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Review This Website on google Maps 2019-11-01

Tim Koen Owner Hi everyone, I added a new button to my social icon list (see bottom of page). This one is BWT logo Clicking this button gives you an opportunity to tell me how much you like this website. Please give it a 5 star rating.

Be advised I don't take critisizm too well. That's because I'm a sensative guy. Please remember what mom says "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."

Tips to help evaluate a website. What you should ask is: does this website answer my questions? Does this website have all the main pages I would want to see? I.e. does it have a contact us page, home page, privacy policy and About Me page? Is it a secure site? Does it have navigation menus? And finally is this website attractive?

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Ideal Weight Calculator 2019-11-10

Ideal Weight CalculatorWant to know what your ideal weight is? Ideal Weight Calculator calculates what you should weigh according to your current size and shape. Video tutorial teaches you how to get the most out of this calculator. Results shown include your current BMI, your ideal weight and how much weight you are different from your ideal weight.

Uses current weight, height, gender and frame size to determine your body mass index. Your BMI number is used to determine the amount of daily protein required to start burning fat and lose weight. Learn about weight loss programs and time it takes to reach your ideal weight.

Easy to use mobile friendly user interface. Stand alone app can be saved to your smartphone for quick access. Can be used to help determine weight loss programs. Get it free...

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Video Creation Services Sample Contract 2019-11-13

Looking for video creation services? Well you have come to the right place. Our agency can create many different types of videos. Including animated text, explainer, whiteboard, commercial and video ads. We can create...
  • Animated Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Video Intros and Outros
  • FaceBook Video Ads

We specialize in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, InstaGram and Pinterest. BWT Video Services features 100's of example videos for almost every business niche. We offer DIY software as well as custom video creation services. BWT wants your experience to be a positive one. To reach that goal we specify the process beginning to end, free of charge. We send you a proposal detailing all aspects of your project. If you are happy with the proposal we from there.

Contract BWT Video Services to produce, direct, edit or syndicate and manage your videos. We feature 720 or 1080p HD and custom formats, a huge library of elements to choose from and fast turn around time.

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VideoRobot Review By Best Website Tools 2019-11-18

Video Robot iconVideo Robot by Paul Ponna truly is a best website tool. You will be blown away by the capabiities this cloud based app has. VR solves a lot of problems video marketers encounter. Time to produce and publish is down to minutes instead of days. No external fees attached one time access fee gets you unlimited video renderings.

VR includes multiple video production tools such as whiteboard animation, 3d avatar with lip sync, text to speech conversions and greenscreen keying. Add intros, outros, text effects and audio mixes. Other features include adding lower thirds and text animation. You can create professional videos in minutes Check out this video made by Video Robot.

At only $46.95 one time fee this app is very reasonably priced. Consider that you get unlimited access, online rendering and more special effects than most apps. Comes with 300 professionally made video templates, flexible blank video canvas and commercial license. Video Robot is a great tool for your video marketing needs. Take a look...

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Camtasia 2019 Certification 2019-11-19

We would like to congratulate Timothy Koen for his successful completion of the Camtasia 2019 Certification. This curriculum includes all aspects of video editing using the TechSmith Camtasia platform. Tim got a perfect 100% score on his final exam. Camtasia is a video editing software.

Camtasia Certification

We asked Tim, how does it feel to accomplish this training with Camtasia? "It feels good. After many years away from the video industry it is extremely rewarding to realize I still have it. I have been wanting to get back into video production for some time now. With this certificate I can show I am indeed very knowledgable in the area. Having spent about 15 years professionally in various capacities of video engineering it is gratifying to know all that knowledge is still there after all these years. Now lets do some video editing"

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Kinetic Text Videos Dynamic Animated Typography Video App 2019-11-26

Kinetic Text Videos App boxKinetic Text Videos Cloud Based App to create dynamic animated text videos. Ideal for explainer, product introduction or business advertising.

Quickly create eye catching text animations designed to attract, excite and delight viewers. Unlimited data storage and rendering on the cloud saves you time and computer power. Easy to use yet sophisticated application software only requires a one time license key for unlimited access.

Are you looking for a dynamic text video editor? If so you have come to the right place. These popular videos are great for attracting customers, exciting and motivating them to take action.

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Creating A Video Step By Step With Video Robot 2019-11-29

Are you a Video Robot editor? VR is an easy to use cloud based software designed for the non-technical video creator. You will be impressed with the number of features this app offers. As usual the best way to understand a piece of software is to view a training video of it's use. Here you Go...

Video Torboy Box CoverYou might ask yourself 'is this app worth it?' At $46.95 it can't possibly be as comprehensive as some of the higher cost applications available. And VR is not as comprehensive as some. It does not have a 10 hour online ecourse. It does not have high end graphic animation tools. VR does have over 200 animated templates that plug and play. VR does have whiteboard, dynamic text, greenscreen and blank canvas capabilities.

Video Robot is great for the beginner and less technically oriented. This app is a perfect place to start. You will be creating professional grade videos in minutes without having to study for hours to learn the software. VR includes 3d avatars, whiteboard animations, lower thirds, intros, outros and audio upload.

Video Robot features online tool usage. Which frees up your computer from having handle the large data processing video creation demands. For a one time fee you get unlimited access with unlimited data storage. In other words you can make as many videos as you want wherever you have an Internet connection. Get Video Robot Here...

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