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Flying Owl Animation In Adobe After Effects 2021-12-04

Flying owl animation created in Adobe After Effects demonstrates the Puppet Pin tool in action. This short clip is an animation of a still image. Check it out...

Flying Owl Animation

Here is how the puppet pin tool works. You start with an image of your object. This one is an .AI file but .png and .jpg files can be used as well. Make sure the image has a transparent background to it.

In Adobe after effects there is a tool called the Puppet Pin Tool. Simply select this tool and place Pins in your image where you want the object to move around. In this case we put pins at the shoulders and wing tips. Then we moved the timeline several frames later and simply repositioned the pins.

Then we advanced the timeline several more frames and returned the pins to their starting position. Over time the pins transitioned from one location to the next, dragging the image along with it.

As you can imagine it took it a long time and a lot of attention to the positions of the wings to get the animation perfect. A final touch is we moved the owl up and down in sync with the wings beating.

BWT videos is an animation production house located in southeast Michigan. Our video service features a huge library of character animations. See if animated characters are right for your next video project...

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Keyword Research Tool By Solo Build It 2021-12-07

SBI Website Builder Tools
Are you searching for just the right keyword for your online business? Let me introduce you to Brainstrorm It by Solo Build It. A keyword reseach tool designed for optimizing keywords and domain names. The following video tutorial walks you through this app in a step by step usage tutorial. Take a look...

Brainstorm It Keyword Research Tool By SBI

SBI Website Builder Tools
Brainstorm It is by far one of the best thought out keyword research tools we have ever used. Having a search engine optimized website means getting found by new customers in Google and Bing. Without that nobody knows you even exist.

Learn more about all the tools SBI offers. Highly recommended by BWT. We have used this product for the last 15 years. BWT is always looking for a better tools for website building. We have searched but still think SBI is the best website builder out there. Click below to learn more...

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Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem 2021-12-11

"And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose." A line from Clement Clarke Moore's poem "Twas The Night Before Christmas." See Santa recite this poem in the following video...

Twas The Night Before Christmas
by: Clement Clarke Moore

This video was created using Video Robot, Camtasia and a Dell computer. Learn more about how we create animated spokesperson videos, click below...

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Icon Buttons Improve Click Through Rate And Lower Bounce Rate Tutorial 2021-12-13

Icon buttons improve click through rate
Icon buttons can improve click through rate and lower bounce rate, because...

People love icons. They draw emotion. So, wouldn't you like to know how to buttonize that energy?

Empowering icons with text links can be a crowd pleaser for users and webmasters alike. Big ass icon buttons satisfy both the publisher and the buyer. They are happy!

Here's how to make your own icon buttons, that get the click!

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The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving - Solo Build It! 2021-12-14

Solo Build It BOGO Free Christmas Special Is On

My absolute favorite Best Website Tools are on sale for the Christmas Season. Buy One Get One Free by SBI is the best gift you can ever give (and keep). There is no better time than right now to change the way you earn money. Create your own online business software and tutorials.

Solo Build It is the BEST EVER online business builder. Well at least since 2003. Originally released as Site Build It, SBI has evolved into the only online business builder that can almost guarantee success, (in online business building).

For a limited time you can get one for yourself and give the other one to a friend as a gift. What better gift can you give but the opportunity to work from home, create a business and earn additional income?

SBI Christmas Special Explained

Not sure if SBI is right for you? An online business can change your life, It did mine! Here is a list of what can be done with Solo Build It!

    Who Can Use SBI? Everyone

  • Travel, accommodation and food service business owners who need an online presence
  • Those who have lost their jobs, or want to work from home
  • People who want to join "the great resignation" but need an alternate income
  • Parents who need to supplement income to stay at home more
  • Caregivers who need to work from home around their caring duties
  • Teachers looking for ways to connect with students online
  • Retirees with life experiences that could help people
  • Entrepreneurs who want to operate online but can't afford developing costs
  • Do-It-Yourself Crafts And Services
  • Anyone with a computer

What's Inside SBI! Here's What You Get

Computer tools mascot
Solo Build It as the name suggests is designed for solopreneurs or individuals that want to do it themselves. SBI is a suite of online business building tools, tutorials and website creation tools. You get everything you need to create and operate a website based business. And do it at home.

