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Work From Home Introductory Offer 2020-07-16

Solo Build It bannerAre you out of work? Looking for a work from home solution? How about considering generating income from what you already know? With your own home based business you can solve all these problems with Solo Build It! SBI is an all in one work from home business builder.

Imagine the possibilities. You start with what you already know, a special knowledge of something that makes you an expert. You can turn that knowledge into an income generating business with SBI. SBI is more than just a website builder it is a busines building suite of tools. Get everything you need to dominate your market including website builder, business email, marketing tools and much, much more.

SBI Pricing Details

SBI Regularly $299/year or $29.99/month
Introductory offer Now Only
SBI! Annual: $199
SBI! Monthly: $19.99
SBI FOR WP Regularly $199/yr or $19.99/month
Introductory offer Now Only
SBI! for WP Annual: $99
SBI! for WP Monthly: $9.99
* Upon renewal after one year the regular price applies.

Solo Build It Tools And Apps

Solo Build It Tools

Overwhelmed? Confused? Skeptical? Don't be! Solo Build It has been doing this since 2003. In that time we have developed the perfect system for success. Start with the Action Guide to learn how to build your business properly from the word go. Use the Brainstorm It tool to refine your site concept. Start building an eye catching website with one of the 100's of high class templates. Use the SiteBuilder tool to develop your website. Includes tools, tips and tutorials to build, publish and market your business. Learn how to create your own monetization from home.

What's included In Solo Build It!

  • Research Your Niche
  • Plan Your Work
  • Domain Name and Hosting Included
  • Design, Build And Publish Your Site
  • Engage Your Visitors
  • Turn Traffic Into Customers
  • Search Engines Love Your Site
  • Know Your Business Metrics
  • Market Your Business
  • Grow Your Own Brand
  • Master Online Marketing
  • 24/7 Support Included
  • Your Site Is Secure

Yes!!! This is an entrepreneurial enterprise. Most people succeed with SBI because we educate you. You get a detailed action guide, 24/7 support and a huge knowledgable community to help you out. Sure you have to put in some work but doing it right the first time is priceless. Best of all you will never get laid off, furloughed or fired. You are the Boss. Generate an income from home. Get started today...

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Jokers In The Park 2020-07-29

So I see these two jokers in the park just hanging out. I say "hey clown, where's your mask?" And this clown just turns to his partner cracks a shit eating grin and shakes this monkey's hand, as if they were sharing some inside joke.

"Hah" such nerve, I think. I say "don't you know about the social distancing rules and a mask over your face for park usage?" Well I took their picture and told them I'd show it to everyone so they can look out for you two clowns

Court jester and monkey painting

Courtesy of: The Detroit Institute Of Arts

They're in the Green Acres Park in Hazel Park. At the far end of the park at Woodward Heights & I-75.

The caption on the side of the painting states that the artist intended to incite imagination by "Not' having a story behind the painting and that viewers are encouraged to make up their own story.

Map of Hazel Park

How I wound up in the park. Well, It all started with a bad day shovelling snow. Which lead to triple bypass heart surgery and cardio rehabilitation. Then a bad fall which cracked a vertabre in my back which lead to physical rehabilitation and a walk to the park.

Truth be told I am evaluating 'Traffic Studio Pro' a social media posting service that came with a developers package I bought a while back. So this service allows you to connect multiple social media channels into one app so as to post everywhere is one swell foop. It has scheduling capabilities, analytics, status tools and 1500 free posts. After that is a pricing plan that seems reasonable.

With only one post so far I can say it doesn't post to every social media channel I have connected so it may not be worth it. Yet, still seems like it could be a valuable tool if I can solve a few non-connection issues. For now let's say thumbs up with further evaluation coming.

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