Blog comments vs SBI C20 pages

by Julie
(Norfolk, UK)

Blog comments vs SBI 20 pages

Blog comments vs SBI 20 pages

Blog comments vs SBI C20 pages. Before I had an SBI site, I started a blog about homeschooling.

Boy! Was it hard work. I had to post very regularly to keep in view of the search engines. The blog got lots of comments - but "Nice post" and "Thanks for the idea" isn't exactly good content!

It was nice to hear from people, but that doesn't really help to grow my site - or increase my income! :)

My homeschooling SBI site on the other hand has C2.0 content pages now.

I implemented C2.0 about 4 months ago and it is slowly growing. I now have about 15 really good quality pages (that weren't written by me)! 15 pages of great content written by my readers, for my readers.

C2.0 seems to really give the space for readers to write about what they are interested in. Unlike my blog comments, they are inspired to write at least a few paragraphs. And because I can easily turn this into a web page - I am growing my site at a much faster rate than I could manage alone.

Most exciting of all, C2.0 has helped me get to know my readers better and given me lots of ideas for new pages I can write. I am looking forward to seeing where my C2.0 journey takes me!

Julie from


Julie Thanks for your input and congratulations. 15 pages of good content is a whole lot better than 100 useless blog comments.

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