after the race the racers either cheer about their performance, excuse the results of their race or give congratulations to the winners. This year it is my turn to brag...

Best Car Ever

Trophies From Daytona International Speedway
This year starts on a positive note for TeamKoen Racing (That's our race team.) I have been participating in go-kart racing since 1982. Which was the first year I went to Daytona for KartWeek. That is what the racing event is called. And after 40 years of trying I finally won.

This year we took 2 first places, led all but 2 laps, had the fastest car and didn't break anything . What a trip that was. 2400 miles, 7 days and hardware to take home. Wondering what this has to do with best website tools?

Point is: almost any subject can be used to generate website content. I used my sporting activity for this post because I have it. For this video I grabbed some photos from my phone imported them into Camtasia 2022 and had fun editing them togther. Do you have similar material you want edited together? Try this.

BWT Videos offers basic and advanced editing. Whether you are looking for simply cutting some vacation footage together or need broadcast quality animation we can do it for you...

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Meet Dr. Caihong Animated HumanPal Avatar 2023-01-06

Hello, my name is Dr. Caihong. I am speaking to you with voice, Sophia neural. I am a HumanPal spokesperson. An artificial human avatar, with a text to speech generated voice over. I am a real person that is animated through artificial intelligence. I speak many languages through the translation software. And that is why I am called a HumanPal. Choose me as your animated HumanPal spokesperson.

BWT Videos has many animated avatars to choose from. We are in the process of creating a portfolio of everyone. Thought these would be great for vertical video marketing so we made the video in that style.

HumanPals make for great spokespersons. Can be used for all kinds of video production. We have used them for teachers in tutorial videos. Used them as spokespersons for websites. And we have used them as marketers on social media sites. We currently are offering HumanPal spokesperson videos on the....

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5 New Human Spokespersons Added to Bwt Videos 2023-01-11

How to select a spokesperson. First think about your audience. Who are the people you want to make friends with or influence? Then think about the type of person those people would like. Thirdly think about where those people live. You are looking for a spokesperson those people can identify with. Easy,right?

HumanPal Animated Spokespersons
Click thumbnails to view sample video

Aaron thumbnail Dr. Caihong thumbnail Dr. Janet thumbnail Kate thumbnail Dr. Thomas thumbnail

Kate Avatar
Are You looking for a human spokesperson? Look no further, HumanPals are here. These artificially intelligent human spokespersons just need a script or voice over file to present your next video. Perfect for explainer or product review videos. Life size and lifelike human spokesperson are combined with artificial inteligence to bring you low cost, high quality video productions.

HumanPals can speak in over 60 languages and accents. Here at BWT Videos we have all the best voice over tools and apps available. Just send us a script or get one of our packages and let us write a script for you. We have years of experience, give us a try.

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Meet Sarah Casual Artificially Intelligent HumanPal Spokesperson 2023-01-15

Sarah thumbnail Hello, I am Sarah, I am a HumanPal or human avatar. I am a real human, animated thru artificial intelligence. Click the thumbnail to see my screentest.

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BWT Videos is growing 4k Video Camera Coming Soon 2023-01-20

BMD 4k Video Camera
Coming soon to a studio near me a Blackmagic Design 4k Pocket Cinema Camera. Also with that is a user license for DaVinci Resolve. With this equipment BWT videos will have a very nice product shot studio. Also color grading software to complete the video editing suite.

We are very excited about this new addition. Because we got a lot of stuff to get rid of here. And our intention is to create product demos in the studio and sell things. Now we have the studio, the semi-professional camera, the lighting, and DaVinci Resolve color grading software.

Best webstite tips for this post are: Did you know Amazon is also a search engine. If you are looking for a specific product you can use Amazon to see if it is available and get fast results on similar products. Not saying you should buy from Amazon but you can find just about anything. Here are the specs on the camera I selected...

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Unique Brand Discover the Best Way To Build Your Brand In 2023 2023-01-26

Creating a unique brand is essential to your brand's success in the ever-changing business world. And with consumers having more access to information than ever, your business needs to stand out from the competition and connect with its customers personally.

Building A Brand

Yes, branding is a challenging task, but the good news is that creating a unique brand can be done so much easier than ever before with the right guidance. In this article, we'll show you the strategies that helped us brand several companies, run countless business naming contests and provide exceptional services to over a million customers.

We'll be looking at the following:

  • Why your business needs a unique brand in 2023
  • Five steps to take to create a unique brand for yourself.
    • Get unique branding ideas that align with your business' strengths and passions.
    • Carry out research on your competitors.
    • Compile all your branding elements into a brand book.
    • Apply branding strategy across your business.
    • Create a solid and unique website.
  • A great brand name is the icing on the cake.
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