Right Column Menu - Build a Flyout Navigation Menu for Your Website Software and Tutorial

Right Column Menu

With Right Column Menu also known as Flyout Menu Left navigation tool it is possible to create your own flyout menu navigation system.

Imagine what you could do with that. You could organize your files into categories, develop an e-store, create a mini-blog or simply improve the navigation options for your visitors.

Flyout Menu Left is a tutorial and software package that adds a flyout menu to the right column. Can be used in conjunction with SBI's Right Hand Column Builder. Works on any website.

To see what I'm talking about just scroll over the menus in the right column. Each menu is unique in it's own way. Please screen them all.

Flyout Menu Left is a CSS driven navigation system that can be used for many purposes like mini-navbars and product lists. The possibilities are so extensive with what you can do with this system I had to create a 20 page tutorial on how it works.

Each Right column menu has slightly different styling done to it. The first one is called "Plain Menu'. This menu is the stripped down version. Plain menu does not employ the fancy customization used in the rest of the menus.

The second one is called 'Rounded Box Corner.' It uses background images to generate the borders. The rest of the image is empty. This allows for the background color to show through. In this manner the menu can match the surrounding webpage.

The next menu in line is called 'Square Menu.' This menu does not use background images at all. The interior colors are styled using the background-color rule. The borders are set in the style sheet. This is the beefed up version of "Plain Menu'..

The next Menu is called 'Rounded Bar' This menu uses background images for both static and hover display. In this menu the background-color is set to transparent. In this way the rounded bar effect works with any background.

The last menu is called 'Square Bevel.' The effect is the button appears to sink into the page when hovered on.

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Need a custom menu designed for your site? Best Website Tools (that's me) can match the look and feel of your website. Don't want to do it yourself, ask me!

Our services include building your button menu, adding images and/or text to the buttons and developing the look and feel.

If you want to do it yourself advice is free with purchase. If you would like me to do it for you the following fees apply.

$15.00 USD - Tutorial and software only.

Custom Menus (built and tested by Best Website Tools)
$25.00 USD - Up to 25 buttons includes software & tutorial.
$35.00 USD - 25 to 50 buttons includes software & tutorial.
$50.00 USD - 50 or more buttons includes software & tutorial.

Flyout Menu Left - software and tutorial Right Column Menu Software and Tutorial Only $15.00

Please select only one

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial only ($15.00 USD)
Custom menu - up to 25 buttons ($25.00 USD)
Custom Menu - 25 to 50 buttons ($35.00 USD)
Custom Menu - Over 50 buttons ($50.00 USD)

Note: If you selected a custom menu, specific info will be collected on the Download page. You will be given instruction for the links, menu options and info regarding the look and feel of your custom menu system.

Flyout Menu Left

Customized Menus