February 2016

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Miappmaker was MiAppBuild Mobile App Builder Previewer Publisher

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Introducing Miappmaker the mobile app building system. Previously known as MiAppBuild. I decided to spin off the mobile app business to a new domain.

That doesn't mean I not supporting it from here. As a matter of fact I have changed the look of the website to better connect them. I hope you feel at Miappmaker (MAM) is a complete system for building, previewing and publishing mobile apps. We include do it yourself and custom build service. We service many niche markets including but not limited to Small Businesses, eStores and more.

Whats New Website Blog - Best Website Tools and Mobile Apps

Welcome to What's New  Blog
Best Website Blog and Tools for designing and building mobile apps and responsive websites. Get tips, techniques and strategies to do it yourself.

I posted this blog in the Marketing Tips category because this truly is a unique tip. I call it a blog of the blog.. The What's New blog is nested inside the main Website Tips blog.

With this technique I will create two separate .xml files that can be syndicated around the Internet through RSS.How cool is that?

Learn more about how I created the Website Blog. Read Full Article

: February 2016

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3d Ecover Creator Pro software.
3d Ecover Creator Pro

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