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Super Heros Play Golf On Sundays Golf Instructions Promo Video 2021-06-01

Dash 3d Avatar
Watch Super Hero 3d animated avatar "Dash" as he stars in this promo video for golf lessons. This custom video created by BWT Videos features animated background and support charaters. Sound effects and animation spice up this comedy.

Dash our hero tries to give his schpiel while a lot of distraction is going on around him. There are off and on camera support characters that try to steal the show. Sound effects complete the action.

This is a great example of the kind of work done at BWT Videos. We start with a script then figure out the scenes to go with each phrase or sentence. Not every scene needs to have a different background image. Sometimes its better to place your main character in just one environment.

This video features all the bells and whistles you can get in a low cost custom video from BWT Videos. We show multiple characters, 2 voices, 3d animation and some nifty sound effects. It took 2 business days to create this video. It will be available for purchase on the next page. Take a look...

Dash Stars In Golf Instructions Promo

BWT Videos 3d Animated Avatar Video Service features 3d animated spokesperson videos with text-to-speech lip sync and a background scene editing. This combination is truly revolutionary to the video marketing industry. BWT Videos has become a leader in this technology and offer video creation services.

Meet The Avatar Family of professional presenters. You'll never guess what they'll say next...

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3d Animated Avatar A Cast Of Characters Revisited 2021-06-03

3d Animated Avatars a cast of characters with text to speech engine that translates in 26 languages. Discover a new way to do video marketing. Imagine the perfect spokes person for your business, product or service. Create an animated 3d avatar today. Check out this promo style video I made for my business.

Inside 3d Animated Avatars

Avatar Natalie3d Animated Avatars could be your solution for many tasks. How would you like a personal assistant spokes person that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? That is exactly what you get with BWT animated avatar family. Now you can use cutting edge technology to promote your product or service quickly and easily.

Build your own 3d avatar tailored to your design. We can create that special 3d avatar just for your niche, business, product or service. Change outfits, colors and hairstyle to convey mood, age and choose between voices and language.

Thats right folks our 3d avatars can translate between about 26 different languages and dialects. As a matter of fact our 3d avatars can say just about anything. Simply type in your text, then click "auto-translate" button and voila multi-national world class translation in up to 26 languages.

Our team has assembled many templatized promotional videos for the following niches. These 3d animated avatars are the culmination of years of development. We thought you would like to see a list some of the niches we included in our template library. Check out this impressive list of 3d animated avatars.

Whats Included In Standard 3d Animated Avatar Videos

Standard 3d animated avatars videos are shown in the examples above. They are relatively simple as in not to difficult to create. Included is one 3d animated avatar the presents a short dialogue with no special effects. We start with an existing script related to your choice of business. Here's a synopsis...

Aaron thumbnail

  1. One standard  video between 15 and 60ish seconds long appropriate to your business theme.
  2. Single characters 3d animated presenter (your choice).
  3. All background images, video backgrounds or music is copyright and royalty free.
  4. Along with your video we include a custom made endscreen. That endscreen contains your business contact info and a call to action.
  5. Text-To-Speech Voice over Or human scripted VO.
  6. Custom thumbnail image used as a title page for your video.

How To Get A 3d Animated Avatar For Your Business

Keisha 3d Animated AvatarBWT Videos makes it easy to get an animated avatar for your business. We offer over 30 life like avatars and dozens of marketing scripts to choose from. Simply select an avatar, a script or supply your own ;voice over.

We compile and render a high definition video of up to 60 seconds. Which can be used for marketing, sales, product and service promotions or social media.

Start by getting familiar with our presenters by checking out the promo videos from our library. Choose which level of project you like and let BWT Videos go to work on your project. Simple, fast results and satisfation guaranteed. Check it out... Click here

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BWT Videos Sample Reel Of 3d Animated Avatars 2021-06-08

Tim Avatar
In the real world to find work you want a resume, a list of references and a personal interview. In the virtual world you want a Video Sample Reel. That is a video that shows off your skills and accomplishments. Problem is; quality of a sample reel is left up to interpretation. Sometimes that interpreter isn't really qualified for the job.

With a resume the applicant can spell out their skills and accomplishments with an accurate interpretation included. That leaves no doubt as to what you are trying to convey. With a sample reel an interpretation depends a lot on the reviewers current mood and previous experience.

BWT Videos put together several sample reels and sent them to potential work platforms only to find a bunch of film critics all with different opinions of the content. It didn't matter the quality or the scope of the work, all had different opinions as to what was wrong with the video.

One recurring complaint we keep seeing is 'quality not up to standards.' Without those standards being revealed. Which leaves us to have to interpret what they mean. As an engineer I know a lot about standards.

Which begs the question 'what standards are you referring to?' There are 2 types of standards, quality and technical. We have to guess which one has been violated. Then go find official documentation to understand the reviewers comments. Then recut the video and/or upgrade the technical specifications.

In this sample reel video we used 1080p HDTV standards with 526kbps audio sampling rate. Then we compressed the final rendering to reduce the file size. We included a huge variety of video editing techniques for affect. Check out this video, and become a film critic.

BWT Videos Sample Reel

For this sample reel we used a 4 way split screen background with a spokesperson in the foreground. Each background quadrant is filled with a marketing video for a different business. The concept we want to convey is symetry and focus. While each quadrant is symetrical the center focus is the avatar spokesperson.

Are you interested in 3d animated avatar videos now? If so you've come to the right place. BWT Videos is a video marketing agency specializing in animated marketing videos. We utilize artificial intelligence applications to create talking 3d avatars. Learn more on the next page...

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Humatars Are Human Avatar Spokespersons 2021-06-11

Humatars are a cross between humans and avatar technology. Now anyone can generate a human spokesperson for video creation. Human Synthesys Studio is a new cloud based app that makes this possible. Simply upload or type in a voice over and make them say what you want...

