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Quick And Easy Real Estate Videos 2020-08-03

Real Estate Videos AppAre you looking to quickly and easily create videos of your properties? If so this app is for you. Impress your clients with professionally made videos and share them on social media or download to your website.

Real Estate Video app is a cloud based software with a low one time access fee. Create as many videos as you want. Multiple templates to choose from. Mix and match or combine into one larger presentation. The sky is the limit with this easy to use app.

Create multipe renderings for social media, widescreen or square shaped aspect ratios. Add your own branding, logo and contact info.

Facebook Videos

How To Use Real Estate Videos App

Step 1. Take some photos of your property. You will need to upload these to the editor.
Step 2. Select a starter template. Most videos are between 3 and 5 scenes.
Step 3. Input your images, descriptions. Animated text fields and delight visitors.
Step 4. Add your logo. Brand your video and include contact info.
Step 5. Render and download or share on social media.

Note: All editing, rendering and compilations are done in the cloud for lightning fast on the fly results.

  • Completely cloud based, Create and make changes on the go.
  • Clinch clients quickly with your own real estate videos.
  • Unlimited access with license key. Low one time fee.
  • Easy to use. No high tech skills required.
  • Convert those clients into buyers with low cost custom made videos.
  • No Months of training required, No monthly fees. No irritating watermarks.
  • Boost your sales and conversions by engaging your audience.
  • Add your own branding, insert your own logos and slogans.

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Progressive App Builder - Create A Mobile App For Your Website 2020-08-10

Progressive App Builder logo
Progressive App Builder software to turn your website into a progressive web app. A truly clever website tool. With this software you simply enter a URL and it creates the code you need. Then copy and paste that code into your website (or page) and the software generates a code chunk you simply copy and paste into your page. Check out this introductory video.

Progrssive App BuilderProgressive web apps are ideal for the small business owner. Imagine regularly contacting your customers through a notification on their phone. You could send out a sales offers, discount codes, special events or even blog posts. Simply ask your customers to install your PWA on their mobile device and you have instant timely communictions.

And Once they Install your app you will be able to keep engaging them again and again using push notifications.

Small Businesses don't generally require a full fledge Android or iOS App. Mostly they just need a mobile app so that their customers can be in touch with them. Since small businesses generally have a static website, their App generally gets rejected by the App Store. Especially if it is not created from scratch & specifically built for the App Store.

With this simple best website tool you can create an app that connects to your customers using push notifications on a regular basis. You should at least check it out...

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Guess What Day It Is? 2020-08-20

That's right It's "National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day. Who'da thunk it? A day reserved for a yummy dessert, pie.

Since this website is about website tools we'll dicuss how this video was made. Aside from the obvious this little video is a concept for a larger project. The idea is to create quick and simple videos as promotions for our marketing services. The concept is to create a marketing strategy based on the calendar. With a different video for every day a marketer can advertise their product or service with something new and unique every day.

Step 1 obtain a collection of videos or images corresponding to a special day for each day in the calendar. We have several to choose from.

Step 2 open a graphic editor to add callouts or titles. We used SnagIt by TechSmith for that task. Personalize the graphic for branding your business.

Step 3 open a video editor to compile the images into a video. We used Camtasia by TechSmith. Then edit the video to be exactly 15 seconds long.

Step 4 upload video to Utube. Then download embed code and insert into a website. We use Solo Build It for that..

Find out how to use the same tools I do...

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National Old Farts Day Um I Mean National Senior Citizens Day 2020-08-21

Guess what day it is? That's right its National Senior Citizens Day.

Last Night Joe Biden accepted the nomination as the democratic party's candidate for President of the United States. Today the elder generation is dancing. I know I am. I made this tribute to older people to show a brighter future is ahead.

I'm usually not political on this site but thought I'd make an exception. I think the future of my small business will depend upon who gets elected as the next president.

So today only I'm expressing a political opinion. Please get out and vote on November 3, 2020.

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Video Builder 3d Animated Video Creation App 2020-08-31

Video Builder app creates 3d animated avatar videos quickly and easily. Easy to use point and click cloud based app is so much fun to use you will not be able to stop playing with it. Check out this video made with Video Builder.

  • The Fast and Easy Way To Create Pro 3D/Animated Videos That Crush The Competition!
  • Harness Cutting-Edge Technology That Takes Video Animation and Text- to-Speech To Entirely New Levels!
  • Low Cost One Time Fee
  • Leverage The Power Of Video To Increase Visibility,
  • Traffic And Sales - With Zero Learning Curve!
  • Scalable Cloud-Based App Runs On Any Platform/Browser, Including Mobile Devices!

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