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Social Calendar Video Sample Created With Video Dash App 2020-03-01

With Video Dash App you can create theme based videos. Did you know today is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day? Well me for one I love peanut butter. So I made this video with the Social Calendar inside the Video Dash App. Check it out...

Includes a holiday themed video for every day of the year including leap year. The Social Calendar videos celebrate something different everyday. Including all the major and hallmark holidays. But wait that's not all we have. Check out a few of the templates in this image.

Open Video Dash App

Find out what you can do with Video Dash App on the next page. Check it out...

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Fade To Black Video Creation Masters Course 2020-03-04

Fade To Black Video Mastery Course
Introducing Fade To Black one of the most anticipated products of the year. F2B is now available for a short time (March 6, 2020). From the creator of Viddoyze this education course includes astonishing video creation secrets that every videographer needs to know. Learn all aspects of video creation from the master Joey Xoto.

Lights, camera, action, edit, configure and publishing techniques are all explained within. Do you want to create killer videos? Upgrade your editing skills? Charge top dollar for your skills? Then this course is a must have.

Learn what took the author 20 years to accumulate in about 30 days. I'm not going to steer you wrong you will be going back to school here. You will need to watch, listen and absorb what is being taught. You will learn all about:

Inside Fade To Black Video Mastery Course

  • Content videos
  • FaceBook Videos
  • YouTube Mastery
  • Serious and Fun Videos
  • On and Off-Camera Videos
  • Videos for Leads
  • Videos for Sales
  • Videos for Ads
  • Videos for Traffic

Learn how to create them all at an incredibly high level. Without expensive equipment, high tuition fees or costly video editing platforms. Get in on this exclusive training for only $47. Check it out for free...

Visit...Fade To Black

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Fade To Black Video Masters Course Price Increase 2020-03-07

Fade To Black Video Mastery Course
Introducing Fade To Black video masters course price increase has gone up to $49. It is only a small increase since the launch has ended, but still not the final price.

Well, I picked up this gem for my own benefit. I'm still going through part 1 because there is so much material. But have already made plans for upgrading some existing videos. The on camera presenter is clear, consise and articulate. Making the messages very understandable without a lot of blah, blah, blah.

Fortunately this course comes with workflow cheat sheets. These will be very useful in keeping your video productions and post-production experiences positive.

This course is well worth the money considering an alternative is learning the hard way. Check it out...

What You Learn In Fade To Black

  • Script Writing
  • The Art Of Video
  • Creating Videos
  • Editing Videos
  • Optimizing For the Web
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Video Thumbnails
  • What To Do Next

Visit...Fade To Black

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Noise Callcelling EarBuds Or How To Deal With Noisey Neighbors 2020-03-17

Ever wish you could tune out the world? Noise cancelling earbuds are a must for todays traveller. Find out what to do if you are confronted with unexpected noisey situations. Ear protection can save your hearing and provide entertainment at the same time. See how this person deals with noisey situations. Watch this video.

Sidewalk Closed - A Film By Tim Koen

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Storyboard Tutorial 101 Free Storyboard Word Document Template. 2020-03-19

A storyboard is a short synopsis of a film or video production. It includes visuals and the narration script. It is used to describe a film or video production in an inexpensive way.
Storyboard for Neighborhood Monsters

The best way to construct a storyboard is to have images on the left side and the narration on the right side. On the left side you describe what the camera does or sees. You would want to note as much technical information as needed for your downline personel. In case the producer, director, cameraman or editor are different people. I like to include camera position and size along with the subject matter included in the scene.

On the right side you include the narration to be spoken. This can help significanlty in keeping all the crew on the same page as well as identifying locations and what scene the narration belongs to. Great for tweaking in the edit session.

Keep in mind that a storyboard is intended as a pre-production tool and not necessarily a cut sheet for the post production edit. However, as a template this document can be repurposed to be used as a voice over script, a shot sheet, an editors cut sheet and a note taking platform.

Here is a word document template I put together that you can use if you like. Feel free to use it for your own productions.

Storyboard template

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A Solution For Stay At Home Income 2020-03-21

SBI All The ToolsA solution for the stay at home worker, and a good way to battle the symptoms of unemployment. We are all affected by the Coronavirus. Many have been ordered to stay at home for an undetermined length of time. While we all hope this disease is beaten and we can get back to our normal lives a lengthy layoff seems inevitable.

For many people this can mean a loss of income. For others it is an unprecendented opportunity. For those that sell online COVID-19 is blessing in disguise. Online sellers can stay at home and use the Internet to provide a means of income. That is where Solo Build It (SBI) tools can help. SBI is an all in one online business website builder with everything you need to build a successful online business. No high tech skills required, just time and motivation.

Imagine for a moment what are you really good at? Do you think other people may want that unique knowledge and are willing to pay for it. Now imagine turning that knowledge into a steady income. If you had the right tools and the right guidance wouldn't it make sense to start an online business?

When I got laid off 14 years ago I vowed I would come up with a solution for working at home and generating income online. I didn't have to look any further than Solo Build It! When I discovered SBI I knew I had found the perfect stay at home income solution. Now You can too!

Solo Build It Tools

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Todays Holiday Social Media Calendar Video Creation App 2020-03-25

Did you know everyday is a holiday? Some days are celebrated nationally and some are specific to a sector of society. Either way we got you covered. With "Todays Holiday" video creator you too can celebrate everyday with a new and unique video. This best website tool can create, render and distribute a celebration video for everyday of the year.

Todays Holiday examples

"This app is soooOOOooo cool" and "I love, love, love this" and "I use it everyday" are some early comments my followers have mentioned. For a low $10 cost you can build an enticing holiday video everyday of the year. As far as social media advertising goes this is a great deal. You got to check this out...

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