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2 Stroke Engine Whoopass Promo Video 2021-05-01

Mockup Video Creator Box Cover
A real nice Mockup Video Creator app. Which is an upgrade bonus tool that comes with Video Creator. This cloud based video editing app features templatized mockup videos that can be edited.

Mockup videos are an excellent choice for video marketers. Great for those short advertisement videos you see on FaceBook and Instagram. Simply upload your logos or images and type in your slogons and catch phrases.

Mockup video templates for T-Shirts, Bottles, Laptop and Desktop frames and other elements. A pretty sophisticated app could be sold seperately, but is an upgrade to a main platform called Video Creator. This is my very first creation with it. Check it out...

2 Stroke Engine Whoopass - Promo

Every once in a while a really good digital website tool comes along. Seems nowadays most tools are cloud based. Like Video Creator and all it's bonus tools. Technology has come a long way in the last few years. To a point where online video editors make a lot of sense. With all the compiling, storage and rendering tasks a video editor needs to accomplish using the cloud can save time, money, storage space, hard drive usage and bandwidth. Get your copy here...

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Dr Toothy SmileALot Dentist Desktop Promo Video 2021-05-06

In this video our 3d animated avatar Nancy explains how to get your smile fixed. We wanted to personalize this promo video for a local (ficticious) dentist. So we invented Dr. Toothy SmileALot, DDS. Then we added our video to a desktop frame and included revolving titles to further enhance the marketing opportunity. Check it out...

Dr. Toothy SmileALot Dentist Desktop Promo

Dr. Nancy
Created by BWT Video Services animators. This video features some cool special effects. We used an existing animated dentist video and put it in a device frame. That device is a desktop monitor. Then we added vibrant subtitles that make a call to action.

The first scene bubbles in from black. This is a new transition just invented. If you missed it try replaying the video.

This video can be repackaged and personalized for any marketing of dentist videos. Contact BWT Video Services for more information...

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SBI Website Builder Single Best Investment Ever Made 2021-05-10

Solo Build It
SBI website builder Single Best Investment ever made. Sometimes an event changes your life forever. One such event for me was 9/11/2001. On that day the world changed and so did my life. Within months I had become a victim of corporate downsizing, and career interruption. Resulting in decisions that still affect me today.

Do What You Know Not What You Think

Solo Build It Website Tools
One day I was an electrical engineer secure in my career path, and the next day I was on a path I never intended to be on. It became apparent to me over time that I could no longer rely on big business to build a career.

Enter Solo Build It or SBI. I had deveolped several technical skills involving electrical engineering, digital tools and the Internet. I thought I should pursue engineering but found out what was more valuable was knowing how to use the tools.So, I began learning more about website builder tools

I discovered Solo Build It one day in my quest to learn more about digital Internet tools. I was enthralled by the amout of knowledge this platform offered. I subscribed in June of 2006 and am still using this platform today.

As the world changed so did the advantage of digital Internt tools. Knowing how to use Internet tools are far more useful (and easier) than learning electrical engineering.

Are you about to retire? Or thinking of a job change? Looking for a suplemental income? Look no further. Read this next article about SBI website builder tools...

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Bakers Delight Promo Added To 3d Animated Avatars 2021-05-14

Natalie shines in this Bakers Delight Promo video. Watch her promote this local bakery. Such an easy girl to work with. We all love her. Check out her performance in this promo video...

Natalie In Bakers Delight Promo

Hunter avatar
This video features some new transitions just invented. We incorporated a "Glitch" transition between the intro title and the main clip. We liked this transition because it gets viewers excited. I mean who doesn't pay attention when their tube seems to go haywire?

The contact info thought bubble that appears from nowhere utilizes a transition called 'blur zoom.' These and more transitions are new to BWT Videos.

We used the 'blur zoom' transition again to segue into the outro. We think this transition implies a bit of wonder to the video. What do you think?

Natalie is only one of the 3d animated avatars that grace the halls of BWT Videos. Meet them all on the next page...

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Do's And Don'ts Of Email Marketing 2021-05-16

Are you interested in email marketing? If so, this short video is for you. Luke Barber of www.homespeechhome.com explains his best do's and don'ts of email marketing.

Do's & Don'ts Of Email Marketing

  • Don't pretend to be somebody you are not. Let your personality shine, be yourself. Do not pretend to be a big corporate entity if you are not one.
  • Do not include a lot of images in your email. Images may not be read by email providers and may be considered as spam.
  • Get rid of the distractions on your signup page. Use simple landing or squeeze pages. Use landing pages only to capture a users email. That is, only allow the visitor to do one thing, sign up or leave.
  • Don't buy someone else's list. You don't know who your audience is. More than likely most recipients will unsubscribe or return an angry reply.
  • Always give a double opt-in to your list. This is required by law for most email providers.
  • Give your email recipients a way to unsubscribe. If you are sending emails without this you will get dinged. People will reply with anger. And you will be considered a spammer.
  • Send emails regularly. Try to send an email once a week or at least twice a month. Do not over email your list your unsubscribe rate will increase.
  • Schedule emails in advance. Events happen throughout the year that you can be taking advantage of. For instance holidays, special events, or seasonal changes.
  • Try to use a personalized email address you own. If you use an email provider the emails are sent from the provider. A professional personal email address lets your list know who is actually sending the email.
  • Only include links to your website or landing page. Sending affiliate links enmass to your list is spamming the email provider. If you don't have a website, get one at Solo Build It.
  • Use a well formatted email/newsletter system, like 'MailOut Manager' on Solo Build It. Keep your email postings, responses and landing pages organized in one place.

