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November 2012

A new direction

Tim KoenA time comes when you know the life of a project has passed. Now is such a time for this blog. I have spent the whole day cleaning and polishing the content within. At the conclusion of this exercise I realized it is time to move on.

This may be my last entry (for a while). I have not run out of ambition to continue operating this blog, just time. So many things have changed for me that I need to re-organize my time. For intance I am starting a new job tomorrow morning. I am returning to a professional endeavor I started long ago. It is time for me too move on. Wish me luck!

For now I have gone through the information inside "best-website-tips" and ensured it is viable and up to date. A massive effort I admit has been a long time coming. With all the other projects on my plate this one got back-burnered. It is done (for now).

I am not saying goodbye....just so long for now.

Hope this helps


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