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Best Website Tools Renewed 2017-05-03

Smartphone runningHi all, BWT will be here for another year. I just renewed hosting for Best Website Tools.

The team has been working on getting a new video app service working for our companion website Video App Store

BWT has suffered because of it. But not for long. The new plan calls for frequent additions and updates. Since my last post several exciting tools have come to my attention. Most notablely my Host SBI rebranded itself. Now Solo Build It was Site Build it.

Now better than ever SBI continues to be THE best solution for solopreneuers to create an online business. Not just build a website build a business that works. All the tools plus the ones offered here will get you the best website for your buisness.

In the mean time BWT will be getting a face lift. Look for new updates or send us some feedback.

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Google AdSense Revenue Exposed 2017-05-10

AdSense Revenue Exposed - learn how to cash in like the big boys
AdSense Revenue Exposed contains all the knowledge you need to cash in like the big boys. Learn how to optimze your income and comply with the terms of use policy.

Do you own a content website and want to earn income from it. Instead of making your own ads or searching the Internet for partners you could simply partner with Google and have them supply ads to your website.

Here's how it works: You place ads on your site and when a visitor clicks on them you make money. Advertisements are supplied by Google AdWords and their partners who pay for the ad space on your site. Google takes a portion and you get a portion of the proceeds and the advertisers gets your website visitors.

AdSense Revenue Exposed - learn how to cash in like the big boys
Earning revenue depends largely on how well Google likes your website. Thus the logic behind high income is optimizing your website for Google. This ebook guides you through everything you need to know to generate AdSense Revenue.

Hi all, this ebook was first published around 2011 and is still up to date. Whils AdSense has added many new ad types, i.e. responsive ads, the priciples are still the same.

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Solo Build It Review by a Real Person 2017-05-15

Shocked Computer
Recently I was asked for my Solo Build It review. A product I have been using for over 10 years. I was shocked. This company never asks for a review. They don't need to. It's loyal customers are always touting the virtues of using Solo Build It!. Me included, SBI is Great.

I recently became aware of a bait and switch make money quick marketing scheme that targeted SBI. Apparently this company is spewing out hundreds to thousands of fake product comparison reviews.

I couldn't help but think about all the advantages and assistance SBI has given me in my online business. I kept it short and sweet and tried to be honest. I have been with Solo Build It for over 10 years now. Find out why.

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Article Meta Tags to Add Keyword And Description Meta tags To EasyBlogs 2017-05-31

Article meta tags EasyBlogs tutorial
Article meta tags is a tutorial that teaches you how to automatically populate Easy Blogs (EB) web page's keyword and description meta tags. When building your article pages you should also fill in these meta tags.

While Google search engine does not look at the 'keyword' meta tags any more other Internet software does. Google does look at the 'description' meta tag for information about the page. This tutorial replaces those tags in your template with tags that read the information you supply.

EB uses a C++ algorithm (or simply a small computer program) to generate these tags in HTML code. The information you include in the 'Blog Entry' editor is written into the web page when you hit save. Saving causes the page to be built with all the necessary HTML code.

This feature can be a real time saver. As optimizing these tags is extremely popular with webmasters, they get a lot of attention. Read the tutorial to update your EB template.

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