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A Walk To The Park...Really 2020-05-03

A Walk To The Park is a short story about a local event. It is a story about a cat chewing up everything, a sick friend and a crime scene. This is my first project on a new computer. It repesents recovery and advancement of technical issues that recently plagued the older generation. Enjoy.

Dell G5 Gaming Computer
You see the old computer was infected by a virus that quickly spread to the main operating system. A systemic failure cascade ensued, causing extreme grief for associated apps. First, the heart of the system (video editor) suffured circulatory distress. Then the graphics app went belly up, followed by an employee walkout that crashed the whole economic structure. The CPU was going into regulatory reboot too frequently so we moved it to the PC ICU.

Repeated doses of hard drive reset failed to produce adequate results. The decision was made to terminate the old operating system (Windows 7) and replace it with a new one (Windows 10). The operation required upgrading to modern well made hardware with a state of the art software. This involved an intermediary repository (secondary hard disc for storage) to preserve the vital data during the transplant operation. Despite all the hardship and financial burden the results are outstanding. A new Dell G5 Gamer was transplanted into the core of the business with parent and child doing well. Need a new computer? Check this one out...

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Bragadosio Alert - Camtasia 2020 Certification 2020-05-04

Picked up this Camtasia 2020 certification yesterday. It certifies that I (Timothy Koen) have passed the "Camtasia Explorer" certification program.

Camtasia 2020 Explorer certificate

Computer with pointing stickSo is it okay to brag? Well, sometimes. If you are just a self indulging blabbermouth then no you shouldn't brag nobody wants to hear it. If you truly have something important to offer like an educational accomplishment, then by all means be a bragadosio. It is not about what you think is important or impressive but what others think is. For me this is an important accomplishment. It signifies a return to a long forgotten love of mine. As a young college student I studied mass media and electronics. Producing movies was a passion, a goal and an ambition. After graduation I quickly aspired to reach that goal. My career started to take off but foundered after 14 years due to economic down-turn.

Instead of chasing jobs all over the country I decided to get skills more locally needed. I went back to school to get a degree in CADD (computer aided design and drafting). Then went on to spend 20 years in the automotive engineering business.

Meanwhile I learned webmastering as a fallback skill. With advancement of technology video production has come back into reasonable cost for the average person. Now-a-days video is so affordable that almost anyone can make a video.

BWT Video Services

But not everyone has the skill, talent, time or knowledge to produce quality videos. For that reason video creation apps with premade templates make it easy for the small business person to create quality videos that get results. Check out the video creation services and tools you can use to create your own quality videos...


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The Video App Store Online Video Creation Tools, Apps & Services 2020-05-05

Video App Store IconAre you looking for an online video service for your business? If so look no further The Video App Store has video creation apps for commercial and personal use.

Do you need a services for creating, editing and managing your videos? we have you covered. Check out our collection of video solutions. We cover 100s of niches for businesses of all kinds. Or use our video building service to get a custom video for your business. Or make your own and keep the app.

Are you looking for a video creation service? We love making videos and playing with the software. We're experienced with custom video production, post production, editing, management and distribution.

Need advice on selecting professional video services? Get answers from our professionals...

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#IRunForMaud Why The Media Is A Force To Be Appreciated 2020-05-08

#IRunForMaud is a social media trend today. Maud (nickname) was a jogger who was unjustly murdered because of mistaken identity (probably). Then the authoritites sandbagged investigating the crime. No arrests were made even though a video of the crime was circulated on social media worldwide. No arrests until last night that is. Finally the state police stepped in to make the arrests. But only after the incident went viral and made the nightly national news.

For medical reasons I do not run. I walk instead to keep in shape. However the COVID-19 crisis has restricted my outside walks to staying home. The only exception to this rule is to go out for groceries, medications and essential supplies

An appeal by the victim's family to post on social media the hashtag #IRunWithMaud accompanied by a picture taken while running. My picture is a screenshot of activity I recorded with my smartwatch. The destination is a Kroger supermarket. Destination is a gas station. The is home.

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3d Ecover Creator Pro Make Ecovers In Minutes With This Software And Tutorial 2020-05-19

Ecover Creator Box3d Ecover Creator Pro to create amazing 3d eCovers directly from your PC In under 3 minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can skyrocket your product sales by as much as 72%. Beauty sells. You can too.

In a world where everyone is obsessed by self image, looks matter. And yes, people really do judge a book by it's cover This software will quickly and easily transform your images into 3d ecovers that could make your products look like a million bucks!

Introducing 3d ECover Creator Pro

3d boxes get attention. Strategically placed ecovers give your reader no choice but to look at them. Show off your products with great artwork. Turn undecided lookers into paying customers who trust you because your product looks great...

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Hazel Park Memorial Day Parade - Battle Of The Marching Bands 2020-05-22

Best website tips is proud to present the Hazel Park Memorial Day parade from last year. Following is a recording made in 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic. This year 2020 there will be no parade on Memorial day due to COVID-19. However it is also supposed to be rainy here so no big deal they probably would have cancelled the parade due to inclement weather.

Hazel Park Memorial Day Parade 2019

Hope you enjoyed that. This was first edited and published by Best Website Tools, Video Services. Please remember us for your next video project.

A film by Tim Koen
Owner of Best Website Tools, LLC

BWT Video Services Logo

BWT Video Services is now open for business. Consultations are free and can be scheduled during regular business hours.

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Video Robot Commercial License Acquired 2020-05-30

Hi all, today I want to discuss Video Robot a video creation tool. VR has been around for 3 years now and has sold 1000s of copies. The first OTO (one time offer) is a deluxe upgrade which includes more capability and more content available. The 2nd OTO is an agency license. Which means the owner is allowed to resell products generated with VR. With that upgrade is a document shown here.

Video Robot commercial license

I should note that this is not an endorsement but rather a permission to use Video Robot. With it I am licensed to sell videos created with VR. Which I use to power the animated ecovers and other products. If you want to try Video Robot. You can check it out here...

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