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Best Website Tips blog the place to keep up with new developments in website and mobile apps design. BWT proudly expounds upon building, blogging and mobile apps deign n build.

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Solo Build It Independence Day Sale. Get 33% Discount

SBI Responsive templates work on every device
Solo BuildIt is The all-time best website tool ever. Are you looking to build a new or update an existing online business? Look no further SBI has all the tools all in one place. For a limited time (June27 thru July5 2017) get a 33% discount.

SBI stands for Solo Build It! Designed for the solo entrpreneuer and has excellent tools for small and home based businesses.

Don't be fooled this is not easy. You must have brains and motivation. Some competitors will tell you how easy it is to build a website then forget to teach you how to make it a success. SBI does. A discount helps when deciding which website builder is best. SBI is my favorite choice.

SBI Independence day banner

When I say "ALL THE TOOLS" it means there are too many to list. So, we'll just cover the most important ones here.

Computer saying SBI Online Business Tools
  1. Online business builder - or Action Guide defines in detail the steps required to start and succeed with an online business. The AG is a 10 day ecourse designed to get your business started.
  2. Sitebuilder - is where you find everything to build a website. Includes a template packager, site designer, block builder webpage editor, image library, form builder, navigation builder and more.
  3. Business Center - provides a collection of tools to build your business. Including Newsletter manager, RSS feed/blog setup, 3rd party subdomain content provider and more.
  4. Traffic Center - provides daily, monthly and yearly stats for visits, visitors and pageviews. Use this information to see how your website is doing. Easily determine which pages are getting seen and which pages need improvement. See where users get referred from.
  5. Info Center - is a collection of tools you can use to grow your site. Includes SBI Action Guide, SBI Forums, Tips and Techniques articles, Resources HQ a collection of special tools for your website and more.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this service. Typically $299/year subscription for a short time is only $197/year. No risk 90 day guarantee.

Articles Howto Add Articles To Your Website EasyBlogs Tutorial

Articles Howto tutorial teaches you how to create article pagetypes in Easy Blogs. Learn how to set the options to create syndicate-able (read blogging) articles and the teasers that get blogged.

This article covers the tempalte packager settings. As well as "Blog Entry" settings. You also learn how to set navigation, category and teaser display settings.

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Article Meta Tags to Add Keyword and Description Meta tags To The Pages Generated in EasyBlogs

Article meta tags EasyBlogs tutorial
Article meta tags is a tutorial that teaches you how to automatically populate Easy Blogs (EB) web page's keyword and description meta tags. When building your article pages you should also fill in these meta tags.

While Google search engine does not look at the 'keyword' meta tags any more other Internet software does. Google does look at the 'description' meta tag for information about the page. This tutorial replaces those tags in your template with tags that read the information you supply.

EB uses a C++ algorithm (or simply a small computer program) to generate these tags in HTML code. The information you include in the 'Blog Entry' editor is written into the web page when you hit save. Saving causes the page to be built with all the necessary HTML code.

This feature can be a real time saver. As optimizing these tags is extremely popular with webmasters, they get a lot of attention. Read the tutorial to update your EB template.

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Appendix Navigate Your Computer Find EasyBlogs

Appendix navigate article shows you where to locate and retreive your EayBlog pages, images and support files. Follow this tutorial to set up your EasyBlogs content management system properly.

With proper setup your webpages will show on your desktop and upload to the Internet easily.

Directory structure and file management is important to any digital project. Follow a few simple naming conventions and all your website/blog files will play nice at home and live on the Internet.

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Affiliate Program 2 Cost Per Action Networks

Affilaite program 2 are a collection of income streams practiced by affiliate marketers. Learn how to set up and maintain affiliate marketing programs that earn passive income. Once up and running there is little do except monitor the progress.

A small amount of setup is required. We cover some of the most popular cost per action (CPA) offers and ebooks for Internet marketing.

Here's how it works in a nutshell. Advertisers create 'verticals' or advertisements they want to publish on the Internet. As a webmaster they are interested converting your visitors into revenue for their company.

There are pros nd cons to CPA marketing. The upside is you can earn revenue from your unique content. One downside is your website visitors could be lost. You need to follow a few rules to make sure you don't hurt your website in the process.

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Get Easy Blogs - Software & Tutorial
SBI RSS Tutorial - get it here

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