These website tips and more brought to you by Solo Build It. World's number one online business builder. Click the button to find out more...

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Yelp Local Business Ads Upgrades Explained 2021-05-20

Yelp Upgrades To Ads
Recently BWT took out a 'Yelp' Business Ad. We are checking out some of the new features just launched. I was so impressed with my account reps presentation, I said OK to taking out an ad. Now if you are a Yelp advertiser you know how expensive it can be. However the up side is targeted, ready to purchase, potential custumers. You'll see.

Before we get into the new features I wanted to tell you that Yelp is not an ideal advertising platform for MY business, But, it is for most businesses that have physical location. Here's why...mobile connectivity. Turns out Yelp is THE most used search engine for local businesses. Even Apple now referrences Yelp for their local search results. That's BIG. As most local business searches are done on mobile devices.

Here's the thing. Most local Internet searchers are people looking to find a local service, product or establishment that suits their current needs. Example, travellers looking for a nearby gas station with directions on how to get there. Yelp excels at these kind of business ads. And does a much better job than Google IMO. Check it out...

BWT's Yelp Business Page.

New Yelp Business Ad Features Explained

  • Page Upgrades is a new user interface where you input your business vitals. Like business highlights, logo, call to action, a slideshow and portfolio.
  • Yelp Connect is like a blog page. You create social media style ads with an image, headline, description and a call to action. You can create as many posts as you want. Very helpful to get people interested.
  • Logo upload your business logo here. This new feature is used in several places on Yelp. In the past an uploaded 'profile' image was used. This expanded logo feature is more powerful and helps identify your business better.
  • Business Highlight in this section a feature ad is created that populates a section on your Yelp business page. You get to select 6 highlights that describe your business. Yelp offers several keyword related options for this. They are amenities, availability, crowd (friendly), covid-19 (policies), estimates, features, guarantees and pricing.
  • Portfolio of published projects. In this section you can showcase some of the work you have completed. This widget allows you to create a full size popup ad. The ad includes a series of 4 giant images, lengthy description and project details like duration, cost and services provided.

Right now we are testing these new features and have not formed an opinion on their effectiveness, yet. Therefore no recommendations for right now. Except to see some of these features in action. Here is a link to my Yelp page. Check it out...

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Cats And Deeres A Humatar Conspiracy Theory 2021-05-28

Wow, aren't we the product of what we see on TV these days. I've witnessed so many conspiracy theories lately I thought I would get in on the act. Literally, emphasis on act. Here is a video parody of a neighborhood conspiracy theory.

The phrase I learned recently is "false intelligence." A manipulative word game that is at the heart of conspiracy theories. A favorite tactic is the "what about this? unrelated issue."

The concept is to describe an issue then offer false intelligence to support a desired explanation. Kinda like the big lie on TV.

Meanwhile, back on earth BWT Videos also discovered HUMATARS. Sounds sience fictionish, does it not?

Humatars are virtual spokespersons, that combines artificial intelligence with text to speech engine with real human beings. Like a cross between an avatar and human spokesperson, Humatars are artificially intelligent real people.

BWT Videos took the challenge and signed on to this new technology. Now with a vitual intelligence platform, what we say and what we do with humatars, can be significant. Give me a shout to see what can be done. Here is my first "Humatar" video...

Cats And Deeres A Conspiracy Theory

Stay tuned to learn more about HUMATARS. BWT has just begun working with this technology and would like a little more time to evaluate and digest this new information. Initially we are impressed that the average person now has access to artificial intelligence, like never before. We can now impersonate real actors virtually that is. The implications are huge, so much so, that the software comes with a liability disclaimer. So, before BWT Videos promotes this product we are going to study it further. More later... hope you liked my video parody.

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Learn How To Create 3d Animated Avatar Videos 2021-05-30

Avatar TimMaking 3d animated avatar videos is not too complicated. One of my favorite tools for this purpose is Video Builder. VB for short. This cloud based app is perfect for generating greenscreen videos. VB comes with 30 animated avatars and more with a premium upgrade.

Simply select your avatar, upload a voiceover or type in your script, drop in a greenscreen background and edit the video. You can add text effects, different background videos or images, sound effects, transitions, lower thirds and Titles.

Sophisticated videos can be created with this app. If you want to make videos without paying through the nose, you need this app. Your low one time fee gives you unlimited access. Got to warn you though the premium version is an upgrade.

Don't want to do the work yourself. Contact BWT Videos service for a free consultation. Meanwhile view this example below...

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