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Best Website Tips Blog for all the latest informationBest Website Tips blog the place to keep up with new developments in website and mobile apps design. BWT proudly expounds upon building, blogging and mobile apps deign and build.

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SBI - Why you need it! Online Business Building Tools

Solo Build It box cover
Get your website going in the right direction from step one to advanced web-mastering. With SBI you have tracking tools that show you search engine results, daily stats and popularity rankings. Visit the forums where SBIers help each other. Solo Build It! even collects and evaluates all the latest internet buzz for you. It's part of staying on top of it all. Lots of info and very little noise. It's a dirty job, but we do it so Solo Build It! owners don't have to. All put together just for you. Learn more at the SiteSell Blog.

Build a profitable, long term, successful online website business in budget and on time. It all goes back to the "it" in Solo Build It. See for yourself, compare feature by feature then dollar by dollar. The following is the short version of the SBI comparison chart. Over 70 categories are compared in the long version.

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Easy Blogs SBI Rss Tutorial Blogging Masters Course

Put A Content Rich Blog Launch Platform On Your Website Watch Your Search Engine Rankings Soar, Soar, Soar!" SBI Rss Tutorial is the complete package to put a blog launch platform on your websites, using Easy Blogs software. Date:  var... Read Full Article

Computer Problems How to Solve Them

Computer getting sickYou sit down at your computer to get in a day's work. All your equipment powers up just fine. Suddenly the power goes out and your equipment shuts off. This isn't supposed to happen because you have a backup power supply, but it didn't kick in.

A few days later your computer gets extremely slow. It gets slower by the minute. Uh oh you think, time for maintainence. You do a cache clean, de-frag and virus scan but nothing helps. The computer is dying. You hurrily back up what ever you can but it's too late. In the end your computer goes to the grave withholding all it's secrets.

Now what you ask? Start over? Yup, that is what I did. Here's how you can do it too. If you have computer problems and want to know how to solve them. Read Full Article

Business Listing Tool Scans Customer Reviews Manage Online Presence Rankings

Business Listing Tool can help get your business ranked in the top 10. Google has announced it now uses customer reviews as a factor in its search engine rankings. Is your business listed properly?

This tool scans the Internet for all your business listings and customer reviews then returns an actionable list for you to manage. Create online presence and correct missing or poor listings.

Most new customers rank positive reviews up to 73% of the time when making a decision. Is your listing up to date? Check it with the Business Listing Tool.

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