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Affiliate Masters Course 10 Days to Affiliate Marketing 2020-04-05

Affiliate Master Course - Free 10 day marketing e-course
An affiliate business is one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet in ecommerce. You send visitors (i.e., potential customers) to a merchant's Web site that you are representing. If they buy or complete a required action (for example; fill in a form, purchase a product or hire a service), the merchant pays you a commission. Simple, right?

That, in essence, is the beauty of the affiliate concept. You can be up and building a business in record time, at minimal risk. Top-notch merchants supply everything (i.e., excellent products, ordering, credit card processing, and delivery). All you need to do is to put yourself in the path between customers and quality merchants... and earn a commission for your efforts. So what's the best way to put yourself on that critical pathway?

The Affiliate Masters Course offers the total solution. It will help you build a website that will pull in targeted traffic (in a way that the Search Engines love!) and that your visitors will find beneficial due to its solid-gold content.

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Thank You Solo Build It SBI Does It Again And Again And Again 2020-04-08

Crisis Proof Work from home opportunitySolo Build It is doing it again. That is discounting it's frontline website building software. Solo Build It (SBI) is an all in one online business building platform. Use it to build a website, market it properly and grow with the best tutorials and community support anywhere on the Internet. Check out this one mom who traded her full time high tech job to work from home.

Do you know something special? Why not turn that knowledge into an income generating work from home online business? In this next video we see how this mom said thank you to her boss, then left the company.

How To Be your Own Boss With Thank You Notes

Okay, I am biased. I've been using and promoting SBI for over 12 years. Sure I could make a commission on your purchase but I can also assure you this is THE BEST purchase of my life. For the first time ever SBI has reduced the introductory price. Usually $299/yr is now $199/year (for new users only). Check it out....

Solo Build It Tools

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Succulent Ident Guide Experiment You Decide 2020-04-13

Aloe variegatum page

Aloe variegatum page

Don't you just love new apps? The following app will show the most popular succiulent species, eventually. For now I developed this prototype for experimentational purposes. I will continue to develop this. The idea is to make it into a progressive web app, eventually.

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Home Improvement Promo Built By Video Robot Could Be Yours 2020-04-17

Do you need a video for your home improvement business? Or any other business? Then Video Robot is for you. This recently re-introduced video creation app includes ready made scripts (like this one below).

Video Robot Box
Video Editor App
Cloud based video creation app makes life easy. No coding experience required. One time low cost fee means forever usage rights. Cloud based app means no loss of data or additional fees. Ready made templates for 100s of business models. More features than a new car means unlimited creativity. You should take a look at this for your business, it really is totally worth the price ($46.95).

What you get is a comprehensive video editing suite. It is easy, start by selecting a 3d avatar for your spokesman/woman. Select a pre-made script or write your own voice over, and add background music. The powerful text to speech engine allows you to choose from over 26 different languages with automatic translation. Input your business contact info and then render online. Or go crazy with the blank canvas editor and make a totally unique video...

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3d Ecover Creator Pro For 3d Ecovers, Software Boxes, Discs And Pamphlet Ecovers. 2020-04-20

Ecover Creator Box3d Ecover Creator Pro to create amazing 3d eCovers directly from your PC In under 3 minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can skyrocket your product sales by as much as 72%. Beauty sells. You can too.

In a world where everyone is obsessed by self image, looks matter. And yes, people really do judge a book by it's cover This software will quickly and easily transform your images into 3d ecovers that could make your products look like a million bucks!

3d boxes get attention. Strategically placed ecovers give your reader no choice but to look at them. Show off your products with great artwork. Turn undecided lookers into paying customers who trust you because your product looks great.

Introducing 3d ECover Creator Pro

Are You looking to add quality to your product or service? If so, then this software is for you. Quickly and asthetically get your message out in a graphic artwork. Promote your professionalism with cool 3d box or ecover. Turn your graphics and images into an eye catching image with 3d Ecover Creator Pro. Check it out....

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Earth Day Tribute 2020-04-22

"Earth Day Tribute"

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A Walk To The Park...NOT 2020-04-28

I wanted to see an old friend in the park but decided not to go out. Instead I pretended I was there with a collage of images from past visits. Here in Michigan we are under an executive stay at home order. So instead of going there I assembled this visual tour.

Truth be told I really just wanted to play with all my tools again. It's been a while because my old computer stopped playing nice. First I tried to fix it, then I threatened it finally I drop kicked it and got a new one...

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