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Humatars Spokesperson Introductions 2021-07-07

Attention video marketers, film makers, and local businesses Humatars spokespersons are here. Now you can get these actors to create a voice over video for your product, business or service. Introducing Humatars Spokespersons artificially intelligent presenters. Simply give us a script and we can say anything. And translate to over 30 languages. Check us out...

Humatars Spokesperson Intros Advantages and benefits of Humatars include

  • Low cost vioce over video production.
  • Can speak over 30 languages
  • Are real people spokespersons
  • Can speak in many different voices
  • Can be greenscreened into any video
  • Don't need to eat, sleep or take a break
  • Work anytime day or night
  • Willing to work overtime for nothing

BWT Videos will be offering Humatars video production by the end of July. But for now we just wanted to introduce the gang. We didn't want to rush into a new service without first getting a handle on its capabilities.

We will be using "Synthesis AI Studio" an online app to create custom videos with. This technology is the first of its kind. Synthesis AI combines real spokespersons with artificial intelligence to generate perfectly lip-synced voice over presentations.

Humatars can be used in many ways. Soon BWT will present a video building service incorporating Humatars. Stay tuned for that. Mean while free to contact us with any questions about Humatars.

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Human Animated Spokespersons Are Called Humatars 2021-07-08

"Cut, It's Rabbits, Elmer, With an R..not Wabbits." Don't you hate it when your spokesperson mispronounces a word? Having a voice over talent screw up your script feels like getting robbed. You wonder did he do it on purpose just to get paid more. Or did he always have a speech impediment? Will they ever get it right?

Introducing Humatars or Animated Human Avatars.Real human spokespersons animated with text-to-speech technology. Now your script can be performed by a professional that always gets it right the first time.

Humatars Spokesperson introductions


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Spokesperon Fiverr Promo 3d Animated Avatar Explains 2021-07-13

Hi all, we put together this spokesperson promo for a Fiverr gig. For this video we used a 3d animated avatar from our collection that exudes confidence. Check it out...

Spokesperson Fiverr Promo

Well, BWT has been on Fiverr for a month now. Yet,still our gig page is not getting reviewed. Like most search engine platforms Fiverr seems to be money oriented. The more money they make the more exposure you get. BWT would buy some advertising if Fiverr sold it. But they don't. So... we put together this video to promote on other platforms. What do you think? Please leave a review on the next page...

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Fiverr Gigs Explained 2021-07-19

Fiverr has become to go to place for digital freelancers. A work order on Fiverr is called a 'gig.' Like a band that plays in a bar a 'gig' lays out a specific job scope with pricing, work performed and extras available. The transaction process is all done on the Fiverr platform.

How it works. A freelancer posts a gig for buyers to examine. It if fits their project they can purchase a contract. The buyer agrees to pay for the work only when s/he agrees the job is complete.

The freelancer offers services based on project capabilities. A gig is a single service. A freelancer's gig should include all details of a project. Check out BWT's Fiverr Gigs...

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VidEditor Revolutionary Timeline Video Editor Now Available 2021-07-20

VidEditor Boxest
VidEditor can edit, record, animate and create long length videos. This cloud based app works on all browsers. To be a 360 degree marketer you must be able to create long length videos. Until now you needed expensive and hard to learn software like Camtasia or Adobe Premier.

To solve this problem we created VidEditor. A 3-in-1 cloud based app that is a video editor, screen recorder and video animation suite.

This app is 100% compatible with other video apps. Turn short videos into custom animated long length videos. Camtasia style timeline editor can cut, edit, merge and organize video clips.

Use the HD webcam video recorder function to create talking head videos in seconds. Try the powerful screen capture function to record your screen. Make 'How-To' videos with ease. Record your voice in the app to lay in your own voice overs. Turn any text into male or female voice over with our state of the art text-to-speech engine.

Simple to use and easy to learn VidEditor saves you time and money to create videos like the pros. Check it out today...

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3d Animated Spokesperson Greenscreen Videos Explained 2021-07-30

Tim avatar
Looking for a greenscreened spokesperson? Well you've come to the right place. My friends and I can help you promote your business, product or service. We use artificial intelligence to convert your voice over script into a 3d animated avatar video.

3d avatars are animated, articulate and knowledgable. We can speak and translate into over 26 languages. You can mix and match characters to your perfect situation. We are dynamic presenters and always deliver positive results.

You can send us a voice over script or select one from our library. We come in wide shot, close up, left side, right side and in the middle. Are you looking for a greenscreened spokesperson that you can add to your own video? Why not create your own 3d animated avatar spokesperson. See how its done by BWT Videos

3d Animated Greenscreen Spokesperson Promo

Here is how it works. First, you select an avatar from our cast of characters. We can show you how to do this, if you need help.

Then you select a script, or supply your own script. We, then convert the script through a text to speech engine to generate a voice over. Which is lip synced to the avatar for a life like presentation.

The animation is placed over a pure greenscreen, for perfect keying into existing media. We then generate and render a full 1080p video in m p 4 file format. You get! a high quality greenscreened, spokesperson video. As you can see, animated avatars can be very persuasive.

We grab attention and talk directly to you. And we work for cheap. Give us a try, TODAY....

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