The image below is just a glimpse of the scope of tools inside SBI. But don't worry a complete set of training tutorials, help and support come with SBI. There is also a huge community of experts willing to share their knowledge. You literally can't go wrong with this 2 For 1 package deal. Learn How to build 2 online businesses for the price of one. Check it out...

Online Buainess Builder SBI!

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Save Business Investment For Website Problems SBI For WP 2021-12-15

SBI For WP banner
Turns out putting up a stunning website on Word Press is the easy part. Point and click and WoW you have a website. When the warm fuzzy feeling wears off and you start to wonder why your business is not taking off. Wondering if there is a way to save your business investment for Word Press?

Most big website builders (i.e. Wix, Weebly, Word Press, etc.) want you to believe that just having a website or blog is a business. They don't tell you how to build an online business. Solo Build It to the rescue. Now you can turn that stunning WP website into a real winner. Fix it with SBI For WP

Introducing SBI For WP. SBI For WP stands for Solo Build It For Word Press. And right now it is on sale for Christmas 2021. Stop wondering why and start learning how to build a successful online business. Get all the rest of the software, tools and training the others don't have.

WP For SBI Promo Page

What Is SBI For WP

The following video is a promo made for Best Website Tools website services. It describes some of the things that can be done with Solo Build It. Have a look, we think you'll be impressed...

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SBI Holiday Special BOGO Dec 13 to Jan 7 2021-12-16

Solo Build It Snowman banner
Get your home based or online business going in the right direction from step one. With Solo Build It! (SBI) you have all the tools, tutorials and support you need to build a successful online business. Proven business builder guides you through every aspect of online business building.

Learn how to research, design and build the perfect website. Don't JUST build a website, build a future. Building an online business can be a lot of work, take time and requires the right guidance. With SBI all you need to bring is motivation. SBI does the rest. Check out this video to see what SBI can do...

SBI Online Business Builder Explained

Solo Build It! Holiday Special
The SBI Holiday Special is a BOGO or buy one get one. For a short time only (Dec 13-Jan 7) you can get 2 for 1 subscriptions. Choose either annual (recommended) or monthly payments. Choose SBI or SBI For Word Press.

You can keep one for yourself and give the extra website builder to a friend or family member. Or, if you don't use your second website you can convert it into a 6 month extension on your first site.

Running out of time to find that perfect gift? Try SBI. You can be setup in as little as 2 days. BUT, we recommend taking the 10 day Action Guide Online Business Builder course first. The AG is where you learn how to create the perfect online business. Share the wealth, get SBI Holiday Special today!

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How To Change Header Logo In SBI Demonstration 2021-12-18

Merry Christmass everyone, Tim here. Every season I like to change the header logo image on the website. It is Christmas time now so we want to go with that theme. Err, umm, skip reading the words and watch the video.

SBI Header Logo Demonstration

Site Designer in Solo Build It is the website design platform we are using for this demonstration. On the left side is a pull down menu of all the elements that can be modified. We want to change the header image. Pick header. Select the camera icon. Then, change the image with the image picker tool. And your done. How easy was that?

Right now S B I is having a holiday special. Get 2 subscriptions for the price of one. Keep one for yourself and give the other one to a friend or family member.

SBI is a great last minute gift that can change your life. What better than sharing an opportunity at creating an online business from home? Get Solo Build it holiday bo go special and share wealth and happiness.

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Freelance Website Developer Search Engine 2021-12-21

Are you looking for a quick fix for your website problems? Check out how easy it is to find the right freelance website develper.

Find solutions to any kind of website development issues you have. Simplify your search with filters. Then click on the category to find your solution partner.

Find an expert, near you, that has already solved the problem. Check it out, click below...

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