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2 Stroke Engine Whoopass Promo Video

Mockup Video Creator Box Cover
A real nice Mockup Video Creator app. Which is an upgrade bonus tool that comes with Video Creator. This cloud based video editing app features templatized mockup videos that can be edited.

Mockup videos are an excellent choice for video marketers. Great for those short advertisement videos you see on FaceBook and Instagram. Simply upload your logos or images and type in your slogons and catch phrases.

Mockup video templates for T-Shirts, Bottles, Laptop and Desktop frames and other elements. A pretty sophisticated app could be sold seperately, but is an upgrade to a main platform called Video Creator. This is my very first creation with it. Check it out...

2 Stroke Engine Whoopass - Promo

Every once in a while a really good digital website tool comes along. Seems nowadays most tools are cloud based. Like Video Creator and all it's bonus tools. Technology has come a long way in the last few years. To a point where online video editors make a lot of sense. With all the compiling, storage and rendering tasks a video editor needs to accomplish using the cloud can save time, money, storage space, hard drive usage and bandwidth. Get your copy here...

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Dr Toothy SmileALot Dentist Desktop Promo Video

In this video our 3d animated avatar Nancy explains how to get your smile fixed. We wanted to personalize this promo video for a local (ficticious) dentist. So we invented Dr. Toothy SmileALot, DDS. Then we added our video to a desktop frame and included revolving titles to further enhance the marketing opportunity. Check it out...

Dr. Toothy SmileALot Dentist Desktop Promo

Dr. Nancy
Created by BWT Video Services animators. This video features some cool special effects. We used an existing animated dentist video and put it in a device frame. That device is a desktop monitor. Then we added vibrant subtitles that make a call to action.

The first scene bubbles in from black. This is a new transition just invented. If you missed it try replaying the video.

This video can be repackaged and personalized for any marketing of dentist videos. Contact BWT Video Services for more information...

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