Humatar Human Spokesperson Creator

Human Avatar Creation Application

Hiring a real spokesperson for your videos can cost hundreds or even thousands. Not any more. Now you can create real human spokespersons with Human Syntesys Studio.

Best Website Tools now offers this service or you can get your own access to Human Synthesys Studio (HHS), just follow the link below. BWT is evaluating this app and had this to say. "Finally, I can fire that guy. He couldn't get anything right until he had a philly cheesesteak and a beer." And "Cancel the sound studio and the teleprompter guy."

This is a limited time offer so get yours today. HSS won't be on the market for long, we don't want to oversaturate the market. By limiting the number of users we keep the value high for everyone who acts now.

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How To Monetize Your Website With a YouTube Membership 2021-06-12

Want your cake, and eat it too? Loralie discusses her success with YouTube and other social media channels. She uses Solo Build It and YouTube to promote her cake making business. See how she monetizes with a YouTube membership channel...

How To Monetize A YouTube Membership

SBI Website Builder Tools
You can see from this video that anyone can turn their passions into an online business. Loralie's success is not typical of every user, but exemplifies what a personal online business can do. Solo Build It (SBI) makes this possible.

Website tips for today. SBI is the oldest online business building platform. SBI's drag and drop editor and integration tools are user friendly and up to date. All the tools, tutorials and expert advice you will ever need are on SBI.

And now some bad news in disguise. Solo Build It's deep discount is ending 16Jun2021. The $100 off discount for covid-19 special price had to end sooner or later. Now is the time to get in before the usual price comes back...

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Keyword and Description Meta Tags Tutorial 2021-06-13

computer with idea light bulb
Keyword and description meta tags can improve search engine rankings.

Tips and techniques to write the perfect meta tags for a webpage. This article discusses the proper way to design your keyword and description meta tags.

Tip #1 you must use your primary keyword in 3 places, the title, the file name and in your meta description tag. Your primary keyword needs to be near the front of each of these locations. Too far back and the search engines might overlook this important information.

Tip #2 use your primary keyword as the first word in keyword meta tag. Read on to find out website tips to write meta tags.

Read Full Article

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Why Project Engineering Is So Important To The Freelancer 2021-06-16

3d animated avatars now available on Fiverr. BWT Videos set up our first 'Gig' on the freelance platform Fiverr. We feature 3d animated avatar promo videos. Like most freelance platforms it takes a fair amount of knowledge to get approved. And with good reason. They can't have just anybody promoting themselves. As a professional engineer of many years I can relate to that. Having project oriented skills are a benefit when looking for work.

When once all an engineer had to do was find a secure position and they would be employed for a lifetime. Well that all changed when the economy crashed which created a glut of professionals on the market.

The rise of freelancers and contractors in the professional world was inevitable. Steady employment switched from long term to project based employment. After that steady employment centered more around hustling for work than actually doing the work. A well written resume and good interview skills became more important than many years of experience.

It makes sense that if employment is project based then excellent project engineering skills are a must have. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that potential employers are going to be project managers looking to deligate tasks to project engineers.

Fiverr makes it possible for a freelancer to post his/her project skills to a huge market. Here is my profile on Fiverr what do you think?

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3d Animated Avatars Sample Reel By BWT Videos 2021-06-21

Fiverr Gig Promo thumbnail
Know what a good thumbnail is? One that sticks in your eye. Ha ha, bad joke! Just kidding. Useful for displaying a lot of info in a small space. Click the thumbnail to the left and an overlay screen appears with the video at full resolution. Neet huh?

For that special effect we used a bit of bootstrap programming code. We used a template modal to display the video. That means the user can decide if he/she wants to screen the video just by looking at the thumbnail image.

We used the same technique for the button below. Sign up for the newsletter to see how I did that. Click button below...

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Hair Salon Promo With Jada 2021-06-25

Jada Avatar
Hair Salon Promo features Jada who presents a local beauty salon. While the salon is ficticious the promotion is real, err I mean artificial. We have to make these promo videos generic to abide by rules (on some platforms) regarding exposure of personal information.

If you like to personalize a video like this I would first need your permission and an agreement to share your info. But, that is how digital marketing works. A local business must have their business info embebbed in the video. Otherwise no body will get the message.

Speaking of message, the intent of this video is to show a pleasant, clean looking environment where one can get their hair done. Our presenter, Jada certainly fits the part well. We dressed her in a business suit and gave her big hair to emphasize her beauty. This video can be personalized to your business pretty quickly. If interested please follow the steps on this page...

Jada Does Hair Salon Promo

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Portable Refrigerators At Amazon 2021-06-30

Tim Avatar
Okay this is a little off topic for this website but I wanted to discus portable refrigerators for a minute. I recently purchased a portable refrigerator at Amazon. I made my decision based on the videos first and the product descriptions second and the price third. Some videos were well produced with models, products and written scripts. While other videos were simple unboxing videos.

So, which one caught my attention the most? It was the fancy video with the pre-written script and product presentation. Not only did I get a well written product description but I saw a demonstration that is exactly how I intend to use this product.

Pretty much all the fridges I checked out had the same features. Then I looked at size and cost. I liked the 2 cooling zones style with a smartphone app over the manual programming types. I wanted a fridge as big as I could get under 18 inches tall. That will fit my truck bed nicely.

Website tips for this post are: A well produced product video works better than an unboxing video for product promotion. A demonstration of the product in use works much, much better than an unboxing video. See how many product videos you can find in this Amazon product class?

Best Website Tools, LLC (BWT) is an affiliate marketer. If you purchase a product through our website we may earn a commission of the sale. BWT does not take any responsibility for content or performance of any affiliate products. See complete affiliate disclaimer here.

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